Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running Away

I took some initiative and signed up as POC (point of contact) for a new running group in the officer's wives club that I'm in.

Then I sat down today and read a couple chapters in The Four-Day Win. My next 4-day is to plan out my fitness program. I think that this will involve my new running group. I just need to set some times for us to meet and run together, and I can get started.

I always seem to stick with a program better if there are other people involved. All the things I do on my own eventually get dropped and abandoned. When I was in Jazzercise, I went at least once a week and absolutely loved it. That was during my 20 weight loss. I miss Jazzercise, but classes around here were so limited that I never joined.

Then I took up running. Then I got injured and stopped. Now I'm trying again. I thought signing up for a running group would motivate me to keep it up. I said I'd be willing to be the POC so that others would actually sign up. Now I'm in charge! Ack!

Oh, my little red fashion-sneaks are still the best shoe for me to run in. I'm going to shop around for another pair since my old running shoes are starting to wear out and make my feet sore when walking. I am considering getting a pair of converse-style, canvas and rubber kicks. Minimal. When Merrell comes out with their barefoot shoes in February, I will probably get a pair of those.

Ok. I'm done. Time to make dinner.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Day

I was pretty down yesterday. Just moody and depressed all day. But J came home from work and we went for a short ride on our new bikes in between rains. We made pizzas for dinner and watched the NCIS season premiere. It was fun, we laughed, and I didn't even think about HIM.

Today was good as well. I took Remy for a run in the rain and it was a good run. I went to Athena's and let her out. Took her for a short walk and just loved on her. I went to Stitchers' and got to hold baby Andrew. I bought tequila and my favorite beer. I cleaned my floors, a little. Well, I vacuumed, but I'm not doing more than that until the rain stops. Remy made himself a mud puddle in the grass. I had to put in him the shower and rinse him off. Now he's napping.

I did talk to my sister (as always) and she had news. She-who-shall-not-be-named has been spreading lies again. You would think SHE would learn to not tell lies to people who also know my sister, but then again, SHE doesn't learn.

Our guess is that, within one month, two at most, HE will be calling Mom again because SHE will be kicking him out again. And WE, Dot and I, will tell Mom that she absolutely cannot let HIM come back. HE is the one who cut himself away from us. HE was told, when he last went back to HER, that there would be no more chances to go home.

But enough of that. Tonight is smothered burritos, Big Bang Theory, and CSI!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now Accepting Applications...

...for the role of Big Brother in my life.

This is just to announce to those who read this that I no longer have a brother. He who was previously in that position has called his entire family to inform them that we will never hear from him again. He has done the same with his former friends.

This has been building up for the past 2 years. It is not entirely unexpected.

Seeing as how I had very little communication with him over these 2 years, I am not taking it hard. I am not letting it get me down. I am not letting it put a damper on the fact that J and I purchased bicycles tonight. But I feel that people should know what is going on in my life.

I will be making a couple important phone calls tomorrow to let certain people know the details, few as they may be.

Thank you.

Babies, Babies Everywhere

A lot of my friends are having babies. One had her first at the end of August. Got an early morning text yesterday from another, and yet another early morning text today. The one today I got to visit in the hospital. He's adorable, cute, everything a baby should be.

I know a lot of my girl friends ooo and aww over babies and start gushing about how they want one of their own, even if they already have a couple. I have never done that. I have never held a baby or looked at a baby or talked about a baby and felt the need to have one of my own. I have never felt the mommy urge. Not with kids at any age.

This year, I will be turning 30. I have a wonderful marriage, a nice home, a cuddly cat and a funny dog. These are the things I always wanted. A cat and a dog. When I see pictures of kittens and puppies I feel urges and wants and needs to get new kittens and puppies. I remind myself that the ones I have are enough of a handful, but I can't help it when I look at their little fuzzy faces. I want more!

Is that what the mommy urge is like?

I don't know that I will ever feel the need or urge or want to have my own baby. I like babies, don't get me wrong. But I don't like them enough to want my own. If by some magic happenstance I wound up pregnant (I take pills to combat that), we would keep the baby, of course, and love it all the same. But I don't know that we will ever plan to have a kid.

J seems to feel the same way. Maybe someday things will change and we will want a kid, but for now we really like our lives the way they are - without kids. Maybe we are destined to be Aunt and Uncle forever, and we are OK with that. We love being Aunt and Uncle.

To all my friends with these adorable babies, I will gladly babysit for you. I believe mommy and daddy should have regular date nights and will take the baby(ies) so this can happen. But I will give the baby back when date night is over. No worries about me stealing any babies. You can have it back.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

new things

I am like a kid when I get something new. I have to open it and play with it. Today I got a new cell phone. The guy at the phone store moved my contacts over for me, and as we got in the car, it rang! Of course it was my sister. She's the one I talk to the most. I'm getting used to all the new features, but it's still a basic phone.

We also got our first pairs of bike shorts. We decided we will get the bikes and a car rack as our birthday and christmas gifts this year. We did a little looking around and some research and decided we should get a car rack that fits both of our vehicles. We will probably get the same bike in different sizes. I need a 54 and J needs a 58. We decided we need to get them soon, so we can get into a riding habit before it gets cooler out. We found nice helmets and styles that are comfy. We'll go back for them.

So a new phone, new shorts, and closer to a new bike. Yay!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Tonight we are going to Oktoberfest! Put on by real Germans, with real German food and real German bier! I'm very excited. And around 8pm, we'll stop eating (and I might stop drinking) to do our 24 hour fast for Yom Kippur. Tomorrow we will take it easy and not do much until we go out for a big dinner around 8pm.

The sun actually sets at 7 tonight, but since I didn't realize I was buying Oktoberfest tickets for the start of Yom Kippur, we decided to push ours back an hour. It's our version of it, anyway. Not like I'm a good little Jew who keeps kosher or anything. Never been to synagogue.

Then on Sunday, we're going to do brunch, as usual, and visit the bike shop to talk to them about what we should get. First, we want to get a bike rack for J's Jeep Patriot. That way we can get the bikes home safely when we purchase them.

I'm thinking of hitting a few spinning classes at the gym, but might just settle for some time on a stationary bike on my own. Start getting my body ready for what's to come. We even joked about getting a kid trailer for the dog. But then I'll never get him to run next to me. Of course, that might require another purchase. They make a pole that attaches to your bike with a leash threaded through it. So the dog is on his leash, but can't dart in front of or behind you while you ride. We'll see how he does when I get a bike, first.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

For a little while now, I've been tossing around the idea of getting a bike. Just something to help me exercise the dog and myself, and an easy way to get around post without wasting gas. Turns out my husband was also thinking of bikes.

Yesterday morning, after brunch at Denny's, we decided to stop at Crazy Cat Cyclery, across the street. We looked at the fancy bikes, the gear, the cute kid clothes, and started talking about it.

We want an activity we can do together. He runs, and I try to run, but we can't really do it together. I swim and he tries to swim, but we can't really do it together. But bicycling is something we would both be just starting out on. And if we got to the point where he can ride forever and ever, he could go out for a while and come back to get me for our ride together.

One of the guys he works with is into biking, so he asked for a little advice at PT this morning. His buddy pretty much confirmed what we were already thinking - we should look into road bikes (as opposed to mountain, bmx, or racing bikes). Road bikes are good for commuting, for rides along paved roads, which would be most of our riding. He also recommended a couple brands, his favorite location of Crazy Cat, and who to talk to at that location.

Honestly, I'm getting kind of excited! I need to talk to my mom now about getting my school loans paid off. I'm planning on cashing in a bunch of savings bonds that I have to pay off a big chunk of what's left. And my folks offered to help a little, too. I only have about $3K left to pay off, so we want to get those done and over with.

Anything else? Baby shower went well. OH! I ran the 5k for the German American Night Run after the baby shower. Ha! Not the greatest idea I've ever had. My calves cramped up right away, so it was a run/walk combo. I still managed to finish at 47 minutes, which isn't too bad. J did great in his new Vibram Five Fingers. He got a great time and said he had a fun run, which is most important. We enjoyed some excellent German brats and beers, then headed home.

Sunday, after the brunch and bike shop, was Remy's first time in a real pool. He swam wonderfully, but was rather afraid of being in deep water. I think some of it was just all the excitement and all the new dogs around. But we did get him in there and had him swimming. I want to get him to a swim beach now, where it's calmer and he has a gradual entry.

Ok, ok, I'm done rambling now. Time to go grocery shopping.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

where to start...

Let's begin with last night. J came home and said, "Let's go for a run!" I said, "Sure!" My run didn't go so well. Just walking over to the track my calves were very stiff. Running just made them cramp. I stretched, walked, and even stopped to massage them, but no luck. I think it was from doing all my shopping in flip flops yesterday.

Next is this morning. I put my running gear back on and headed to the track with Remy. Legs felt good, but when I started running, they started tightening up. Then my left foot started hurting. The bottom outer edge of my foot was killing me! I really just wanted to take my shoes off, but walking in socks is dangerous around here. Lots of thorny things. We only did the upper part of the track and walked home.

When I got home I fed the dog, put him out back (his usual routine), and changed shoes. I have these cute and well-worn fashion sneakers that I've worn for, oh, at least 3 or 4 years now. No support, just looks. I put them on and headed out the front door. Did a small run just around my little neighborhood and felt so much better than I did in my fancy, expensive running shoes! I was able to focus on my technique so much more and felt good running!

On another note, on my way out the front door, I noticed a package. Must have been delivered yesterday afternoon because Kristy came over yesterday morning and said she didn't see it there. It's a bra from Fantasie and a Tshirt from the Freya Holy Fit campaign. Time for a flashback....

About a month or so ago I got a comment on my bra blog from a lady who works in marketing. Her company does the US marketing for Eveden, the parent label for Fantasie and Freya as well as Fauve and Elomi. Now if you know me, you know that Fantasie and Freya are my absolutely favorite brands for bras. So Lauren and I emailed back and forth a little bit, and she offered to send me a Fantasie sleep set. Unfortunately, they were out of my size. So she found me a Tshirt from Freya's Holy Fit campaign (which I blogged about at the bra blog) and one of their sample bras in my size! Holy crap! this bra would cost about $60 retail.

I'm like a little kid. I had to wear them both today. I couldn't resist!

Whew! So, now for the rest of my life. I'm getting ready to host a baby shower on Saturday for Kristy. My friend Jessica finally got to take her baby boy home from the hospital. Yay! And I've managed to be around all this pregnantness without catching it. *knock on wood*

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

wow, a week

It's been a week since I posted. Guess I just didn't have much to talk about. We had a good 4-day weekend. Didn't really do a whole lot, but definitely relaxed. We took Remy on a day trip to Ruidoso and he did very well. I was quite proud of him.

It looks like I might have some family drama coming up, as well. I'm trying to mentally prepare for it by reminding myself that there is very little I can do from down here.

This week I'm prepping to host a baby shower. I have a menu plan and a shopping list started. Only thing that worries me is seating. I'm shopping around for a set of 4 folding chairs. If I get that and borrow chairs from 2 friends, then I will have enough seating for everyone. Crazy. Yeah. So, I guess that's it for now.