Sunday, October 24, 2010

I really hate my body sometimes (& general update)

I'm getting a migraine. We got up this morning and went to Baby Bennett's baptism (it was lovely), then came home to change and walk the dog. We decided we would both take a run this afternoon after going to the open house to celebrate the morning's baptism. But on the way home, I got tingly fingers. Haven't had that symptom in a while. It's weird because it will sometimes only be half my hand. Today it was the outer half of my right hand - the ring and pinky fingers.

We got home and I started to feel the migraine. So no run for me today. J will probably go for a short run later. Of course, for him, a short run is twice as far as my long runs.

So, we did go to the free Eve6 concert on post last night. It was chilly out, but not too bad. They hadn't advertised the opening bands, and they were small bands. The first was Powderburn, from Austin, TX. They were very rock and roll and stuck in the 90s. It made me nostalgic for high school. Next was Ivy League, and I don't know just what genre to put them in. They sounded like a weird mix of 311 and Sublime, but without the talent. They sucked.

Finally Eve6 came on stage, and the evening rocked from there. I was so excited. When I get super excited a do the silly little girl clap. J thinks it's hilarious. I had a blast, though. It was great.

Now I'm going to try to relax. I have a full day tomorrow. Info Exchange in the morning and dress shopping all afternoon. We have a ball coming up, and I don't want to wear the same dress I wore to the last 2 balls. I have a friend going with me. It's good to have a second opinion handy. And more fun when you have someone to make fun of ugly dresses with.

Oh, final note. I'm getting a new-to-me sewing machine! I am inheriting my grandmother's old Viking sewing machine and cabinet! I'm very excited. Mom and dad are going to drive down instead of flying to bring it to me. Ok. Time to sit back, relax, and finish my bottle of water.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

computer woes

BTW, I am feeling better today. Was a little nauseous this morning but that got better after toast for breakfast.

Now on to the post topic. For months now, I've had trouble upon trouble with my laptop. I love my laptop. It's purple! But it was giving me so many troubles. I reached a point where IE wouldn't even connect to the net.

Then, this morning, it froze. Completely froze, and I wasn't even doing anything on it! So I decided it was time to go ahead with something I had been planning for a little while - reinstall the OS.

I had backed everything up about a week or so ago on my external HD. I gathered all my discs and reinstalled Windows Vista. Took FOREVER! Ok, not really, but it felt like it. I took a break after that and went dress shopping*. Got home and started getting it all set up. I ended up using J's laptop to download the drivers from Dell onto my flash drive, and transferred them to my pretty purple puter.

That worked beautifully, and I got back on the internet to download all the windows updates. I'm still doing that. Been doing that all evening. I also decided to try out Google Chrome as my web browser. I must say that so far it's nice. Definitely fast. We'll see how much I like it after a few days.

The only thing now is that I don't have Publisher anymore. I had borrowed my sister's copy of Publisher 2003, and already sent the discs back to her. I think I'm going to splurge and buy myself a copy of Publisher 2007. I am doing 2 newsletters now, and may need to do some programs and brochures for Relay For Life, since I'm the publicity chair.

So tomorrow is more downloading and installing of programs, and maybe some more dress shopping.

*Dress Shopping - Found out that St. Barbara's Ball is coming up, and I don't really want to wear the same dress I've worn to the past 2 balls I've been to. So I'm looking around, but don't want to spend a lot. I may end up taking my rather informal wedding dress to the cleaner and finding a colorful trim for the bodice.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I hate not feeling well

My stomach was upset last night, which means I didn't sleep so well. I walked the pup, but not as far as we usually go, and when I got home, I really just wanted to go back to bed. I ate a light breakfast and even got my grocery shopping done. And that was it.

I had soup and grilled cheese sandwich for lunch with J. I was still a little nauseous after that. So I put on my PJs and settled in on the couch.

Now I'm drinking some tea and still just sitting here. Still slightly nauseous. My head is a little stuffy and I keep coughing. I need to get my neti pot out, but just don't have the energy.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8K Training

I've had a good morning. J got to come home and walk with Remy and me, then he cooked me breakfast and made coffee. I love my mornings with J.

I went for a run after he left for work. The 3 mile track I run has a short stretch of sidewalk in it. I call it Bird Poop Pass because of all the poo the birds drop there. Anywho, the Pass kinda cuts the track into 2 loops. I start part way into the first loop.

I ran most of the first part, walked the Pass, then ran the whole bottom loop, which is about a mile. I walked the Pass when I crossed it again, and ran the rest of the way. It was feeling good, so I actually kept going and added about half a mile before I had to stop and walk again. Then I threw in a short, slow run back to my start point. With the last walk and final run, it added about .8 miles to my regular 3 mile track.

And I feel good! I have a bit of a headache, but honestly that's common for me. I do plan to talk to my doc about that when I have an appointment in a month and a half. Might be time to switch up my migraine meds again.

So, I have 3 more weeks to work my way up from a 5k to an 8k. November 6 is the Grape Race and I plan to register for the 8k run. Today was a great start. I think on Friday, I will try to do the bottom loop (a mile long) twice. That will give me 4 miles. If I can do that for a week, I can add another mile after that. I hope. I will listen to my body and not push myself to the point of injury.

J and I might hit the pool tonight if he gets home in time. It would feel great on my body to stretch out in the water. If we don't make it tonight, I might try to go tomorrow.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don't know the official time yet, but that is what I read on the clock when I crossed the finish line on my 5k this morning. That's 10 minutes faster than my last 5k, and 2 minutes slower than my fastest time last year. But the best part is that I had fun and ran well, without shin splints or sprained ankles.

J finished the half marathon over Trans Mountain in 2:04:something. I didn't get the seconds. But that is right on track with what he wants for the marathon in 3 weeks. He said he was able to run the whole way, no walking, even going up the mountain at the start, and he had some energy left over when he finished.

So we started talking about the next race we're doing together - the Grape Race. It's an 8k and 1 mile walk. I can walk 3 miles, then run 3 miles, so I'm going to push myself and try the 8k.

I kept thinking I should do something to "earn" my next tattoo, but want to get it before I turn 30 in December. This is it. If I can finish an 8k, I will earn my Orion tat.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crazy Night

So J calls to tell me he's on his way home soon, and we're going to go get some drinks with a guy who's leaving soon. By the time he got home, plans had changed and we're meeting at another friend's house, then they want to go to the motocross show.

So we went. We had a drink, and followed our friends to the motocross (they had monster trucks, too). We parked at a bank across the street where a bunch of other people were also parking because, from what we could see, there wasn't any parking left in the normal parking lot. Before I even ordered my food, J got a call that his car would be towed, so he moved it behind the bank to the movie theater, where tons of people had parked.

We had a good time. We laughed and really got into it. We ate and drank, and around 10pm, decided to go home. Our friends left around the same time.

We all met up again the parking lot of the movie theater, where we had all parked, because our cars were all missing.

Yep, sure enough, the movie theater had towed a bunch of cars, without any proof of who was or wasn't in the movie. Some Soldiers told us they saw a couple come out of the theater looking for their car, which had also been towed. It also seemed that all the towed cars had military tags (yesterday was also payday).

Of the 3 couples in our group, 2 had kids. All 3 kids needed car seats, which were in the cars that got towed. Fortunately, one couple lived nearby and had a friend that was up and sober. So we all piled into this guy's little SUV thing. 3 women, 3 men, and 3 little boys. It was just a 5 minute drive to the one couple's house, where my friend and I sat with the boys while the others went to get the cars.

We were a good portion of the way through Finding Nemo by the time they got back. It was around the part where the dad fish gets to Sydney and you meet the sea gulls.

J and I headed home. I don't know much about what happened at the impound yard except that J was ready to beat the living shit out of the guy there. There was already a cop there with all the people going to get their cars. The guy just claimed he was doing his job, blah, blah, blah.

We got home, I took the puppy out to pee (he's doing great now, by the way), and went to bed. J was still to angry to sleep. He sat up watching a little TV and reading his book. I have no idea when he finally came to bed.

So now we're at the morning. I've been up for an hour now (it's 0757am) with the pup. He wanted out and was done sleeping. I couldn't get back to sleep.

J is probably not going to get in the long run he had planned for today, which is going to piss him off even more. but we will commiserate with our friends when we all get together again tonight (if that is still on).

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm a worrisome mommy

My puppy isn't feeling well. He puked on our walk this morning, so we turned around and headed home. Then he had some diarrhea. When we got home I saw that he had had the diarrhea before we left (it was still dark when we left). I tried giving him a little breakfast, but that came back up as well.

Since then, he's had some more diarrhea, very watery. And he's very lethargic. He doesn't want to be inside, and I think that is because he doesn't want to have an accident in the house. So he's laying outside in the shady, damp, cool part of the lawn. I moved his water bowl right next to him. I can see him out the back door if I sit in my chair.

He is feeling a little better, because he's looking around and being curious about sounds, but I'm still rather anxious. Is this how new moms feel when their baby gets sick?

It's not even the first time, really. He got himself rather upset and had a pukey tummy after his first full weekend with Athena. But he didn't have the diarrhea then. Just pukey.

Looking at the past few days, the only thing that's changed is that we tried an OTC allergy pill for dogs. He just gets so itchy all the time. Of course there's always the chance he ate some piece of garbage that was blown into the backyard. I cleaned up his poo this morning and found one pile that had some small black plastic bits in it. Like he'd chewed up and eaten a pen cap.

J will probably be home for lunch, and if Remy doesn't perk up at seeing daddy, then I think we'll go to the vet's this afternoon.