Friday, December 12, 2014

It's That Time Again (No, I Don't Mean Christmas)

I haven’t blogged much here. But then again, we all know I’m a bad blogger. But now I’m getting ready to move again, and it’s time to think about my (short) time here in Maryland.

For starters, I’ve been spending every Monday with my BFF, Misty. She works from home 3 days a week, so I watch the girls while she works. It’s mucho fun. I love getting to spend time with her, and I’m bonding with my goddaughters. I usually take Rem with me, and he loves having a yard to hang out in.

My whole health and fitness thing hasn’t gone all that well. Getting a new tattoo meant a few days off while I healed, then I had a swollen ankle, then I got Hand, Foot, and Mouth from my darling goddaughter. But I feel like I’m starting to get back in the swing of things. In fact, in the few months I’ve been here, I’m able to use heavier weights on some of the moves J and I do on weight days. My bench press started with 10 pound dumbbells and now I can do 20s! (We don’t have barbells at our fitness center, so dumbbells it is.) Maybe I’ll be able to push the 25s before I leave.

I mentioned the new tat. I have had this tat idea for years now. The flame and water drop on my shoulder blades. I found a great artist out here and got it done. Finally! Seriously, I’ve wanted this since before we even left Kansas. Kinsey worked with me over email, sent me a sketch, and did the work. It took 2 hours. Turns out even my racerback sports bra rubbed them a bit, so I couldn’t work out for a few days while they scabbed over and healed. However, they healed amazingly; quick, painless, not a lot of itch, and they look gorgeous.

This is right after they were done
I forget the tat is there most of the time. It just feels like it always should have been there.

And now it’s time to move again. I’m looking forward to actually staying in one place for a while. This past year has been stressful, but next year is bound to be amazing.