Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Skinny: What Week Are We On Now?

Week 4? Is that it? Oh well. I don't care.

149 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I had a moment there. Yes, the scale this morning was just to the left of 150, meaning I have finally broke that plateau and met the goal I set for myself so long ago when I was doing Weight Watchers.

It really is a relief. After a whole year, I feel I can finally continue on this journey. I'm getting somewhere again.

I've been having some dry mouth, but not too horrible. I think some of it was whatever bug I fought off this week as well. Eating is going good. Still able to stop when I'm full. I think that's making the biggest difference, still.

I ordered more pills. Should have ordered sooner, but I'm slow like that. I even paid for faster shipping, so I hope they don't get lost this time.

In other news, doctor's appointment was short and sweet this morning. He'd never heard of feverfew, but said if it's working to go ahead and stick with it. So I'll do that. I've decided to give up on the pre-natal vitamins. After 2 months I have seen absolutely no change in my nails. They are as crappy as ever. And I feel like I'm taking SO MANY pills. Ugh.

I feel like I should celebrate, but I am having a mild headache today. Maybe a soda with lunch will help. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brain Dumping

I finally have energy today. Ran errands and didn't feel dead after! So I took Remy for a run this afternoon. He was so excited, but I had to drag him after the halfway! Silly dog. We walked a while and he was ready to run again. All the way to the park, where he spent a few minutes finding the perfect spot to poop.

This all makes me a little less nervous about this weekend. I've decided I'm not going to push for any kind of record. I'm going to just run and enjoy the view. The middle 3 miles of the run are along the Rio Grande, which is actually more than just mud puddle up in Las Cruces.

I still have my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Going to just tell him that I'm not taking the verapamil anymore and I want to keep with the fever few since it seems to be working. I also need a new birth control script. Only 1 refill left, so I may as well get a new one now.

I owe everyone a Skinny update tomorrow (I think it's going to be good!) and will throw in a doctor update if anything exciting happens. Then I get to have lunch with a dear friend who is getting ready to move back to the east coast. And the evening is mine. To do with as I please. Well, not really.

Took Duke to the vet today. His ears were really dirty and itchy, but they didn't really see anything wrong. They gave me some drops and cleaned his ears. They also gave him the antibiotic shot since I'll be taking him back in Friday morning for a teeth cleaning. That means I have to take his food away at 6pm Thursday night. And have to put up all water before bed. He drinks from the same bowl as the dog, so pup has to go without water overnight, too. I usually fill the bowl for him when I get Duke in his carrier to head out. If he's desperate, I'll put water outside for him in the morning. Just can't let Duke get any.

I've noticed recently that Duke isn't excited about his dry food anymore. He eats it, but not all of it. He used to jump up and run at the first sound of his automatic feeder going off. Now he might look in that direction. I'm hoping it's just that his teeth and gums need cleaned. He still chows down on his weekly soft food treat. And he's still a big boy.

While we're talking pets, Remy is still being a crybaby. Am I a bad mommy when I tell him to stop being a crybaby? He got some good exercise and some time at the park today. But this evening he got whiny again. I don't know. Maybe I just have a whiny pup.

Ok. Brain seems empty again. I think it's time for tea. and maybe a piece of chocolate.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Body: Neck & Shoulders

In my mind, my neck and shoulders are eternally connected, one and the same. I carry all my stress and tension in my neck and shoulders. I also slouch, much to my mother's dismay. I've always had bad posture, although it has gotten somewhat better over the years.

My shoulders are always tense, the muscles are always very tight. In college, I started getting a huge knot on top of my right shoulder when I spent any time at the computer. It was right up by my neck and rather painful. I could feel a lump sometimes, it was so bad. That was when I taught myself to use the computer mouse with my left hand. To this day, I can use my left hand all day long, but if I use my right, I get that knot. Just with the computer mouse.

When I started bike riding 2 years ago, I found I would get a horrible pinching feeling in my right shoulder blade, very sharp and painful if I moved. Icyhot seemed to ease it over time, and I've made adjustments to my bike as well. I don't get that pain as easily anymore.

A few weeks ago, I had that sharp pain again, on a daily basis. I would put icyhot on it, I used heating pads on it. I finally gave in and got a half hour massage. It helped a lot, but even the masseuse seemed surprised at how much tension I have in that area.

Lately, my neck has been the problem. I can't seem to sleep on my right side, but I'm just fine on my left side. I wouldn't be surprised if this is related to my jaw. I know the neck muscles are connected to the jaw, and my right jaw is the one that pops the easiest. As in, whenever I want to pop it. It freaks out some people. If I hug someone taller than me, like J, I often find myself popping my jaw against their chest or shoulder. J hates it. I can't help it. That's the jaw that will pop when I eat chewy things, like bagels. I'll probably mention my jaws again next week when I get to my head.

I know I could go get a massage regularly and it would probably ease the tension, at least somewhat, but we all know I'm not so great at spending money. So I make do. The yoga I've been doing seems to help. It relaxes me in general, which helps with a lot of things.

However, I don't think I'll make it to yoga this week. I have a ceremony to attend that starts a half hour after class ends tomorrow, and I can't really show up in yoga clothes. Plus, I seem to be fighting off some kind of bug. I'll feel fine in the morning, then around 1100 I am suddenly exhausted. Yesterday I had a very low grade fever. No fever today, but I seem to be peeing out more than I'm drinking in. TMI? Oh well. I'm resting and taking some extra vitamin C. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the Las Cruces Half Marathon this coming Saturday. Le sigh.

For some good news, I haven't had any more migraines this month *knock on wood.* I've been taking feverfew twice a day. I have had some headaches, and had some migraine-type pains yesterday, but I have been able to take OTC pain meds to control it. Yay! I have until Thursday for that to stay true. Thursday morning is a doc appointment. I think I'll try staying on the feverfew and leave the verapamil behind. Need a new BC prescription also.

Ok. Enough for now. Even blogging is making me tired today. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I've been thinking lately about what I want. Not anything deep or philosophical, but rather material, frivolous wants.

My mother has been asking what I want for Christmas. I can't really think of anything for me. My first thoughts were of some things for the house, but those aren't really for ME. I would love a new sewing machine, but that's more than a christmas gift. I've been wanting some new shoes, but that's something I have to shop for myself, with my weird feet. So all I can think of is to ask for shopping money.

Then there's J. He wants to do this crazy bike ride in Colorado next June. It's right up his alley, and something I do not want to do. I am more than willing to go back up to that area, and would love to do some other support role for it. I fully support him in this, and love the idea of the ride itself, it's just beyond my skill level.

It's a 3 day event, and since I would be supporting him for 3 days, he feels we should also do something I want to do. But what?

I don't know of any big events I want to attend, or any special place I want to go. About the only thing I can think of is to go camping or get a cabin in the woods. I would love to just be away from civilization for a few days, surrounded by trees, hopefully some water nearby. I want to take Remy for a hike and maybe do some fishing. Is that weird?

I've also been searching for a bike. I want a simple bike that I can hop on and ride around post. I want to be able to ride to my friend's house or the PX without having to deal with fancy shoes. I want something that's more comfortable for a simple ride and that has some cargo capabilities. I am drawn to the look of cruisers, but don't want fat tires that are made for the beach. I've been looking more at comfort and hybrid bikes. I may end up buying a basic bike and changing certain components, like the handle bars. Might even repaint it if I don't really like the color. Women's bikes all tend to be flowery pastels or bright colors. I would love black. My biggest problem is that the bikes I really like are expensive.

A friend has a bike she doesn't ride anymore that I am going to check out. If I like the frame and tires enough, I can get the bike and change things without breaking the bank.

Speaking of wants, I save up some of my weekly spending budget and went shopping today. I spent more than I had planned on, but I'm so happy with my purchases. I got 4 long-sleeve Ts, 4 short-sleeve Ts, 3 tanks with adjustable straps, 3 tube tops for layering under lower cut tops, and a red sweater. For $80. It's rare for me to spend that much on myself all at once. I usually buy 1 or two things at a time, over a long stretch. But I've been rather unhappy with my shirts lately. I love the simplicity of a solid colored T, and the ones I have just weren't fitting well. The joys of losing weight.

As for Remy, I can't tell what he wants. He whines a lot. He'll whine in the kitchen, he'll whine in front of the bar (stocked with wine), he'll stand in front of me and whine. I have no idea what he wants. Le sigh. Poor pup. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Skinny: Week 3

Yeah, so I'm a day late. But yesterday was a holiday. Yeah, actually, I just forgot.

I did weigh myself yesterday. 150. 1 pound away from breaking this damn plateau.

I didn't eat as healthy this past week. Also felt a little lazy and didn't work out as much. Could be why I only went down 1 pound. Could just be slowing down as my body adjusts to the pills.

So yeah, not much to report on that front. I gotta get my a few good runs in this week, as next weekend is the Las Cruces Half Marathon. Oh Yeah! I signed up for that! Ha. Just not feeling it right now.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and of course I over-ate. It's what you're supposed to do that day, isn't it?

I did not go shopping today. I avoided shopping and shopping areas. I don't like people. I may brave some shopping tomorrow to see about getting those tshirts from A'gaci.

Just to fill you in on what it's like to blog in my house, I have my laptop literally on my lap. I find it more comfortable to type this way. Duke is also on my lap, between me and the laptop. My right arm has to reach over him to type. He's so happy.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pinterest My Face

Title? Yeah, I don't know either. It's all I got tonight.

I'm on Pinterest. I like it. I've discovered some cool things there, found some good recipes, and found some total BS.

I've been having a bad acne breakout. Like, really bad. I wash my face with neutrogena stress control acne wash in the shower every morning, I use a great moisturizer, and I clean my face with biore wipes in the evening. I have a zit gel, but it seemed to make the breakout worse.

I looked a little on pinterest, but found my recipe on a google search. I wanted a DIY face mask to help acne. I discovered this. So simple, and I had all the ingredients. I pinned it to save the link and share. Then I tried it.

First time I made a mistake. I ran a hot bath, got in, washed my face and applied mask. The main ingredient is honey, and honey gets runny with heat. So yeah, it dripped all over and didn't stay on. I only left it on 15 minutes before the drips were driving me bonkers. My skin felt good, though.

I tried it again tonight. One batch had enough for 2 full face masks. I cleaned with a biore wipe, held a warm cloth on my face for a minute, then applied mask. I left it on the full 30 minutes this time. It did drip, but not nearly as much. Just the natural body heat in my face softened the honey. It's doesn't taste too bad if it gets on your lips, but I couldn't just eat a spoonful.

That's my sexy hair. And PJs I've had forever.

I rinsed with hot water and held a hot cloth on my face for a minute, then used witch hazel and a moisturizer.

From Saturday to Wednesday, my skin has started to clear up. I don't know how much of it was the mask, but It does make my skin feel good. I've been using witch hazel twice a day, and the zit gel only at night as a spot treatment, and not every night. It seems to be working.

I really do hate having this much acne at (almost) 32, but my mom still gets zits, so I know what I have to look forward to. I have always struggled with acne. I don't wear heavy makeup, just some concealer most days, and only if I have bad zits. When I get dressed up or have a reason for more makeup, I have a lightweight powder foundation.

I know that washing my face with a cream wash and water would probably be a little better than the biore wipes, but I find it hard to remember to do that. The wipes are easy for me. I grab one, wipe my face and neck, and toss it. One minute and I'm done.

I do like this mask and think I will keep using it periodically. Oh, and I only use raw, local honey. Yes yes. It's the way to go. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Body: The Chest

Oh the chest. My chest is special in many ways. I have large breasts on a very short torso and arthritic ribs. I can't bra shop in El Paso because they just don't carry my size in any of the stores. Even Dillard's, which carries my size online, doesn't stock them in either of the local stores. Which is a shame since I'm sure many of the women in this city could use options like that, but that's another matter.

Being large chested, I wear mostly underwire bras, which give more support and defined shape. But some days my ribs just can't handle the wires and I wear my soft-cup bra. It's hard for me to find nice soft-cup bras because they tend to be full coverage, which doesn't work so well on my short torso. I avoid full coverage.

As for the ribs, I've had arthritis there since I was about 15. At first, mom and I thought I might have asthma. I was having trouble breathing on rainy days. My ribs would ache, making breathing painful. Mom ran into our old doctor who had since retired and asked his opinion. He said it's arthritis. We tried capsaicin cream but it burned too much for me. Aleve seemed to help. I don't remember it bothering me too much in high school.

When I went to college, and especially when I started living in KS year round, it pretty much went away. I think having a constant level of humidity made the difference. We moved to El Paso and my arthritis came back. I didn't know what was going on at first. My ribs were tender and painful and it hurt to breath too deep. I put some icyhot on it and it got better. Then I remembered my arthritis. Oh yay. It bothers me most in the transition from dry to wet, which is noticeable in climates like this. Humid days here are like normal days in KS. I'm able to take care of it with aleve and icyhot.

I suppose upper back would fall into this category, so let me tell you about my college-mark. It's like a birthmark, but I got it in college. My friend and I went tanning. It was my first time in a tanning bed. We only went the once, I think. Sometime after that, not too long after, I noticed a large patch on my back that was slightly darker than the rest of my skin. Tan instead of white. It's barely noticeable, but it's there. Doesn't bother me. I have a birthmark on my foot with similar but darker coloration, in a smaller patch.

Hm, back to the chest now. I do have a large chest, and I used to hate it. Most of you that read this know this story already. I didn't like my chest, thought about reduction surgery, and bras hurt me. I did a lot of searching on the internet and decided I was wearing the wrong bra size. I went to a Dillards and tried on a few bras on my own, then let one of the clerks help me. She agreed with the size I had picked, 36G. Before that I had been wearing a 38DD.

I lost some weight and dropped to a 34G in UK sizing. In US sizing, that's a 34I, and I haven't found any US brands that make an I cup. So I wear imported bras. If I stick with my favorite brands, Fantasie and Freya, I can usually guarantee a fit in my size. I'm not down to a 32G. I don't think my band size will drop any more than this. Cup might go down a bit more. I could handle that. It opens up more bra options for me.

Ok, ok. Enough blabbing about me boobs. And I don't think you need a picture of this one. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hate Fail

I decided to walk into the new A'gaci store on post today. I haven been turning up my nose since before this store even opened. Just another teeny bopper ugly fashions store, and probably all over priced.

I was waiting for some friends to show up for a coffee date, and thought, "What the hell, let's go do some hatin'." I walked in through the shoe section, where you see giant stilletto platform heels in all colors with studs and spikes. Ugh.

But that's when something bad happened. I saw some boots. Some really cute boots. With low heels. So I checked them out and something even worse happened. They're only $35. Uh oh. Good price for cute boots? We'll see.

I walked around the outer edge of the store looking at clothes. Now, sure, there were tons of styles I would never be caught dead in. There were also some really cute things. Some. I saw some great cardigans and jackets. And the prices were good. Some of the prices were great. I was somewhat impressed, admittedly.

And then, oh then, then I discovered the tshirt section. Long sleeve, short sleeve, crew neck, v-neck, all solid colors. All cheaper than Target. Um, hello? I love Target tshirts. And? AND? Tank tops. With no built in bra. For cheap!

Now, these are juniors sizes. But according to their size chart, I think I can wear a large. I will definitely try  a couple on before buying anything. So yes, I am actually planning on going back and buying some new tshirts. I can replace the ones I wear all the time that dip just a bit too low and how off which bra I'm wearing. I'm still in a bit of shock. I actually like this store. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Skinny: Week the Second

Yes, Week the Second. I like to say it that way and I don't know why. It's fun.

Scale this morning said 151. Another 2 pounds. If it keeps up I will break the plateau next week. Even if it slows down to 1 pound a week I'll break it in 2 weeks. Feels good.

There are some days when I just don't feel hungry and have to make myself eat something. But then again, I've always had those days. I am noticing that it's easier to stop eating. I'm not sure I can explain it in a way you can understand, but it's almost like it's easier for me to realize that I'm full and stop eating. So when I do eat and still feel hungry, I feel ok getting a little more to eat.

Perfect example is yesterday. I wasn't hungry at lunch but knew I needed to eat. I was out shopping and there was a little teriyaki place right there with a $5 chicken teriyaki bowl. I got it to go and brought it home. Looking at it, I knew it was too much so I got a bowl and only scooped out half of it. It was OK. Nothing spectacular. (Although Duke spent 5 minutes trying to get some before going to munch on his kitty food, after which he came back hoping I would have changed my mind and give him some chicken.) I ate, and was full.

For dinner, I had some leftover spaghetti bake. I ate it, it was tasty, and I still felt hungry. I rummaged around in the fridge and remembered I had blackberries. I ate some fresh blackberries and felt comfortably full. I did have room for a little dessert later, a brownie with a little pumpkin ice cream.

I used to eat when I was bored. Not all the time, but it seemed more often lately. I know I'm not the only one who did this because I've read about it in multiple articles. You get bored, and your body somehow says, "maybe if we eat something we won't be bored anymore." So you eat, but you're still bored, so you eat a little more. Endless fail cycle.

I haven't done that at all the past 2 weeks. If I feel hungry in the mid morning or mid afternoon, I'll eat just a little something, like a piece of fruit or a handful of wheat thins, and I'm not hungry anymore. That leads me to believe that I really was hungry and just needed a little snack. Instead of boredom eating.

As for energy and sleep, I still try to get at least 8 hours, but 8 hours is enough now. I used to get 9 hours and still not want to get out of bed. Now I can let the alarm wake me at 0600 and actually get out of bed. Well, actually, Duke has been waking me up at 0550 wanting his morning drink. Of course this gets Remy up and in the room wanting loves and to go outside. All I ask is that they wait for the alarm to go off. Remy seems to understand this better than Duke. Duke is a grumpy old man.

My mornings seem to have a little more energy. I'm getting things done. Afternoons are about like they always were. I have noticed a little bit of dizziness if I stand up quickly, but it's not all the time. I've always gotten that from time to time and was warned about a chance of it with these pills.

The other thing I've noticed is dry lips. Most of you know that I'm addicted to my Burt's Bees chapstick. I love that shtuff. But lately, my lips feel dry and chapped all the time. Dry mouth is supposed to be a side effect, but I think my body has interpreted it as dry lips. I've been using aquaphor on my lips in the morning and evening, and my Burt's Bees the rest of the time. I talked to my sis about this and she's noticed it lately, too. It can't be weather since we're in very different climates. And I've been trying to drink lots of water since this started.

So yeah. I've talked a lot about little mundane things. Wow. Is this stuff actually interesting to anyone but me?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Body: Tummy Time

I'm late! Ack! I was distracted by puppy mayhem on Monday.

So we're on to the stomach. Oh, the stomach. I hate my stomach. It's where I carry most of my weight, which apparently isn't a healthy sign for my heart or cholesterol. It has gotten better with losing weight, of course, but still not where I want it to be. Of course, neither is my weight.

Fat days always revolve around my stomach. It will look pudgy no matter what I put on. Some days I'm very grateful for a large chest because it still sticks out farther than my stomach. Yes, that makes me feel better. I'd rather have big boobs than a big stomach.

My waist is a story in itself. It's very high, right under my rib cage. Actually, right at the bottom rib would be a better description. That's my natural waist. Maybe it only seems so high because my whole torso is so short. We measured my torso once at a sporting goods store, for backpacks, like hiking backpacks, and it only came to 14 1/2 inches. Most women's packs start at 15 or 16 inches for a small. Some brands carry an extra small which is what I will have to get when I get a new pack.

Anywho, back to the stomach. The weight carries on the front mostly. My back has never looked as heavy as the front. I don't mind my back. No strong feelings about it either way. It's the front that bothers me.

I do get some muffin top if I'm not careful with how my pants fit. OH, and belly buttons. I don't like them. I don't know what it is about them, but I'm not fond of belly buttons. They are there and aren't going anywhere, but don't expect me to be fond of any. Even J's. Even on babies. I just ignore them.

I don't want six pack abs or anything like that. I don't need to be chiseled. My role model for abs is my first belly dance teacher, Maya Zahira. She had a tummy, a soft one, but not fat or flabby. Smooth. When she demonstrated belly rolls, you learned that she had a six pack hiding behind a smooth exterior. She can isolate different sections of ab muscle individually. It's amazing. I don't think I'll ever really be able to do that, but I like the idea of strong abs that aren't chiseled looking.

Ok. I promised a photo with this one.

anyone else craving a muffin now?
See how it suddenly cuts it at the top? That's my ribs. That's where my natural waistline is. Right under my boobs. Ugh. I can't believe I'm putting this on teh interwebz. BTW, I bought these jeans so they would be snug enough to now to still fit when I lose more weight. It's called motivation. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Skinny: Week 1

It's been an interesting week. The first day I felt a little light headed, but thought it was just me. The next day, I was freezing cold for no reason (it was 74 degrees in my house) and eventually took my temperature. I had a very low fever. Uh oh.

The next day, I scraped the laser stamp off of my pill and didn't take it until after running the half marathon. I was worried about taking it before. I didn't feel any symptoms, no fever, no light headed feeling. So Sunday I experimented. I left the stamp on. Again, nothing. Monday was the first day of 2 pills, with stamps, I felt great.

So I apparently had a mild bug over the weekend and ran it out of my system on Saturday. Huh.

Anyway, I can't expect much in the first week of these pills, but I have noticed that it's easier to get out of bed in the morning, even if I didn't get my usual 8 hours. I seem to feel more motivated most days this week. Except yesterday, but that was a migraine day. I didn't do any workouts, took Remy to the dog park for a play date, then spent the rest of the day reading.

I weighed myself and am down to 153 today. Still feeling very unmotivated to do anything physical today. I decided to take a break. Could be the migraine still hanging around. I don't seem to get the random munchies that I used to get, and I can eat a regular portion and be full, so no more whole boxes of mac and cheese. I hope that keeps up.

Mmmm, yeah, I think the migraine is still there a bit. It's not been bad enough for prescriptions yet and I'll try to keep it that way.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Body: The Gluteus No-So-Maximus

Hey! It's Monday!

I don't have much of a butt. Never have. I'm top-heavy. I get it from Mom. The flat butt.

My hips are actually on the wide side. I remember someone, don't know who but probably some random old lady, tell me I have child-bearing hips. Oh yeah. Just what every 12 year old girl wants to hear. The nice thing about those wide hips is they help balance out my large chest.

J swears my butt has gotten more shape to it since I started running. I can't tell, but then, he looks at it more than I do. I do have trouble with jeans always trying to make me look like a plumber. And I hate belts so don't even suggest it.

My hips are pretty flexible, too. I can fold in half easily in yoga.

Damn. Not much to say about my butt. I don't have any strong feelings about it. I wouldn't mind a little more curve to it, but it's OK.

So yeah. I have a butt. And hips.

Sorry this was such a boring post. Next week is the abdomen. I'm sure that one will be better.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oh Hey! I'm A Runner!

Forgot! I ran a half marathon yesterday. How can one forget that, right? I just forgot to blog about it.

Official results are out so here's my post.

I ran the half marathon distance of the Fort Bliss Marathon (first annual). My goal was to keep an average 10 min/mile pace. I was more nervous for this race than any others. I think that was somewhat because it was my first race all on my own. No husband, no mother, just me. It didn't help that I didn't feel so good the day before. Had a low grade fever. Tylenol took care of it, but it had me a little worried.

I didn't sleep very well either. Nervous dreams kept waking me up. I woke up early and got ready. I had laid out my stuff the night before. Made a smoothie for breakfast.

The run itself was pretty good. I had my music and tracked myself with Strava.

They had water stations ever 2 miles. I usually don't drink at the first water station so I ran past it. Then at mile 4, they were out of cups. WTF, right? Again at mile 6, no cups. Now I was pissed. How do you not put enough cups at the water stations?! Holy Hell.

I went ahead and took my energy gel at mile 6. Finally at mile 8, they had just restocked cups and I got some water. I stopped again at mile 10. They had water just one mile later, at 11, instead of mile 12. Probably because right after mile 11 is where the half marathon split off from the full marathon. Then the halfers had to run the rest with no water. Only 2.1 miles though. No problem.

On my splits, I started off a little too fast, the first mile was 8:48. I slowed it down and kept it around 9:30 until mile 8. Finally get some water and I slowed down some. I don't know what happened in mile 11, but I slowed way down, to an 11:20 pace. I picked it back up for the last 2 miles, and really ran it home for the last tenth of a mile.

My official time was 2:09:22. I finished 10th out of 20 in my age group, and 128th overall. I beat my goal by a minute, and set a new PR.

No more races until the Las Cruces Half in December. A month away. I don't know if I'll try for a new PR or just run and have fun.

After the run, my good friend took me out to brunch and then to 2 different bazaars. I got a little christmas shopping done. By then we were both exhausted. I had a relaxing evening with the critters and went to bed early. I slept great last night. 


Many people are doing the thankful days thing on Facebook. You know, where you post something you are thankful for every day of the month for the month of November. 

I will not be doing that. 

I've been looking for things to be grateful for for the past month. Every day I talk to J, I'm thankful for the technology that allows us to video chat, even on days when the connection is spotty. On days we don't get to talk, I'm grateful that our relationship is strong and that a day without talking won't hurt anything. 

I'm grateful that he's in "an undisclosed location in southwest Asia" and has it relatively easy compared to so many other Soldiers. I'm also grateful that there are units stationed there to support the units in Afghanistan, especially since I know some guys headed there soon. 

I'm grateful for Rembrandt and all the smiles he puts on my face. I'm grateful for Duke and all the snuggles. 

I'm grateful for my mom and sister and how often I get to talk with them. I'm grateful for my Dad and how hard he has always worked for his family. I'm grateful for in-laws that don't fit the stereotypes, that I actually like to spend time with. I'm grateful for having 2 gorgeous nieces, and their father that I know won't let anything happen to them or my sister.

I'm grateful for my friends from other places, who keep in touch with me. I'm grateful for my friends here, who understand Army life and are such a source of support for me. 

I'm grateful for this nice house we are living in. I'm grateful that we can afford to live in a place like this. 

I'm grateful for the volunteer opportunities I've discovered, and for the experience of not having a job. Although I would be grateful for a job right now, too. 

But I'm not grateful for these things just because Thanksgiving is coming up. I'm always grateful. I'm not the biggest fan of the holiday season, and I don't like the push to be thankful just because it's thanksgiving. Be thankful all the time. I hate how commercial the holidays have become. It's not about decorations and gifts and feasts. It's about us, family and friends. Even if you can't afford gifts and cards, let your family and friends know that you care, all year. That's the only gift anyone needs.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Skinny: Day 1

USPS pulled through (after I complained through the 800 number) and got my package to me yesterday. Two days late and no explanation, but at least I have it. Signature Skinny Amp'd. Here are the ingredients:

Bee Pollen 83mg
Sickelsenna Seed 64mg
Cassia 62mg
Seville Orange Flower 37mg
Chinese Yam 52mg
Aloe 37mg
Green Tea 23mg

I'm to take 1 pill before breakfast for 4 days. If I don't have any odd reactions, I move it up to 2 pills a day. Shelley (the lady I bought them from) also warned me about the laser stamp. They started laser stamping the amp'd version so people wouldn't confuse it with the non-amp'd. It's just a little black "ampd" on the capsule. But some people, including Shelley, started having some flu-like symptoms. Her friend, who also takes it, told her to scrape the stamp off. She did, and was fine. So if I complain of flu-like symptoms, tell me to remove the stamp. 

The first few days will put my body through a detox. I'll be in the bathroom more often. I might just pee more. One of the most common side effects is dry mouth, but that will just make me drink more water. Nothing wrong with that. 

So I weighed in this morning at an even 155. Nice, since I kinda pigged out the past week. I managed to get rid of the Reese's pumpkins by giving some to the soldiers stationed in front of my house to make sure cars didn't run over the trick-or-treaters. I gave them some water bottles, too. And I got rid of a chunk of cookies by giving them to the Smiths. 

So now I need to cook up my veggies that I have. I have a recipe for bacony bok choy, and another for smashed cauliflower. Plus I have a spaghetti squash that I like just roasted with a little butter on it. I might try something that J was reading about - eat more earlier and less later. So eat a big breakfast, a good lunch, and a light dinner. I usually go the reverse order, so the heaviest meal is right before I lay down and do nothing for 8 hours. It rather makes sense to switch it up. This morning I had cheese and toast, Charla style. Whole wheat toast, 2 slices, with garlic and herb spreadable cheese. It's so tasty. I'm going to keep spready cheese in the house just for toast now. Would be good with savory flavors of philly cream cheese, too. What I really want, though, is some goat cheese. MMMMMMMMM, goat cheese.

Where was I going with that? I don't know either. 

So let's end with a little side note. Today is my husband's 31st birthday. He is far away from me, but always in my heart (aw, mushy stuff!). Seriously, J is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He gave me the confidence to make changes in my life. It's that confidence that put me on this journey to a healthier me. It's how I became a runner. This makes 2 years in a row that we are apart for his birthday. I hope next year to spend it together doing something fun. Hell, maybe we'll find a marathon to run. Happy Birthday, Love of my Life!