Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Anti-Diet

J and I did our testing at the Army Wellness Center. It is a 3 part test series, and not everyone does all of them.

First, we did the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and Body Comp tests first. RMR is how many calories your body would burn in a 24 hour period of you laying still. So, if I were in a coma, I would burn 1472 calories in a 24 hour period. I laid still on a bed with a breathing mask on for 16 minutes and a machine monitored my breathing and some other stuff. I don't understand it all.

This isn't so startling until you consider that most diet plans recommend around 1200 calories per day. Well sure, that would work for me, and did back when I was out of shape and (likely) had a slower metabolism. But now, I workout regularly; I run 3.5 miles on an easy day; I spend 4 hour on my bike in one ride; My metabolism is higher than their recommended intake. SO, if I were to sit on my but all day and eat 1200 calories a day, I would lose weight. Lazy person's dream!

But I'm trying to NOT be lazy. I want to be in shape and have a lower body fat percentage. OH hey! That brings us to the next test - Body Comp. I had to wear spandex shorts (compression shorts, now-a-days), a sports bra, and a nylon swim cap (that they provided). I got in a contraption that looks like an escape pod from a sic-fi movie and they shut me in. I think it pressurized, from the sounds it made, for 45 seconds. Then the guy opened it, shut it, and ran it again.

I got out and they printed out my results. Turns out my body is 36.1% fat and 63.9% everything else. That's higher than I expected. I don't know why. I have big boobs. I have a whole blog about my big boobs. And boobs are made of fatty tissue. I'll post more about that on that blog.

That was part 1.

Part 2 was a VO2 Max test. We did that this morning. It measures your cardio and respiratory health. They put the same breathing stuff on me and put me on a treadmill. It started slow with a slight incline, and both speed and incline increased every 3 minutes until I hit  85% (I was wearing a heart rate monitor). According to that test, I am excellent. Yes, excellent, close to superior.

Finally, Part 3 - the Metabolism Class.

They require that you attend the class to get your full results from the RMR testing. We each got a printout of our RMR results, a list of online resources, and a sample 7-day meal plan, specific to our individual caloric needs.

Based on my RMR and how much I work out, They recommend that I get 2200 a day to lose half a pound a week. I would like to lose 1 pound a week, so I set my daily goal at 2000. If I stick to my new training plan for the marathon, I'll burn plenty to accommodate that.

I got J signed up on My Fitness Pal (I'm char362, BTW), and we customized our calorie goals according to our test results. We'll use this week to get used to the changes, like adding in 3 snacks a day, and really dive into it next week. This also gives J a chance to get used to the food tracker app.

So. This is the new plan. Eat more food to lose weight. Well, J is actually trying to gain back a little of what he lost while being sick all July. But anyway, I was, in a sense, starving my body. By not giving it enough calories, it was storing fuel as fat. If I eat more, my body won't feel the need to store it all as fat and will be more willing to burn it as needed.

Of course, we have to still eat healthy, and I need to make sure I'm getting enough protein. We both need to work harder on balancing our meals and eating plenty of fruits and veggies. But we're doing this together, and that makes it all seem a little more manageable.

P.S. If you want to estimate your RMR, check out http://www.health-calc.com/diet/energy-expenditure-advanced (and thanks to Jaci for that link, and for putting this whole idea in my head a while back).

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today was the Oryx Challenge.

Yesterday was Yom Kippur.

Today was also my first day back on birth control after the week off.

I have learned to never have this combination again.

J and I signed up for the Oryx a while back, knowing that it was the day after Yom Kippur. I didn't realize it would be the day after my girly week, but thought I would be fine. We rode 62 miles last week to prepare for it and my riding has greatly improved lately.

Today sucked.

I was doing OK for the first, oh, 20 miles or so. It's a very slow climb to the turn-around, and once we really started climbing, I bonked. I fell back behind the group and just kept pedaling away. By this time, J had fallen back with another rider from our group who was having some shoulder issues. Joe, the group leader, came back to pull me up the hill, but just keeping in his draft had me feeling like I was going to puke.

I have never had that feeling on a bike ride before.

I did not puke, but I did let him know I couldn't keep up. He went back up with the group and I slowed down to try to recover. J and Chelsey eventually caught up to me and J helped us struggle up the hill. I actually stopped at one point just to breathe. It was not fun and I felt weak. Our group was headed back down while we were still about 3 miles from the turn.

(If I had puked, I would have come home and ordered this tshirt: http://fab.com/product/til-you-barf-tee-men-s-gray-319582/?ref=sb-sq-till%20you%20barf-p1)

We did finally make it up the damn hill, and we were glad to stop for a few minutes. I chowed down a peanut butter chew (homemade, they are amazing), refilled my empty water bottle, and we got back on the road.

This was the fun part - going back down the hill we had just climbed. It was a great recovery time as well. However, even the tiny little climbs that would usually not bother me were slowing me down today. I was not doing so hot.

J and Chelsey stuck with me the whole way back, and we finished in 4 hours. My feet were sore and I couldn't wait to get those bike shoes off and put on my flip flops. Our group had finished a while before us and headed their separate ways, so we did the same. We picked up some Taco Bell for lunch and headed home.

Looking back, I could have been pushing more food into my body during the ride. With yesterday's fast, I probably should have had something to eat about every 20 miles. I didn't, and I suspect it hindered me. But also, I don't think I will ever sign up for a ride or run the day after Yom Kippur. Well, unless it's something easy like a 5K.

I did it, I finished my ride. It was just about 60 miles, which is actually 2 miles short of a true 100K, but I'll take it, today.

Next event is the Iron Soldier sprint tri on a Saturday with the Chili Pepper bike ride the next day. I only signed up for 40 miles on the Chili. I think that is much better.

Now I'm going to go make some soup.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm A Bad Blogger

I haven't blogged in 4 weeks. Oops.

I had my follow-up with the new Doc today. Still loving her. The blood work she did was all satisfactory, so we're going to continue with the medicine she gave me last time and hope to see continued improvement. Because, yes, I did see improvement. I'm not napping as much. I'm not feeling constantly overwhelmed by little things. I think my road rage is even improving. A little. Maybe.

However, she didn't like how often I was having head pain. So we've added a new drug, called Elavil. I'll take it at night since it should make me sleepy. Like I might not wake up to roll over at night, but just sleep through.

So we'll follow up again in 3 months, which would be December.

In other boring news, I have been cycling a lot more lately. I really love Honey and have fun riding her.  I actually did my longest ride on Sunday with J. We did a full 100 Kilometers (62 miles). Of course that had a stop halfway at the Bean in Old Mesilla. And an Italian cream soda at the finish.  But next weekend is the Oryx Challenge, and I'm signed up for the 100K. We have a group we've been doing shorter rides with, and we'll do this one together.

The sprint tri is also coming up, and I haven't been in the pool at all. However, I know I'm much stronger on the bike than last year, so I think I'll do OK.

Healthwise, I'm on the mend. I'm getting strong with my cycling and keeping up the running distance, though I really need to start pushing that out. I do have a marathon to prepare for.

In January.


So excited for that. OMG. I love Hawaii. I haven't been to Maui, so it will all be new. And fun. And exciting. And OMG I'M GOING TO HAWAII!

That's all.