Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anxious Much?

Today was my first visit with my new doctor. I like her. 

She listened to my concerns, asked questions to get more detailed information, and is working with me to find a cause and solution. She did NOT pass me off as a paranoid hypochondriac, which is how the last doctor made me feel.

So, I had 4 vials of blood drawn to do a bunch of tests, but she also gave me a little quiz. My results say that I'm overly anxious. She wants me to try a medication to increase my serotonin production. If that's really the problem, it would definitely explain my mood swings and anxiety, but can also cause the fatigue and some other physical problems. 

The medication takes 3 weeks to really work, so my follow up appointment is in 4 weeks. We will discuss the blood work results, how the medication makes me feel, and also go over the headache journal I'll be keeping. OH yeah, low serotonin can also be causing headaches. Yeah. 

I feel good. I feel like I'm finally being listened to and finally getting somewhere. The soldier that drew blood didn't even leave a bruise. I'll start my new medicine tomorrow and use the notes app on my phone to help me journal my headaches. I think I'm going to add my emotions to the daily entries to track mood swings. 

I hope I can get something figured out before I move. I'd hate to start over with a new doctor.