Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Yes, it deserves 2 exclamation marks.

I love Halloween. I always have. I think it's because I like dressing up in costumes. Sure, I like candy, especially chocolate, but I think it was always more about the costumes for me.

However, I find myself getting lazy. As I sit here handing out candy, I'm wearing the same clothes I wore to run errands this afternoon, with the addition of my adorable spider hat. I didn't feel like bothering with the whole costume thing. I thought about just putting on my star trek dress, but that was a little warm.

So I'm sitting at my dining room table, blogging, facebooking, google+ing, and drinking beer. Yes, beer. I have the Ghost Hunters live episode playing on the TV in the other room even though I can't see it from the table. I have Remy at my feet waiting for the time when I let him outside to see the kids. Duke is doing his own thing. He watched the action for a couple minutes and decided it didn't suit him. He seems to prefer adults to kids, where Remy prefers kids to adults. Kids play and drop food a lot. Adults sit and chat and have laps for kitties to jump into.

I find myself quite content to sit here and hand out candy. I get a kick out of the kids and their costumes. Some of them are fascinated with Remy. I had a little Jedi who was ready to sit down in front of my screen door and play with the puppy through the glass. One little Blue (from Blue's Clues) said, in his 3 year old speech, "A kitty cat and a doggy!" It was precious.

Had some older kids, but not too many. And I think they were all with younger siblings. I think the big kids that take their younger siblings around to trick or treat deserve a little candy themselves. Good for them. Only one kid tried to come back for more. First, I recognized her very unique candy bucket. Then I saw the exact same mix of candy that I was handing out already in it. She and her friend tried to say she had an identical twin. I asked how she could have identical candy, and she finally gave up. That was the only trickster, though.

I picked up some doggy Halloween cookies at PetSmart today, and gave one of those to a kid whose family had their dog back on the sidewalk.

J's not home tonight. Has to work. I don't think he would be enjoying this as much as I do. He wasn't really looking forward to it anyway, so I was going to have him just sit and watch the pup while I handed out candy. So instead he's working, and honestly, Remy is doing quite well. I just have him stay inside and I step outside to hand out candy. He's been woofing a little, especially as it gets darker, but not much. Even when he was out in the back yard for a bit, he didn't bark at all the people walking by. He's earning his Halloween cookies!

It's definitely slowed down quite a bit since I started writing this. It's almost 8pm, and the "official" trick or treating time was 6 to 8. I might leave the light on and door open a while longer to catch anyone still trying for candy. As for me, I'm going to finish off beer number 2 (I'm slow) and get myself a bowl of ice cream. That's my treat for tonight!

P.S. Yes, I find out how many WW points some of this candy has. Only the pieces I'm interested in. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor

I made a decision this morning. I changed my weight tracking day to Friday. I weighed myself Thursday or Friday morning and was down to 157.

My Sundays tend to be either early or late. I'm either getting up early to do something, or sleeping in. It's been rather inconsistent lately. And I tend to do my splurging over the weekend and eat better during the week. If we eat out, it's usually Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I also noticed the past couple weeks that I'm not using a lot of my weekly points all the time. So if my week starts on Friday, I can use weekly points, and then think about earning them back with activity points for the rest of the week. I think this will help me focus a little more and keep losing weight.

I also need to get started on strength training. I will have a lot of time on my own this week. I might get out my circuit routine I did 2 years ago and start doing that 3 days a week. I'm thinking do ST on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and pure cardio on Tuesday and Thursday. J and I often run or ride our bikes on weekends, so that's more cardio to burn calories. And if they would ever get the stupid pool open, I could do swimming on any of those days. But they keep pushing back the date on reopening this damn pool. I won't even get started on that. Makes me angry.

My weight loss has slowed a little, but I also finished my half marathon training. I think if I can get started on building muscle, it will be the change I need to keep up the 1 to 2 pounds a week. I have less than 10 pounds to my next goal. That would put me in the "healthy" weight range. Then it's just vanity pounds to lose. My main goal is to be healthy. And I need more muscle for that as well. Strength training is a hard spot for me. It's not as fun as cardio. I have trouble sticking to it. I did pretty good with this 3 day circuit routine that I got from Women's Health magazine (I used to have a subscription). Each of the 3 days has a different routine. I stuck with it and actually saw some improvement. That was 2 years ago. I need to do that again. I can still get up and do it while J is at PT (when he's not in the field), and since the weather is actually getting cooler here, I can walk Remy in the afternoon/evening. I think interrupting his afternoon nap time is good for him sometimes.

I'll have to report in and let you know that I got started on the strength training. I've been thinking about picking a few theme days for this blog. Any suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's A Baby!

No, not me. Sorry, big sister.

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet. I'm going to be a godmom! My BFF Misty is pregnant with her first kid. Holy Crap! Misty's gonna have the bebes!

Sorry. Anyway, She is pregnant, and I am super excited. Seriously, this is more excited than I would be for my own kid. Probably because I am not interested in having one, but anyway. It's still the first trimester, so don't know gender. I need to ask if they are going to even find out! Oh my goodness. I will be making a baby quilt. They already have names picked out. I'm getting either a Damien or a Sophie.

Part of what excites me about this, is I can buy the kind of baby things I always think are so cool and funny, but that others just wouldn't get. Like punk baby things, and rocker baby things, and goth baby things. And the parents will actually put it on the baby!

I'm still somewhat in shock thinking about my best friend having a baby. I do wish I was closer to her so I could see her all big and preggers. I know she's always wanted to be a mother, and her life is in a good place for this to happen. She has a great guy that really cares about her, and he has a good family that adores her.

So now, I'm restraining myself from buying tons of baby stuff. After all, It's still a tiny little bean. I believe I can finally pull out something I've been saving up for the unlikely time of my own pregnancy - Cletus the Fetus. I will hereby refer to my godbaby as Cletus until I know a gender. Oh yes. J cringes in agony when I tell him this. Hahahahahaha.

So. Some of you may know that I am definitely not religious. So why am I the godmama? I've know for a while now that I would be the godmama of Misty and Tony's first kid. They decided they wanted godparents who would be open to exploring religion with their kid. Someone who would answer or help find answers for the child's questions, about any religion. I love exploring and learning about religions. And Misty trusts me. (Who wouldn't?) So I will join Tony's friend Rob (good guy) in being godparental units to Cletus.

I can't wait for this baby to get here. Why do humans have such a long gestation period again? I want to meet the kid now!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Confession Time - Strange Accents

Time for another peek into the life of me.

I often speak in random accents. English, Australian, Scottish, Ghetto, Jamaican (not a good one), and various weird voices push their way into my speech. J will tell you all about it. He calls me his personal sound board and constantly tells me I should do voices for cartoons.

Usually, the accents are totally random. I don't know when or why they pop up. It will be in regular conversation, or a comment I make.

J is very entertained by all of this.

Please understand that any labels I assign here are the stereotypes and not what I think of the actual people.

Big Black Guy
White Trash Barbie
Snobby British
Scottish weirdo
Black Southern Old Man
Black Woman
Valley Girl
Olive Oil (yes, Popeye's girl)
and various others

When I hear an accent of any kind, I have a tendency to pick it up. I try very hard to not mimic an accent when the person with said accent is present. It's very hard sometimes. I tend to limit my speech.

I have always been a bit of a mimic. In my college voice lessons (I minored in singing) I learned best by hearing what I was supposed to sound like. If I heard my instructor say the french word, I could mimic the french word. If I heard the tone I was supposed to use, I could mimic the tone. Show me how to do something and I pick it up quickly. I can learn by written instructions, sure, but I am a good mimic.

Who knows where such a talent comes from. And I've never found a way to make money from it. But there you have it. If I get comfortable around you, expect to hear some random accents slip into my normal conversation. If you don't hear them, don't be offended. Just remember that I do think about it and watch for them when I'm with anyone but J. I don't want everyone to know what a complete weirdo I can be. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Duke City Half Marathon - Done

Had an awesome run this morning. It was definitely chilly to start, but I warmed up quickly. Went with the tank and arm warmers, and I'm glad I did. Felt great, except for a runny nose. Stupid allergies.

Finished in 2 hours, 19 minutes, 32 seconds. Hells yeah! That's 10 minutes faster than my training run! What little hillage (yes, I made up that word) there was felt easy after training on Haan bridge. I was very happy and finished with a strong sprint.

J on the other hand, not so lucky. He said he was doing great and set to finish with a Personal Record, but then his left knee started to hurt. Turns out he irritated his Iliotibial band (IT band), and we think it's because he didn't do as much training as he wanted to. So his time was very slow for him. And painful. Yet he finished, and managed to walk back to the hotel with me. We did stop at the med tent where they wrapped it and put ice on it.

We stopped for lunch on the way back to the room, at the same bar we ate at yesterday. It was delicious, again, and we got to try some New Mexico beers.

Now, after a shower and a little rest, I'm feeling pretty good. Not sure yet what we will try for dinner, but chances are good I will go get something and bring it to the room. Unless he decides to be stubborn and say he needs to walk around more.

OH, and in the way of WW, I weighed in yesterday, knowing I wouldn't have a scale today. Down only 1 pound this week, but hey, still down! That puts me at a 10 pound total loss since I started WW, and definitely lower than I've been in a looooong time.

Ok. Time to go baby my hubs and maybe rub my foot that's a little sore.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tomorrow Is The Big Day

I'm in a hotel room with a comfy bed and fake fireplace on which the heater doesn't work (still have the regular AC unit). Had a great lunch at a fun little bar and a lovely Italian dinner complete with tiramisu for dessert. Got my race bib pinned on and my stuff all laid out for tomorrow. Have the bag we're taking with us (to leave at the bag drop) packed and marked with our name. We even picked up some bagels to have for breakfast and I prepped the little coffee pot so we just have to turn it on.

We'll get up around 0500 tomorrow to eat, take a hot shower (mostly for J's cold), and get dressed. A little before 6 we will walk over to the start/finish. We walked it earlier to pick up our race packet. Just 5 blocks east and 2 blocks north. I bought a Bondi Band headband at the pathetic expo. It's burgundy and says, "You don't smell like a princess anymore!"

J's race leaves at 0700. I'll get his warm-ups and put them in the bag. Then I'll put my warm-ups in and leave it at the bag drop. My race leaves at 0730. If all goes well, I will be done in 2 1/2 hours. J will be longer. He is going twice as far, after all. So I will get the bag and put my warm-ups back on. We have face cloths to clean the sweat off and flip flops for our tired feet.

I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. I was a little nervous earlier today, on the drive up here, but I'm feeling pretty good right now. We've had a good day, and despite J's cold and my bad allergies, we're looking forward to the run tomorrow. We have everything ready. Just have to get out there and run.

It will be about 20 degrees colder than I'm used to. I plan on wearing my regular tank and new arm warmers, but I put my long sleeve top in the drop bag just in case. If I think I'm too cold, I'll switch out and put that one on. I'm not afraid to show people my sports bra. Heck, elite female runners wear a sports bra and a bikini bottom. I think I'm OK to change my shirt.

Alright. Time to read my book, watch some TV, and relax in this comfy bed. Morning will be here before I know it. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tour de Tolerance & Soy Un Perdedor

Did our 50K bike ride (31 miles) this morning in 2 hours 11 minutes. J would have been much faster, but he went at my pace. The ride supports the El Paso Holocaust Museum, which of course is a cause dear to my heart.

It felt pretty good out there, but damn, my butt hurts. I have chafe in a bad spot. But it was nice to get out and ride. Definitely need to do that more often. I do have some plans to take a spin class at least once a week with a friend, but I won't start till after the half marathon.

Which is next week, by the way! One week away! I think today was a good prep. I did an endurance exercise by didn't run.

So, my weigh-in was today. I maintained, which is in line with what I expected. I knew that not meeting my minimum points 2 days in a row was not good for me. But I didn't gain, and I will learn from this and try to plan ahead more. Not giving up that easily!

Aaaaaaand yeah. That's all I got.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dieting Fail

I didn't messed up a little on the diet this week. No, I didn't go over my points. I went under. Two days in a row, I didn't hit my daily minimum. First was Thursday, and I was nervous which killed my appetite. Then Friday, we ate out, and I thought the pizza would be much higher in points than it really was, but didn't enter it till this morning. If I had known that, I would have had dessert! I did eat a good helping of fruit yesterday, which is 0 points, but helped fill me up.

When I started the sparkpeople plan previously, I found out that I wasn't eating enough some days. I would just have days where I wasn't hungry, sometimes for no reason at all. I would eat a little and be full. Back in high school and college, I would forget to eat. Nothing intentional, just literally forget to stop and get some food.

My body doesn't always tell me that it's hungry. I've had to learn to schedule my meals so that I eat. It's not nearly as bad as it used to be, but there are still days when I only eat a certain meal because I know I need to eat, not because I'm hungry. It was especially bad when I had migraines more often. I would not be hungry, but knew I had to eat to avoid a migraine.

I guess I need to try to plan ahead a little more. Especially when eating out. That seems to be my downfall. So I had tons of points left for today. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel (or as I call it, the Crack House). Didn't need lunch (late breakfast), and we're doing taco soup for dinner. I need to go enter the recipe in WW so I can log the points.

I'll report in tomorrow morning with this week's loss/gain. I don't think I've gained, but I don't know that I'll see a loss either. I think two days below points might have sabotaged any loss this week. Oh well. Lesson learned. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Protest! (in an indignant, accented voice)

Apparently, Westboro Baptist Church is protesting a funeral here in El Paso, TX tomorrow, for a Marine who died in Afghanistan.

Having lived in KS, I saw, read, and heard tons about Westboro. That whole group is a train wreck. Unfortunately, it's the kind you find it hard to look away from. J and I have both been protested, in a way.

A guy I went to college with, my piano teacher's son, actually grew up in Topeka, KS, close to the Westboro church. I remember him telling us once about their weekly protests right on their church grounds. How he and his friends would tease them. They would politely offer a donut, and get hatred spewed at them.

Of course, with Topeka being so close to Lawrence, KS (where we lived), they showed up a lot. If you are a hippy, pot-smoker, or otherwise non-conservative in KS, chances are you live in Lawrence. So needless to say, Westboro didn't like a lot of stuff that happened in our town. They came to protest some event on the KU campus once, and J decided to check it out. He got some good photos of the protesters that he used in his screen printing class.

Westboro also, apparently, protests everything done by the Episcopalian church in Topeka, because they decided it was ok for their clergy members to be homosexual. So, when my secular community choir performed at the Episcopalian cathedral (gorgeous venue), we were protested, even though we had no ties to that church. They offered us a free venue, so we performed.

I've never really understood the point of protesting. Back in Lawrence, there was a group that held weekly protests in front of the court house. They weren't always protesting the same thing. Often they protested to legalize pot. Or at least a few of them did. I never saw how standing on the street with a sign was going to make anyone pass a new law.

I just don't get it. What do they expect to accomplish? Honestly, most protests don't get attention. I beg you never hear of the vast majority of protests. And what does give a protest power? Attention. Westboro has power because they get attention.

My kitty thinks I should pet him instead of blogging.

Silly kitty.

Anywho, seriously. The only reason to stand on the street with signs is to bring attention to your cause. But in this world of the internets, I personally feel that the street protest is growing obsolete. Want to get attention for your cause? Start a damn facebook page.

Look at how much crap you see on fb everyday. Tons. And you find yourself reading crap that you would never bother to waste time on elsewhere, just because someone you know, or kinda know, posted it on fb. Want attention? Go to the internet. Social media is where it's at, people!

I say, put up your protest signs and hit the nets. Want attention? Get online. 

Fastest. Run. Ever.

Well, for me anyway. I just did the Transmountain Challenge 5K in 27 minutes and 46.7 seconds.

ho-ly crap

That beats my previous best by 3 whole minutes. It means I ran a sub 10min mile. In fact, it would be a 9:15 and some change.

I saw someone I've met before, before we got started. She's a spin class instructor, personal trainer I think, and super fit. I knew she and her friend were trying to finish under 30 minutes, so I paced off them on the way out. We went 1.5 miles uphill. I pushed myself pretty hard to keep pace with them. At the turn around, I let myself fly down the hill. They both finished before me, but not by too much. It was an awesome run.

J also had a great run. Best time for transmountain for him. And transmountain is it's own level of race, because the first half is all uphill.

So great day for both of us.

Next year, I'll do the mountain. If we're still here that is. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

What? A day early? What in the world is wrong with me?

I decided to weigh in today instead of tomorrow. We'll be up earlier than usual tomorrow for the Transmountain Challenge. I have to take J to the start on the westside and then get myself to the finish on the eastside, without taking the transmountain shortcut. And I don't do early mornings that well.

Plus, today is Yom Kippur. Now, I have never fully practiced Judaism, but a few years ago, I read up on the High Holy  Days and J and I decided it fit where we were in our lives at that moment - starting a new year, trying to put the past behind us and moving on with a clean slate.

Yom Kippur calls for a fast. I mean a full fast, with just sips of water to get by if you need that. Of course, if there is any medical reason for you to not fast, don't fast. The first year, we didn't do a full fast. We each had a natural fruit juice to drink and drank water. The next 2 times we would have some water, but that was it. This year, we will drink water, since we have the run tomorrow. But food will wait.

The Jewish day is actually sundown to sundown. So we ate before sundown yesterday, and won't eat today until sundown. We usually go out to eat late after our fast.

Anywho, I thought that might mess with my weigh in tomorrow, so I decided to weigh today. Came in at 159. Woohoo!

This means I reached my first WW goal (5% or 159.6), and I am lower than I got when I tried before. So WW is working. I will keep it up. Heck, I already paid for 4 months, and this is only week 6. I would love to get down to 135, but would be happy with breaking into the "healthy" weight range. My BMI at 159 is 26.5, and I need to get under 25 to be in the "healthy" range, which means I need to get under 150 pounds (149 would put me at 24.8 BMI).

Also, once I get this half marathon out of the way, I'm going to work on doing more strength training. I need to build some muscle. If I can actually get some muscles, I will be careful to not push the weight too low. I know muscle weighs more, and I'd rather be toned than skinny. So 145 is a good goal. Sure, 135 would be awesome, but I would be thrilled with 145. I won't want to lose my curves in all this. I like my curves. J likes them, too. I think I'll keep them.

So that's what's what. Yeah.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

Lost another 1.5 pounds on weigh in today. That puts me at 161 with 7 pounds lost. I'm going to be careful this week and try to eat better than last week so I can get under 160 next Sunday. That would put me at my first goal of 5% of my starting weight, and also put me just barely lower than I got with Sparkpeople.

Did another 13 mile run this morning. About the same time as last week, but without the foot pain. I did have some odd pain in the big join of my big toe for a little bit, but I walked a minute and stretched my foot and it went away. That was at mile 2. At the same spot on the way back, mile 11, I had some ankle pain and had to walk that out. It was very slow the last 2 miles home. But finishing without that foot pain felt great. And it took me longer to hit the proverbial runner's wall this time.

After a nice shower, J and I rode our bikes to the PX for some lunch. It's only 1.5 miles from our house, and we can take a smaller street with less traffic, so we can go slow. Had lunch and a little well-earned ice cream, then came home. It helped work the lactic acid out of our legs so they aren't quite so stiff now.

Next week is the TransMountain Challenge. J plans to run it. I talked it over with him and he said I should avoid it. I will do the 5K. He said it's rough, and we definitely don't want to do anything to mess me up so close to Duke City.

I need to call the kennel this week and get a spot for Remy. Might see if he and I could go visit the place before he stays there. New kennel we're trying that has daily play groups and walks, weather permitting. I think that would be great when we're gone over christmas, and this is our first chance to leave him there and see if it works out. Also have to find someone to come check on Duke here at the house. Kenneling Duke would mean he would be all on his own, not even other cats around. Might as well leave him in his home then. Plus, whoever does that could bring in any packages that get delivered.

I'm feeling pretty good today. Looking forward to the race in 3 weeks, and not really nervous. It's a pretty flat course, ever-so-slightly uphill to the turn-around, then ever-so-slightly downhill on the way back. Only a 20 foot gain in elevation, but I know that it's downhill, and I'm hoping that will motivate me to kick it up a notch after the turnaround. I've been training with the Haan bridge, both ways. Having no hills will help my time.

Also found out they have water at every mile, starting at mile 2. No need to wear my water belt with that, so I'll do the spi-belt instead. It will hold my energy snacks, music, and anything little thing I might need, like ID and some cash. It doesn't put as much pressure on my tummy as the water belt. I can wear the spi-belt and forget it's there. I'll wear it on my short runs to get it adjusted right and get used to it again. My cell phone will be enough weight to train with.

Ok. time for a little nap.