Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Arrivederci, Oklahoma

Last morning in Oklahoma. I reached a point where there wasn't anything else I could get done right now. Still have time before I head over to J's graduation ceremony, so I'm playing around online (internet gets turned off today).

So, what did I like about Oklahoma?

First, there's green and water. There are plains, but still woodsy treed areas. I loved riding on post through all the trees. The couple rides I did through the Wichita Wildlife Refuge were amazing. It's some gorgeous land around here.

The wind, though rather strong and constant, was predictable. If it was from the south, it didn't suddenly shift to the north. You could go on a bike ride and know which direction the wind would be coming from. So much easier than El Paso.

Work. I got a job! And then another job! I made some good friends at both jobs and am ever so thankful for the experience here.

Friends. Not just those from work, but I got to spend time with Kristy and her family before they moved again. I also got to see Jessica, whom I'd missed my last couple years in EP.

I may not have been able to lose the extra weight, but I started working with a personal trainer and feel that I'm getting better about healthy habits. Even eating out, I'm more conscientious of what I'm eating.

On a different note, I swear I have seen more shooting stars in my 6 months in OK than I did the whole 5 years in TX. All my early morning rides and runs, it seems I see at least 1 shooting star a week. It's amazing. The sky is clear and there are some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

I may not have had time for all the camping and hiking I wanted to do, but I still had a good time. And now I get to go love on my god babies. Internet Guy is here. Better post.