Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass...

I promise I won't drag this out.

I have a few friends that believe "we" should stop being "politically correct" and only say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays."

I would agree, if we all celebrated Christmas. But as it is, I celebrate Christmas and Chanukkah. I have friends and family that only celebrate Chanukkah. I have friends that celebrate Yule instead of Christmas. I probably have some friends that don't really celebrate anything at all.

Thing is, when you see someone on the street, how do you know what they celebrate? I have been known to respond to a "Merry Christmas" with a "Happy Chanukkah," even if it's past Chanukkah. Then again, I'm a bitter person.

So why is it so wrong to wish someone a Happy Holidays, knowing that it includes any winter holidays they may celebrate. When I wish someone a Happy Holidays, I mean it to include the new year as well. I will NEVER be offended when someone wishes me a Happy Holidays, because that includes all the winter holidays that I choose to celebrate. I do, however, get sick of hearing Merry Christmas all through my Chanukkah celebrations, even on years like this when Chanukkah is over well before Chriatmas.

In other words, it's not rude, or offensive, when someone wishes you a Happy Holidays. Perhaps they do not celebrate Christmas, and wanted to include you if you do. So take it easy and stop pushing your holiday on everyone. Stop being offended if they want to include you in the happiness of their season.

I think I have to repost this to my Tough Crackers blog.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm sick!

J and I saw Tron yesterday afternoon, after I posted about my run. We got burgers at Smashburger, then went to the movie. After the movie, my stomach felt a little funny. I didn't think too much of it at first.

But it got worse as the evening went on. To the point that all I ate for dinner was a little fruit salad. I couldn't walk around without getting very nauseous.

Then I got the runs. Then I finally vomited. Felt a little better after that, but started getting achy and got the chills.

It was a rough night. I took a little ibuprofen around 3 or 4 am, and slept better after that. I got up at 0630, but napped again around 0930 for about an hour. I did eat half a piece of matzo with a little peanut butter and jam for breakfast.

Felt much better after that, even showered and ate some simple pasta for lunch. The aches are getting better, but I'm taking it easy today. I have an amazing husband who is taking good care of me. My mom talked me through some of it last night over the phone. I called her today to let her know I was doing better.

Apparently this stomach bug has been going around, and people get it to varying degrees. I honestly think that the tat lowered my immune system enough for the virus to get in. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be sticking around too long. (Knock on wood!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fort Bliss 8K

New PR - 52:51. That is about 9 minutes faster than my first 8K. Not bad for my second time! I felt good and kept my pace up.

Turns out the new commanding general of Bliss is pushing personal fitness, so they're going to try to do one event a month. Next month is a half marathon, which I will not be doing. J will, though. And they're supposed to do 2 sprint triathlons next year, one spring and one fall. I will have to work on running and biking, and J will work on biking and swimming. Not that he won't run and I won't swim, but those are our good events already. I'm not a fast swimmer but I can swim, and if I get back in the water, it picks up pretty quickly.

On another note, my arm is doing some weird stuff today. I woke up last night with a very sore shoulder. My right one (tattoo is on left arm). I had to take ibuprofen just to get back to sleep, and pretty much spent the rest of the night on my left side. It was the only way I could lay that didn't hurt my shoulder too much. When I got up, the pain seemed to move down my arm, to the elbow and wrist. I rubbed some asparcream into it and left for the run.

Felt fine all day, until we got out of Tron Legacy. It was getting sore again. I used more asparcream when I got home and it's OK right now. No idea what I did to it though. Maybe I used it too much while babying my left arm? Maybe Remy tugged too hard when I walked him yesterday? Maybe Remy wiggled too much when I threw him over the Shinkle's fence to play with their dogs? He did whack me in the nose real good then, and my nose is still tender.

So that's it for now. I'm going to be lazy the rest of the day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dirty Thirty

Yesterday was my 30th birthday.

I don't think I ever made a huge deal about my birthday, but I really cut it back in Junior High. There was too much drama about throwing a party and where and who came and all that. If you read my Scrooge post you know I'm not big on anything that creates drama. I don't like anything that people make a huge deal of.

For a long time now, all I want for my birthday is a day to do what I want and a nice dinner with family. This year, I got some sewing done in the morning, went to my sewing group, walked the dog, and spent some time relaxing and doing nothing. When J got home, we went to the tattoo parlor. I got my Orion on my arm, and it's going to be awesome! It's still healing, of course, so it's a little red. When the redness goes away I will get some good pics.

Then we went to dinner, a little Italian place we've gone to before. I wanted carbonara, so I ordered with barely a glance at the menu. Turns out they changed their carbonara. No, not change. They blasphemed. They dumped a huge pile of italian sausage in it! And no cream. I found out that the cream may be a more western european addition to carbonara, but that's how I like it! And I could swear I had their carbonara last year! So sad. Had to send it back and get something different.

So J and I are going to make carbonara at home soon. He's made it for me before and it's always super delicious. And we'll go out for ice cream this weekend as well. But the big gift is going to see Tron! OMFG I'm so excited!

So that's it. I'm now 30 years old. Had a pretty good birthday and don't feel any different. Well, except for the tat. ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Push What?

Ever heard of the 100 pushups challenge?

I've been running, and I know my legs are getting in better shape because my calves are getting some great definition. But I completely suck when it comes to upper body strength.

I was piddling around at Runblogger's site and saw that he has done the challenge as an upper body workout. So why can't I?

I think I'm going to do it.

And after that, the same site has links to plans that build you up to 200 sit-ups, 200 squats, or the one I really need, 25 pull-ups.

So if I do those and keep running, maybe I will get into a somewhat decent shape!

I will log my pushups on here to keep myself motivated. Although I think I may have to start out with some knee or stair pushups. I'll try the stairs and see if I can do more than 5. If so, I'll try those and go on from there.

12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon

Finished in 33:52. Yeah, slow run. J's getting over some crud and my diaphragm, of all things, was stiff and sore today. Made it hard to breath. But Remy ran with us, and he did good. He was very eager to just run wild and try to catch up with everyone, but J held him in line. He's exhausted now (Remy, that is).

Next week is the Ft. Bliss 8k. We're going to run individually, since J has been running with me a lot lately. Probably won't take the dog so I can run for time.

I had wanted to go get my new tattoo after the run, but the 2 parlors I'm interested in aren't open on Sundays. So now we're thinking we'll go when J gets home on thursday, since I wanted to eat out that night anyway. Might go eat then go get tatted. Gives me time to print out some good red-tailed hawk pics as well, so I can talk about the back piece I want sketches of.

In other news... that's it really. Nothing much else. Just trying to get some sewing and shopping done before Xmas.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New 5K PR

Ran the Jingle Bell Rock Run this morning. A friend of mine works for the organization that put it on, so I had to run. And I'm glad I did. Finished the 5K in 30:37, 2 minutes off my personal record!

J ran with me this morning as my coach. He has really figured out how to keep me going. He just kinda chats with me, watches my form and tells me I'm doing good.

I'm really enjoying these runs. Running has become fun now! And that is the key to my time drop, I'm not trying to run super fast, I'm just having fun.

Next run will be another 5k to finish up the 12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon. I ran 10 miles on my own, and will run 3.1 on the 12th to finish up a total of 13.1 miles.

Then I'm doing the Fort Bliss 8K on the 18th. That will be my second 8K (5 miles) and my first run in the 30-39 age group. Not that it will do anything to help me win prizes, just that I'll be in a new age group.

And I will have a new tattoo by then. Going to try to get to the parlor one evening this week or over next weekend. I've picked a place whose work I've seen, and who came recommended by a friend. She said the guy who did her husband's last tattoo leads worship at his church. Now, I'm not religious, but knowing that they are a "Christian establishment" is comforting. Less likely to rip me off, and will definitely follow sanitation laws.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

le sigh (health issues update)

I had grand plans of coming home from my morning meetings and taking Remy for a walk, or maybe a run.

I get home stuffy and a little headachey. Remy is tired from playing with Athena all morning. So it turns out I'm going to just sit and try to rest.

I'm getting what I think are "ice-pick headaches." The pain level hasn't been excruciating, but it's enough that I took some prescription pain meds and don't want to try running. I haven't even turned on the tv yet and I've been home for almost an hour. I usually have the tv on as background noise. For me to be getting them this much means I'm getting a full migraine.

Some of you may remember 3 monthsish ago when I was worried about a doctor visit concerning my girly parts. Well I called this week to schedule the 3 month follow-up appointment, just like the doc said to do. Only the appointment setter said that doctor wasn't available for appointments and she didn't know why. She could get me in with someone else (I think the same doc that did my PAP, whom I didn't like at all), but not till the 22nd. Well that doesn't do me much good.

I'm sick of this game. Every time I have gone in this year has been with a different doctor, and I am tired of explaining all my issues each time. So I got a recommendation from a good friend for a doctor off-post. She had her PCM changed to this doc and has had great service. Just seeing the same doctor consistently would make me happy right now.

I need to talk to someone about my migraines again, since I'm starting to get the symptoms more often, even when I take my daily meds. And I want to talk to someone about my sinuses. See, for the past, oh, 2 years now, I have a problem with popping in my ears. It's a constant thing. I move my jaw and my ears pop. Not big and loud, like when you're changing altitude, but soft little pops, and it's driving me crazy. I talked to the first doc I saw down here (had him for a whole year and loved him) who said he thought it could just be allergies. But even when I take 2 allergy meds and a decongestant, I still get popping in my ears. I hate it.

And then there's cramps. I've been kinda noticing that I get mild cramping randomly throughout the month. Nothing major, but enough that I will notice it and calculate how close I am to a period. For example, had one the other day, very mild but enough to notice, but I'm only on the first week of this pack. I should not be cramping. I haven't had any of the "omg wtf is happening" cramps since switching pills, but still more cramps than I feel I should be getting.

Wow. As if my few readers really wanted to know that much about my body. Oh well. I get a little too honest sometimes when my head hurts.

Oh yeah, Happy Chanukah! Started last night. We had latkes and matzo ball soup for dinner last night. Super tasty.