Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bataan Memorial Death March - Been There, Done That

Ok. Finally have some time to sit and do my Bataan post. J and I left Remy with a petsitter on Saturday night. He was super excited to find a tiny little Chihuahua named Bella would be staying with him.

Sunday was a dark and early morning. Up before the sun. We got up at 3am to get out the door in time. Left about 3:30 and got to White Sands about 4:30. Once we were parked, we laid back the seats in the car and took a little nap.

5:30 am was up and out of the car. We headed over where they had the breakfast stuff. All prepackaged stuff like muffins and danishes, and some oranges and bananas. As usual, they had a bagpipe group starting things off. Then the opening ceremony stuff. They named the Bataan survivors that were there, and did a roll call of those that have died in the past year. (more behind the jump)

Friday, March 25, 2011


I picked up our packets today. Shirts, timing chips, certificates, special dog tags, everything we need for Sunday. Yes, Sunday is the Bataan. It's becoming real all of a sudden and I'm feeling a little nervous.

Yesterday I had one of my funk days. Haven't had one this bad in a long time. I wonder if it's all the stress lately. I was just horribly depressed all day. It got much better once J got home. He's amazing at pulling me out of my funks.

Today I took Remy to the dog park to meet some friends. He got to play with the neighbor dog for a few minutes, too. So he's tired. He's spending the night with a great girl I met through OCSA tomorrow night. She pet sits and will have him and a little chihuahua along with her two cats. Brave woman. If you need a pet sitter in El Paso, let me know and I will pass on her info!

I've rather felt like I'm on the verge of a migraine all week. I somehow think it will stay like this, on the edge, until my stress level drops. But that probably won't be till after next weekend. If then. I do hope that it will just go away without the migraine.

In just a bit I need to eat some dinner (leftover pasta) and head over to the Team Captain University for Relay. I'm taking J's pith helmet as an example of a "funny hat" for one of our lap themes. Then I'll come home and crash. I'm so tired.

Tomorrow J and I might head over to the west side for a bit, but we're pretty much just taking it easy. Making sure we have everything ready for Sunday. Might need to go pick up some more energy bars. Then we'll make a nice pasta dinner and go to bed early.

Sunday we'll be up super early. Need to be up at White Sands by 4amish. Which means leaving here around 3amish. Yeah. I'm making J drive. When we get back, we'll pick up the mutt and come home and crash again.

Ok. I should eat now. Loading up on carbs a little. Just a little. I eat lots of carbs anyway since I'm totally addicted to them. OH, I did have to dig out my belt for my favorite jeans. They won't stay up anymore. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally, A Happy Shoe Post

Finally got my new shoes!!!


I went to Dillards this morning. They had 2 pairs left. My size (8) and a 10. So glad I got there in time. And so glad they weren't in the horrible yellow color! I could have lived with the red or lavender, but come on, black is me.

I have them on now, no socks, and they are very comfy. Tons of room in the toe box, but not too much. My toes don't rub anywhere, but they're not huge on me. The instep laces up nice and snug. The heel has some elastic, which I actually appreciate since I have narrow heels. I can kinda see where some people think this shoe has arch support, but trust me, there is no support there. The sole does curve with the arch, but when I walk, my feet are as flat as ever.

I wanted to take the dog for a walk in these today, but I'm getting a headache. So instead I'm blogging and drinking a pepsi. I'm not a big soda drinker, but it's cold and has caffeine and I didn't have to make it. Just opened the can.

Hopefully I can kick this headache and get the dog out for a walk. I will try to go for a run tomorrow morning in my new shoes. I'll try a short run first. I gotta build up and see how I do. I'll probably wear them around a lot next week. This week I will try to alternate between these and my trail shoes for the Bataan. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patty's Day 6 Miler

J ran with me this morning. 6 miles. Not a 10K (6.2 miles) but a 6 miler. I didn't run as fast as my last 10K. Finished in 1:06:some seconds. BUT, I did keep a pretty even pace for the whole run. Now I just need to run regularly and I can keep the pace under 11 minutes per mile.

My shoes, however, are officially dead. I got blisters in places that I've never gotten blisters before (from running, anyway). Well, the Dillards over at Sunland Park Mall has the women's Merrells in. Not the men's, just the women's. So I'm gonna go get a pair this week. I'll check the men's department while I'm there and see if they have those in yet. It's time for new shoes. There's a 10K on April 8. That's a Friday, so it's during PT. Hopefully we'll get J's platoon out there with us.

Then I sat at the Relay table for a while. J did some work at his office. He joined me at the PX and we saw Paul.

OMG, hilarious movie. I love Simon Pegg!

Finally it was home for delivery pizza and alcohol. I'd say it was quite a successful day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brain Dump

This is just a general post to get some thoughts and ideas out of my head.

I've spent pretty much all morning dinking around on Sparkpeople. I found a new website with interval/circuit workouts that look like it  might be worth a try. It's also stuff I can do at home, designed that way. It's called Bodyrock and has a super buff foreign chick showing you how to do things. They do show modifications for just about everything as well. I am thinking of pushing myself next week. Run/walk Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Bodyrock Tuesday and Thursday.

Of course all that lead me to thinking of my eating. I'm tracking my food this week to make sure I'm getting enough protein in while we do the no-meat (except seafood) thing for Lent. I made a super tasty pasta last night by replacing the kielbasa it called for with beans. But I still would not have made my recommended protein level if I hadn't had a Naked protein juice. So I need to have some low calorie, high protein snacks handy. Or little high protein things I can have as sides. I'll have to do some research for my best options.

I was proud of myself at lunch (a whole 10 minutes ago?) when I changed my mind and took some of the leftovers back out of my bowl. I was still plenty full. Then I grabbed a mineral water instead of a desserty snack. I love mineral water. It's my soda replacement. I like the bubbles.

J and I walked the Canyon on Sunday. And both got sunburned. Just arms on me, but J burned his neck, too. My wide brimmed hat actually protected my neck! Win!

This weekend we have a 6 mile run and we might do a good hike after that. I haven't been running, so I don't expect anything from this run. I'm guessing slow but just hope to run the whole thing.

In other news, Remster has been very itchy. I got out the fancy dog lotion spray stuff and made him sit still while I sprayed it on and used his zoom groom to rub it in. He's very sleepy today for some reason. Maybe tea tree oil makes him sleepy?

I have to go finish the grocery shopping this afternoon, but really want to just stay home and do nothing. I managed to unload the dishwasher today, hem my pants for the Bataan, and sew 2 rows together for the quilt. That's it. Not much.

I really want a candy bar. *sigh* Usually a piece of dark chocolate will help those cravings, but today dark chocolate actually doesn't sound as good *gasp*. Craziness. Damn hormones. I think it's time to put on a heat patch to deal with the cramps and head to the store. Then maybe I'll be feeling up to walking the dog later. Yeah, it's the first day of Aunt Flo's visit, so I'm tired and crampy. And craving candy bars. TMI? Nah.

See? Rambley brain dump. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Week From Hell

Yes, that is what we are currently finishing up. I can't go into detail now, but I think things are just going to get worse. I would be even more stressed than I am if Mom hadn't been here. She really helped me deal better.

And then I get an email from the shoe store up in Ruidoso. They only got in the men's shoes today. Women's won't get in till April 1. So I give up. If J wants to go try them on, I will go with him, but I'm ordering mine online. I'm tired of waiting. And I think I will want to do quite a bit of running in the coming weeks.

I'm drinking some kava tea and watching BBCA, waiting for J to get home. Mom is in the air on her way home. She has a layover in Denver and might call to see if I have an update for her.

I think tonight is a drinking night.

*UPDATE* Checked the Merrell site. Dillards is carrying the barefoot shoes! The site said the Sunland Park location would have them. I think we're going there this weekend. Yay! Wish I had known that sooner.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Shoes!!

I found a new pair of shoes for the Bataan. But first, let me express my disgust at finding it.

I really wanted to try a pair of Nike Free 3.0s. I swear I saw them on the Nike website, but can't find them now. Anywho, I went to the Nike store at the Outlet mall. They did have Nike Free 3.0s, but only in mens. I tried them on and while they were very comfy, there were a couple small issues that concerned me. No other stores carry them.

I looked at other makes and models and found nothing.

Finally I went to the local running store, Up and Running. They had the 2 New Balance shoes I wanted to try. First I tried the brand new Minimus Trail. It was super comfy. These are the newest contender in the "barefoot shoe" battle, but they do have a 4mm heel lift and a tiny bit of cushioning. New Balance has said they thought this was safer for people just making the transition and may consider doing a zero drop shoe later on (no height difference between the heel and ball area of the shoe). After talking to the girl that worked there about what I wanted these shoes for, she said they let in tons of sand.

So I also tried the other shoe I was interested in, the WT101s. They were also comfy. While they are a minimal shoe, there is still noticeable stability. I didn't necessarily like the color (it's lighter gray in person), but hey, they were good shoes, comfy, and cheaper than the others.

I wore them to walk Remy on Friday, then all day Saturday, and for a hike today. If the Minimus lets in more sand, it would fill the whole shoe! The 101s have a mostly mesh upper - you can feel the wind blowing on your toes! Walking in the fine, sandy dirt today left a ton of sand in my shoes. I have to clean them already. The insole wasn't secured at the toe and I was able to pull that part out of the shoe (it's still attached at the heel). I'll have to clean it.

Later this week, our store in Ruidoso is due to get the Merrells in. We'll call to make sure they came in, and if they did, make a trip up there. I sure hope we like them.

In other news, my mom got here today! She's here till Friday.