Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass...

I promise I won't drag this out.

I have a few friends that believe "we" should stop being "politically correct" and only say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays."

I would agree, if we all celebrated Christmas. But as it is, I celebrate Christmas and Chanukkah. I have friends and family that only celebrate Chanukkah. I have friends that celebrate Yule instead of Christmas. I probably have some friends that don't really celebrate anything at all.

Thing is, when you see someone on the street, how do you know what they celebrate? I have been known to respond to a "Merry Christmas" with a "Happy Chanukkah," even if it's past Chanukkah. Then again, I'm a bitter person.

So why is it so wrong to wish someone a Happy Holidays, knowing that it includes any winter holidays they may celebrate. When I wish someone a Happy Holidays, I mean it to include the new year as well. I will NEVER be offended when someone wishes me a Happy Holidays, because that includes all the winter holidays that I choose to celebrate. I do, however, get sick of hearing Merry Christmas all through my Chanukkah celebrations, even on years like this when Chanukkah is over well before Chriatmas.

In other words, it's not rude, or offensive, when someone wishes you a Happy Holidays. Perhaps they do not celebrate Christmas, and wanted to include you if you do. So take it easy and stop pushing your holiday on everyone. Stop being offended if they want to include you in the happiness of their season.

I think I have to repost this to my Tough Crackers blog.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm sick!

J and I saw Tron yesterday afternoon, after I posted about my run. We got burgers at Smashburger, then went to the movie. After the movie, my stomach felt a little funny. I didn't think too much of it at first.

But it got worse as the evening went on. To the point that all I ate for dinner was a little fruit salad. I couldn't walk around without getting very nauseous.

Then I got the runs. Then I finally vomited. Felt a little better after that, but started getting achy and got the chills.

It was a rough night. I took a little ibuprofen around 3 or 4 am, and slept better after that. I got up at 0630, but napped again around 0930 for about an hour. I did eat half a piece of matzo with a little peanut butter and jam for breakfast.

Felt much better after that, even showered and ate some simple pasta for lunch. The aches are getting better, but I'm taking it easy today. I have an amazing husband who is taking good care of me. My mom talked me through some of it last night over the phone. I called her today to let her know I was doing better.

Apparently this stomach bug has been going around, and people get it to varying degrees. I honestly think that the tat lowered my immune system enough for the virus to get in. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be sticking around too long. (Knock on wood!)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fort Bliss 8K

New PR - 52:51. That is about 9 minutes faster than my first 8K. Not bad for my second time! I felt good and kept my pace up.

Turns out the new commanding general of Bliss is pushing personal fitness, so they're going to try to do one event a month. Next month is a half marathon, which I will not be doing. J will, though. And they're supposed to do 2 sprint triathlons next year, one spring and one fall. I will have to work on running and biking, and J will work on biking and swimming. Not that he won't run and I won't swim, but those are our good events already. I'm not a fast swimmer but I can swim, and if I get back in the water, it picks up pretty quickly.

On another note, my arm is doing some weird stuff today. I woke up last night with a very sore shoulder. My right one (tattoo is on left arm). I had to take ibuprofen just to get back to sleep, and pretty much spent the rest of the night on my left side. It was the only way I could lay that didn't hurt my shoulder too much. When I got up, the pain seemed to move down my arm, to the elbow and wrist. I rubbed some asparcream into it and left for the run.

Felt fine all day, until we got out of Tron Legacy. It was getting sore again. I used more asparcream when I got home and it's OK right now. No idea what I did to it though. Maybe I used it too much while babying my left arm? Maybe Remy tugged too hard when I walked him yesterday? Maybe Remy wiggled too much when I threw him over the Shinkle's fence to play with their dogs? He did whack me in the nose real good then, and my nose is still tender.

So that's it for now. I'm going to be lazy the rest of the day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dirty Thirty

Yesterday was my 30th birthday.

I don't think I ever made a huge deal about my birthday, but I really cut it back in Junior High. There was too much drama about throwing a party and where and who came and all that. If you read my Scrooge post you know I'm not big on anything that creates drama. I don't like anything that people make a huge deal of.

For a long time now, all I want for my birthday is a day to do what I want and a nice dinner with family. This year, I got some sewing done in the morning, went to my sewing group, walked the dog, and spent some time relaxing and doing nothing. When J got home, we went to the tattoo parlor. I got my Orion on my arm, and it's going to be awesome! It's still healing, of course, so it's a little red. When the redness goes away I will get some good pics.

Then we went to dinner, a little Italian place we've gone to before. I wanted carbonara, so I ordered with barely a glance at the menu. Turns out they changed their carbonara. No, not change. They blasphemed. They dumped a huge pile of italian sausage in it! And no cream. I found out that the cream may be a more western european addition to carbonara, but that's how I like it! And I could swear I had their carbonara last year! So sad. Had to send it back and get something different.

So J and I are going to make carbonara at home soon. He's made it for me before and it's always super delicious. And we'll go out for ice cream this weekend as well. But the big gift is going to see Tron! OMFG I'm so excited!

So that's it. I'm now 30 years old. Had a pretty good birthday and don't feel any different. Well, except for the tat. ;)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Push What?

Ever heard of the 100 pushups challenge?

I've been running, and I know my legs are getting in better shape because my calves are getting some great definition. But I completely suck when it comes to upper body strength.

I was piddling around at Runblogger's site and saw that he has done the challenge as an upper body workout. So why can't I?

I think I'm going to do it.

And after that, the same site has links to plans that build you up to 200 sit-ups, 200 squats, or the one I really need, 25 pull-ups.

So if I do those and keep running, maybe I will get into a somewhat decent shape!

I will log my pushups on here to keep myself motivated. Although I think I may have to start out with some knee or stair pushups. I'll try the stairs and see if I can do more than 5. If so, I'll try those and go on from there.

12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon

Finished in 33:52. Yeah, slow run. J's getting over some crud and my diaphragm, of all things, was stiff and sore today. Made it hard to breath. But Remy ran with us, and he did good. He was very eager to just run wild and try to catch up with everyone, but J held him in line. He's exhausted now (Remy, that is).

Next week is the Ft. Bliss 8k. We're going to run individually, since J has been running with me a lot lately. Probably won't take the dog so I can run for time.

I had wanted to go get my new tattoo after the run, but the 2 parlors I'm interested in aren't open on Sundays. So now we're thinking we'll go when J gets home on thursday, since I wanted to eat out that night anyway. Might go eat then go get tatted. Gives me time to print out some good red-tailed hawk pics as well, so I can talk about the back piece I want sketches of.

In other news... that's it really. Nothing much else. Just trying to get some sewing and shopping done before Xmas.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New 5K PR

Ran the Jingle Bell Rock Run this morning. A friend of mine works for the organization that put it on, so I had to run. And I'm glad I did. Finished the 5K in 30:37, 2 minutes off my personal record!

J ran with me this morning as my coach. He has really figured out how to keep me going. He just kinda chats with me, watches my form and tells me I'm doing good.

I'm really enjoying these runs. Running has become fun now! And that is the key to my time drop, I'm not trying to run super fast, I'm just having fun.

Next run will be another 5k to finish up the 12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon. I ran 10 miles on my own, and will run 3.1 on the 12th to finish up a total of 13.1 miles.

Then I'm doing the Fort Bliss 8K on the 18th. That will be my second 8K (5 miles) and my first run in the 30-39 age group. Not that it will do anything to help me win prizes, just that I'll be in a new age group.

And I will have a new tattoo by then. Going to try to get to the parlor one evening this week or over next weekend. I've picked a place whose work I've seen, and who came recommended by a friend. She said the guy who did her husband's last tattoo leads worship at his church. Now, I'm not religious, but knowing that they are a "Christian establishment" is comforting. Less likely to rip me off, and will definitely follow sanitation laws.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

le sigh (health issues update)

I had grand plans of coming home from my morning meetings and taking Remy for a walk, or maybe a run.

I get home stuffy and a little headachey. Remy is tired from playing with Athena all morning. So it turns out I'm going to just sit and try to rest.

I'm getting what I think are "ice-pick headaches." The pain level hasn't been excruciating, but it's enough that I took some prescription pain meds and don't want to try running. I haven't even turned on the tv yet and I've been home for almost an hour. I usually have the tv on as background noise. For me to be getting them this much means I'm getting a full migraine.

Some of you may remember 3 monthsish ago when I was worried about a doctor visit concerning my girly parts. Well I called this week to schedule the 3 month follow-up appointment, just like the doc said to do. Only the appointment setter said that doctor wasn't available for appointments and she didn't know why. She could get me in with someone else (I think the same doc that did my PAP, whom I didn't like at all), but not till the 22nd. Well that doesn't do me much good.

I'm sick of this game. Every time I have gone in this year has been with a different doctor, and I am tired of explaining all my issues each time. So I got a recommendation from a good friend for a doctor off-post. She had her PCM changed to this doc and has had great service. Just seeing the same doctor consistently would make me happy right now.

I need to talk to someone about my migraines again, since I'm starting to get the symptoms more often, even when I take my daily meds. And I want to talk to someone about my sinuses. See, for the past, oh, 2 years now, I have a problem with popping in my ears. It's a constant thing. I move my jaw and my ears pop. Not big and loud, like when you're changing altitude, but soft little pops, and it's driving me crazy. I talked to the first doc I saw down here (had him for a whole year and loved him) who said he thought it could just be allergies. But even when I take 2 allergy meds and a decongestant, I still get popping in my ears. I hate it.

And then there's cramps. I've been kinda noticing that I get mild cramping randomly throughout the month. Nothing major, but enough that I will notice it and calculate how close I am to a period. For example, had one the other day, very mild but enough to notice, but I'm only on the first week of this pack. I should not be cramping. I haven't had any of the "omg wtf is happening" cramps since switching pills, but still more cramps than I feel I should be getting.

Wow. As if my few readers really wanted to know that much about my body. Oh well. I get a little too honest sometimes when my head hurts.

Oh yeah, Happy Chanukah! Started last night. We had latkes and matzo ball soup for dinner last night. Super tasty.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Running Inspiration

I've been reading some of Run Blogger's recent posts, and older posts, and am inspired!

This guy really started running about 3 years ago and did a marathon after just 1 year of running. So I know I won't reach that, but I'm also starting from a less active lifestyle. But I am definitely inspired to turn this into a running blog. I already blog a lot about my running here. Of course I will do some other updates as well, but I will definitely continue to blog about my running a lot.

So on that note, J and I did a 3 mile with the dog today. Remy is getting much better about running with us. I think I need to try working with him more on my own. I would absolutely love to be able to run with my pup regularly. I like showing him off. He's just so damn cute!

The run today was a little slow because my calf muscles were rather tight. Probably due to my first bike wreck that I had on Friday. I tried to take a sharp turn too fast and just fell over on my side. Huge bruise on my calf now. Was pretty sore for the first 24 hours. Now just a pretty bruise. Bike is just fine.

J and I are doing this little event on post called the 12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon. You run 10 miles on your own, then we get together on Dec. 12 to run a 5k. We have 6 miles done already, and another 5k to run next Sunday. That leaves 1 mile to do outside of the run. Easy.

Ok. That's all that's in my head. Time to get ready to snuggle up in the soft flannel sheets I just put on the bed today.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am one of the biggest Scrooges I know. Seriously, I probably wouldn't put out any christmas decorations if J weren't here. When he does get his chance to deploy, I probably won't put any out.

I don't really know when I started to dislike christmas. It was a slow process, with years of singing the same songs over, and over, and over, in church and school and various choirs. Years of cramming 20 or so people into our little living room for christmas dinner. The ugly sweaters, the bad gifts, the poorly written christmas letters.

The one part I don't really mind is buying gifts for my family. It's usually a fun process to pick out a gift for them and do a little exchange.

So, considering I don't like christmas, or snow, or cold, what do I like about winter?


Yes, in the wintertime, I become a big ol' jew. Chanukah never had all the fuss and hubbub, no annoying songs played over and over. We would always do an open house for Chanukah, so we did still have 20+ people, but not all at the same time. And I always got to help in the kitchen, which kept me busy.

I love the easy tradition of Chanukah. You say the blessings, light the candles, and enjoy! I tried my own Chanukah open house last year, and it went ok, but things are just kinda crazy this year. So J and I will still do our own Chanukah dinner one night, with latkes and matzo ball soup. We will enjoy a quiet holiday without a lot of fuss. I even have a CD of Chanukah music we can listen to this year.

This year, my in-laws are coming for Christmas. The huge upside to having them is that there is no big dinner to do. Their tradition, which I love, is to have a table full of noshing goodies. That's cheese, crackers, chips, dips, veggies, maybe some fruits or little salads. You relax and munch.

What I'm really looking forward to is next year. We've decided that next year, we will say no to christmas guests. We're going to save up and plan a week long christmas vacation in Steamboat Springs, CO, where we had our honeymoon. Don't know if the pets will go with us yet. Well, Duke would probably stay here and have someone check on him. But it might be fun to take Remy along.

I must admit, I'm kinda excited to see how Remy reacts to snow. And Duke, too. We've been letting Duke out in the back yard with Remy and he's loving it. He doesn't try to leave the yard, just explores out there. So now we can see how he reacts to snow.

So, Chanukah starts this Wednesday at sundown. I get to enjoy a full Chanukah and have a small break before christmas starts. Thank goodness the in-laws will be staying at a hotel, so I can relax with a glass of wine before bed each night. ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I already had one. My folks came down and we did an early thanksgiving with them on Sunday. They headed home today. It's nice when they visit because they're pretty laid back. They don't have to go see and do a lot of things, they just want to see us. They did spoil my pets rotten. Remy spent most of the afternoon staring out the back gate, like he was waiting for their car to come back. He hasn't gone upstairs looking for them yet. Maybe tonight though.

Tomorrow we're going to have another thanksgiving with our friends. We'll each bring a dish or two, and Remy will get to play with his BFF all afternoon.

We're also doing a 5k run tomorrow morning. I hope I can do as well as last week's run!

I do have a lot of running to do soon. J and I signed up for a 12 days of Christmas half marathon. You can run the first 10 miles on your own time, and log it on a little worksheet. Then on December 12, we all get together and run a 5k to finish up our 13.1 miles. We are signed up for a 5k Jingle Bell Rock Run that benefits a friend's organization, so that will be my first 3 miles logged.

I guess it's really not that much running, but it should be fun. That is assuming I'm not getting sick. I woke up super stuffy today. I took some mucinex and will take some tonight so I will hopefully sleep well.

Wow, my life is pretty boring. Oh well, it's better than the drama.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey Trot

This morning was an annual Army 10k to earn points for the Commander's Cup. Don't ask me for more info because I don't know. But along with the 10k was a 5k that was open to DOD civilians and dependents. So I ran the 5k.

It was COLD! About 37 degrees at both the start and finish. I was at the back of the pack. Seriously, there were only 2 people behind me.

I ran the whole way, no walking. I warmed up enough to take my gloves off. And as I finished, I was in shock. 32:50!! I finished in 32 minutes and 50 seconds!! That is my FASTEST. 5K. EVER. I mean seriously, it's about 2 minutes faster than my fastest time last year! And it's a whole 5 minutes faster than my last 5k.

So needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good today. J finished his 10k at a good time, and we came home to a nice hot shower. I ran a few errands and did some ironing. This afternoon I'm getting my hairs did with the girls, and makeup done. Then it's off to the ball! I have a gorgeous blue dress that I got second-hand from a friend. Amazingly, it fits perfectly, and it had been fitted to her when she got it.

Tomorrow is the yard sale in the morning, which I will work for Relay For Life, and after that my folks should get into town. We'll have an early Thanksgiving dinner with them on Sunday. I'm excited for them to meet Remy!

Ok. Time to get busy again.

Friday, November 12, 2010

running update

It's been a little while, I know!

So, I did my first official 8k run (5 miles). J ran the whole thing with me. My goal was to finish in 1:15 (that's hours:minutes), since I was doing about a 15 minute mile in my training runs.

I finished with an official time of 1:01:06. Much better than I expected! I was proud of me, J was proud of me. It was great. I definitely earned my new tattoo!

J and I went for a run with the pup this morning. Remy's getting better about it, he didn't drag behind as much today. I still need to map out the route and see how long it was, but it was nice. I'm also hoping to start doing McKelligan Canyon soon. It's a hilly drive, so I will probably walk it, but I need hill training to walk the Bataan in March.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


You know what they say about needing a vacation from your vacation? Yeah. Not that we didn't have a great time, but we're tired. We got into DC on Wednesday and only had time to find dinner. Thursday we got up and went for a run. We ran past the Capitol, and through part of the National Mall. It was around 5 miles all together. Yay! Then we got ready and headed back to the Mall.

We hit the Smithsonian Air and Space museum first. It was much better than I was expecting. Space ships, airplanes, and a whole exhibit on the planets with photos taken from satellites. It's amazing how beautiful the planets actually are.

We ate lunch at this fancy seafood place, The Occidental Grill. It was amazing. I had the jumbo sea scallops.

Then we walked over to the Smithsonian American Art Museum where they had a Norman Rockwell exhibit from the personal collections of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. I don't remember the name of the place we ate dinner at that night, but we got dessert at a little bakery and took it back to the motel.

Friday J went on his own run through the Mall, all the way to the Lincoln Monument at the other end. Then we went to the National Gallery of Art. It was wonderful! Some of our favorite artists there, including lots of Degas, one of my faves. We ate lunch at a little cafe set up in the rotunda of the museum, fancy french food. We headed back to our motel early so that Misty could pick us up.

She took us into North Beach, MD where she lives. We met her guy and his folks, and some of their friends. Had a little halloween party, but dang it was cold out! We had breakfast with Misty and Tony (her guy) the next morning and they drove us back into DC.

We cleaned up and headed out to a little bar called Asylum. We were supposed to meet my college friend there, but she couldn't even make it into DC because of the traffic. The Rally to Restore Sanity was going on at that time. We were half an hour late getting there as well. The Asylum does brunch on weekends and they have a regular menu and vegan menu. It was super tasty. Although I didn't get to see my friend, it was great food.

From there we went to the National Archives. We didn't do the whole tour thing, but just saw the good stuff. The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, you know, the good stuff. We walked over to the Lincoln Monument so I could see it. Everything was still very crowded from the Rally crowd. For dinner, we had trouble finding a place that was still open, seems the rally crowd ate up all the food. We found this tavern place that had fancy cigars and private humidors. You could literally rent a humidor to keep your cigars in. I don't remember the name of that one, either.

Sunday was race day. We got up early and headed to the Pentagon Metro station (we used the Metro rail to get everywhere expect MD). Once J took off, I walked back over to Lincoln and found some breakfast. I hung out a the 16 mile marker and actually did manage to find J as he passed me. I got a couple pics of him in action. Then I headed back over to the finish line. It was crazy! So many people. And the "finish festival" seemed so far from the finish line! The runners had to walk so far just to reach the "family link up" area. But we did find each other.

After the run, we went back to the National Gallery and found the Rembrandt paintings. I got a few pics. Rembrandt is one of J's absolute favorite painters, hence our dog's name. For dinner we found a nice brewery and had some amazing food and amazing beer. I had crab cakes and J had filet mignon. We stopped at the Red Velvet Cupcakery on our way home. Awesome!

Of course that meant Monday was fly home day. We still got up early and headed to the Mall yet again for the Vietnam Memorial. It was so cold that morning! But we still enjoyed it. We packed up and headed home after that.

So yes, DC was fun and successful, but my feet hurt and I'm tired. Now we're trying to get back into our routines. I'm running my first 8k Saturday night. Looking forward to a long weekend after that to actually rest a little!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I really hate my body sometimes (& general update)

I'm getting a migraine. We got up this morning and went to Baby Bennett's baptism (it was lovely), then came home to change and walk the dog. We decided we would both take a run this afternoon after going to the open house to celebrate the morning's baptism. But on the way home, I got tingly fingers. Haven't had that symptom in a while. It's weird because it will sometimes only be half my hand. Today it was the outer half of my right hand - the ring and pinky fingers.

We got home and I started to feel the migraine. So no run for me today. J will probably go for a short run later. Of course, for him, a short run is twice as far as my long runs.

So, we did go to the free Eve6 concert on post last night. It was chilly out, but not too bad. They hadn't advertised the opening bands, and they were small bands. The first was Powderburn, from Austin, TX. They were very rock and roll and stuck in the 90s. It made me nostalgic for high school. Next was Ivy League, and I don't know just what genre to put them in. They sounded like a weird mix of 311 and Sublime, but without the talent. They sucked.

Finally Eve6 came on stage, and the evening rocked from there. I was so excited. When I get super excited a do the silly little girl clap. J thinks it's hilarious. I had a blast, though. It was great.

Now I'm going to try to relax. I have a full day tomorrow. Info Exchange in the morning and dress shopping all afternoon. We have a ball coming up, and I don't want to wear the same dress I wore to the last 2 balls. I have a friend going with me. It's good to have a second opinion handy. And more fun when you have someone to make fun of ugly dresses with.

Oh, final note. I'm getting a new-to-me sewing machine! I am inheriting my grandmother's old Viking sewing machine and cabinet! I'm very excited. Mom and dad are going to drive down instead of flying to bring it to me. Ok. Time to sit back, relax, and finish my bottle of water.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

computer woes

BTW, I am feeling better today. Was a little nauseous this morning but that got better after toast for breakfast.

Now on to the post topic. For months now, I've had trouble upon trouble with my laptop. I love my laptop. It's purple! But it was giving me so many troubles. I reached a point where IE wouldn't even connect to the net.

Then, this morning, it froze. Completely froze, and I wasn't even doing anything on it! So I decided it was time to go ahead with something I had been planning for a little while - reinstall the OS.

I had backed everything up about a week or so ago on my external HD. I gathered all my discs and reinstalled Windows Vista. Took FOREVER! Ok, not really, but it felt like it. I took a break after that and went dress shopping*. Got home and started getting it all set up. I ended up using J's laptop to download the drivers from Dell onto my flash drive, and transferred them to my pretty purple puter.

That worked beautifully, and I got back on the internet to download all the windows updates. I'm still doing that. Been doing that all evening. I also decided to try out Google Chrome as my web browser. I must say that so far it's nice. Definitely fast. We'll see how much I like it after a few days.

The only thing now is that I don't have Publisher anymore. I had borrowed my sister's copy of Publisher 2003, and already sent the discs back to her. I think I'm going to splurge and buy myself a copy of Publisher 2007. I am doing 2 newsletters now, and may need to do some programs and brochures for Relay For Life, since I'm the publicity chair.

So tomorrow is more downloading and installing of programs, and maybe some more dress shopping.

*Dress Shopping - Found out that St. Barbara's Ball is coming up, and I don't really want to wear the same dress I've worn to the past 2 balls I've been to. So I'm looking around, but don't want to spend a lot. I may end up taking my rather informal wedding dress to the cleaner and finding a colorful trim for the bodice.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I hate not feeling well

My stomach was upset last night, which means I didn't sleep so well. I walked the pup, but not as far as we usually go, and when I got home, I really just wanted to go back to bed. I ate a light breakfast and even got my grocery shopping done. And that was it.

I had soup and grilled cheese sandwich for lunch with J. I was still a little nauseous after that. So I put on my PJs and settled in on the couch.

Now I'm drinking some tea and still just sitting here. Still slightly nauseous. My head is a little stuffy and I keep coughing. I need to get my neti pot out, but just don't have the energy.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8K Training

I've had a good morning. J got to come home and walk with Remy and me, then he cooked me breakfast and made coffee. I love my mornings with J.

I went for a run after he left for work. The 3 mile track I run has a short stretch of sidewalk in it. I call it Bird Poop Pass because of all the poo the birds drop there. Anywho, the Pass kinda cuts the track into 2 loops. I start part way into the first loop.

I ran most of the first part, walked the Pass, then ran the whole bottom loop, which is about a mile. I walked the Pass when I crossed it again, and ran the rest of the way. It was feeling good, so I actually kept going and added about half a mile before I had to stop and walk again. Then I threw in a short, slow run back to my start point. With the last walk and final run, it added about .8 miles to my regular 3 mile track.

And I feel good! I have a bit of a headache, but honestly that's common for me. I do plan to talk to my doc about that when I have an appointment in a month and a half. Might be time to switch up my migraine meds again.

So, I have 3 more weeks to work my way up from a 5k to an 8k. November 6 is the Grape Race and I plan to register for the 8k run. Today was a great start. I think on Friday, I will try to do the bottom loop (a mile long) twice. That will give me 4 miles. If I can do that for a week, I can add another mile after that. I hope. I will listen to my body and not push myself to the point of injury.

J and I might hit the pool tonight if he gets home in time. It would feel great on my body to stretch out in the water. If we don't make it tonight, I might try to go tomorrow.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don't know the official time yet, but that is what I read on the clock when I crossed the finish line on my 5k this morning. That's 10 minutes faster than my last 5k, and 2 minutes slower than my fastest time last year. But the best part is that I had fun and ran well, without shin splints or sprained ankles.

J finished the half marathon over Trans Mountain in 2:04:something. I didn't get the seconds. But that is right on track with what he wants for the marathon in 3 weeks. He said he was able to run the whole way, no walking, even going up the mountain at the start, and he had some energy left over when he finished.

So we started talking about the next race we're doing together - the Grape Race. It's an 8k and 1 mile walk. I can walk 3 miles, then run 3 miles, so I'm going to push myself and try the 8k.

I kept thinking I should do something to "earn" my next tattoo, but want to get it before I turn 30 in December. This is it. If I can finish an 8k, I will earn my Orion tat.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crazy Night

So J calls to tell me he's on his way home soon, and we're going to go get some drinks with a guy who's leaving soon. By the time he got home, plans had changed and we're meeting at another friend's house, then they want to go to the motocross show.

So we went. We had a drink, and followed our friends to the motocross (they had monster trucks, too). We parked at a bank across the street where a bunch of other people were also parking because, from what we could see, there wasn't any parking left in the normal parking lot. Before I even ordered my food, J got a call that his car would be towed, so he moved it behind the bank to the movie theater, where tons of people had parked.

We had a good time. We laughed and really got into it. We ate and drank, and around 10pm, decided to go home. Our friends left around the same time.

We all met up again the parking lot of the movie theater, where we had all parked, because our cars were all missing.

Yep, sure enough, the movie theater had towed a bunch of cars, without any proof of who was or wasn't in the movie. Some Soldiers told us they saw a couple come out of the theater looking for their car, which had also been towed. It also seemed that all the towed cars had military tags (yesterday was also payday).

Of the 3 couples in our group, 2 had kids. All 3 kids needed car seats, which were in the cars that got towed. Fortunately, one couple lived nearby and had a friend that was up and sober. So we all piled into this guy's little SUV thing. 3 women, 3 men, and 3 little boys. It was just a 5 minute drive to the one couple's house, where my friend and I sat with the boys while the others went to get the cars.

We were a good portion of the way through Finding Nemo by the time they got back. It was around the part where the dad fish gets to Sydney and you meet the sea gulls.

J and I headed home. I don't know much about what happened at the impound yard except that J was ready to beat the living shit out of the guy there. There was already a cop there with all the people going to get their cars. The guy just claimed he was doing his job, blah, blah, blah.

We got home, I took the puppy out to pee (he's doing great now, by the way), and went to bed. J was still to angry to sleep. He sat up watching a little TV and reading his book. I have no idea when he finally came to bed.

So now we're at the morning. I've been up for an hour now (it's 0757am) with the pup. He wanted out and was done sleeping. I couldn't get back to sleep.

J is probably not going to get in the long run he had planned for today, which is going to piss him off even more. but we will commiserate with our friends when we all get together again tonight (if that is still on).

Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm a worrisome mommy

My puppy isn't feeling well. He puked on our walk this morning, so we turned around and headed home. Then he had some diarrhea. When we got home I saw that he had had the diarrhea before we left (it was still dark when we left). I tried giving him a little breakfast, but that came back up as well.

Since then, he's had some more diarrhea, very watery. And he's very lethargic. He doesn't want to be inside, and I think that is because he doesn't want to have an accident in the house. So he's laying outside in the shady, damp, cool part of the lawn. I moved his water bowl right next to him. I can see him out the back door if I sit in my chair.

He is feeling a little better, because he's looking around and being curious about sounds, but I'm still rather anxious. Is this how new moms feel when their baby gets sick?

It's not even the first time, really. He got himself rather upset and had a pukey tummy after his first full weekend with Athena. But he didn't have the diarrhea then. Just pukey.

Looking at the past few days, the only thing that's changed is that we tried an OTC allergy pill for dogs. He just gets so itchy all the time. Of course there's always the chance he ate some piece of garbage that was blown into the backyard. I cleaned up his poo this morning and found one pile that had some small black plastic bits in it. Like he'd chewed up and eaten a pen cap.

J will probably be home for lunch, and if Remy doesn't perk up at seeing daddy, then I think we'll go to the vet's this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running Away

I took some initiative and signed up as POC (point of contact) for a new running group in the officer's wives club that I'm in.

Then I sat down today and read a couple chapters in The Four-Day Win. My next 4-day is to plan out my fitness program. I think that this will involve my new running group. I just need to set some times for us to meet and run together, and I can get started.

I always seem to stick with a program better if there are other people involved. All the things I do on my own eventually get dropped and abandoned. When I was in Jazzercise, I went at least once a week and absolutely loved it. That was during my 20 weight loss. I miss Jazzercise, but classes around here were so limited that I never joined.

Then I took up running. Then I got injured and stopped. Now I'm trying again. I thought signing up for a running group would motivate me to keep it up. I said I'd be willing to be the POC so that others would actually sign up. Now I'm in charge! Ack!

Oh, my little red fashion-sneaks are still the best shoe for me to run in. I'm going to shop around for another pair since my old running shoes are starting to wear out and make my feet sore when walking. I am considering getting a pair of converse-style, canvas and rubber kicks. Minimal. When Merrell comes out with their barefoot shoes in February, I will probably get a pair of those.

Ok. I'm done. Time to make dinner.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Day

I was pretty down yesterday. Just moody and depressed all day. But J came home from work and we went for a short ride on our new bikes in between rains. We made pizzas for dinner and watched the NCIS season premiere. It was fun, we laughed, and I didn't even think about HIM.

Today was good as well. I took Remy for a run in the rain and it was a good run. I went to Athena's and let her out. Took her for a short walk and just loved on her. I went to Stitchers' and got to hold baby Andrew. I bought tequila and my favorite beer. I cleaned my floors, a little. Well, I vacuumed, but I'm not doing more than that until the rain stops. Remy made himself a mud puddle in the grass. I had to put in him the shower and rinse him off. Now he's napping.

I did talk to my sister (as always) and she had news. She-who-shall-not-be-named has been spreading lies again. You would think SHE would learn to not tell lies to people who also know my sister, but then again, SHE doesn't learn.

Our guess is that, within one month, two at most, HE will be calling Mom again because SHE will be kicking him out again. And WE, Dot and I, will tell Mom that she absolutely cannot let HIM come back. HE is the one who cut himself away from us. HE was told, when he last went back to HER, that there would be no more chances to go home.

But enough of that. Tonight is smothered burritos, Big Bang Theory, and CSI!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now Accepting Applications...

...for the role of Big Brother in my life.

This is just to announce to those who read this that I no longer have a brother. He who was previously in that position has called his entire family to inform them that we will never hear from him again. He has done the same with his former friends.

This has been building up for the past 2 years. It is not entirely unexpected.

Seeing as how I had very little communication with him over these 2 years, I am not taking it hard. I am not letting it get me down. I am not letting it put a damper on the fact that J and I purchased bicycles tonight. But I feel that people should know what is going on in my life.

I will be making a couple important phone calls tomorrow to let certain people know the details, few as they may be.

Thank you.

Babies, Babies Everywhere

A lot of my friends are having babies. One had her first at the end of August. Got an early morning text yesterday from another, and yet another early morning text today. The one today I got to visit in the hospital. He's adorable, cute, everything a baby should be.

I know a lot of my girl friends ooo and aww over babies and start gushing about how they want one of their own, even if they already have a couple. I have never done that. I have never held a baby or looked at a baby or talked about a baby and felt the need to have one of my own. I have never felt the mommy urge. Not with kids at any age.

This year, I will be turning 30. I have a wonderful marriage, a nice home, a cuddly cat and a funny dog. These are the things I always wanted. A cat and a dog. When I see pictures of kittens and puppies I feel urges and wants and needs to get new kittens and puppies. I remind myself that the ones I have are enough of a handful, but I can't help it when I look at their little fuzzy faces. I want more!

Is that what the mommy urge is like?

I don't know that I will ever feel the need or urge or want to have my own baby. I like babies, don't get me wrong. But I don't like them enough to want my own. If by some magic happenstance I wound up pregnant (I take pills to combat that), we would keep the baby, of course, and love it all the same. But I don't know that we will ever plan to have a kid.

J seems to feel the same way. Maybe someday things will change and we will want a kid, but for now we really like our lives the way they are - without kids. Maybe we are destined to be Aunt and Uncle forever, and we are OK with that. We love being Aunt and Uncle.

To all my friends with these adorable babies, I will gladly babysit for you. I believe mommy and daddy should have regular date nights and will take the baby(ies) so this can happen. But I will give the baby back when date night is over. No worries about me stealing any babies. You can have it back.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

new things

I am like a kid when I get something new. I have to open it and play with it. Today I got a new cell phone. The guy at the phone store moved my contacts over for me, and as we got in the car, it rang! Of course it was my sister. She's the one I talk to the most. I'm getting used to all the new features, but it's still a basic phone.

We also got our first pairs of bike shorts. We decided we will get the bikes and a car rack as our birthday and christmas gifts this year. We did a little looking around and some research and decided we should get a car rack that fits both of our vehicles. We will probably get the same bike in different sizes. I need a 54 and J needs a 58. We decided we need to get them soon, so we can get into a riding habit before it gets cooler out. We found nice helmets and styles that are comfy. We'll go back for them.

So a new phone, new shorts, and closer to a new bike. Yay!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Tonight we are going to Oktoberfest! Put on by real Germans, with real German food and real German bier! I'm very excited. And around 8pm, we'll stop eating (and I might stop drinking) to do our 24 hour fast for Yom Kippur. Tomorrow we will take it easy and not do much until we go out for a big dinner around 8pm.

The sun actually sets at 7 tonight, but since I didn't realize I was buying Oktoberfest tickets for the start of Yom Kippur, we decided to push ours back an hour. It's our version of it, anyway. Not like I'm a good little Jew who keeps kosher or anything. Never been to synagogue.

Then on Sunday, we're going to do brunch, as usual, and visit the bike shop to talk to them about what we should get. First, we want to get a bike rack for J's Jeep Patriot. That way we can get the bikes home safely when we purchase them.

I'm thinking of hitting a few spinning classes at the gym, but might just settle for some time on a stationary bike on my own. Start getting my body ready for what's to come. We even joked about getting a kid trailer for the dog. But then I'll never get him to run next to me. Of course, that might require another purchase. They make a pole that attaches to your bike with a leash threaded through it. So the dog is on his leash, but can't dart in front of or behind you while you ride. We'll see how he does when I get a bike, first.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

For a little while now, I've been tossing around the idea of getting a bike. Just something to help me exercise the dog and myself, and an easy way to get around post without wasting gas. Turns out my husband was also thinking of bikes.

Yesterday morning, after brunch at Denny's, we decided to stop at Crazy Cat Cyclery, across the street. We looked at the fancy bikes, the gear, the cute kid clothes, and started talking about it.

We want an activity we can do together. He runs, and I try to run, but we can't really do it together. I swim and he tries to swim, but we can't really do it together. But bicycling is something we would both be just starting out on. And if we got to the point where he can ride forever and ever, he could go out for a while and come back to get me for our ride together.

One of the guys he works with is into biking, so he asked for a little advice at PT this morning. His buddy pretty much confirmed what we were already thinking - we should look into road bikes (as opposed to mountain, bmx, or racing bikes). Road bikes are good for commuting, for rides along paved roads, which would be most of our riding. He also recommended a couple brands, his favorite location of Crazy Cat, and who to talk to at that location.

Honestly, I'm getting kind of excited! I need to talk to my mom now about getting my school loans paid off. I'm planning on cashing in a bunch of savings bonds that I have to pay off a big chunk of what's left. And my folks offered to help a little, too. I only have about $3K left to pay off, so we want to get those done and over with.

Anything else? Baby shower went well. OH! I ran the 5k for the German American Night Run after the baby shower. Ha! Not the greatest idea I've ever had. My calves cramped up right away, so it was a run/walk combo. I still managed to finish at 47 minutes, which isn't too bad. J did great in his new Vibram Five Fingers. He got a great time and said he had a fun run, which is most important. We enjoyed some excellent German brats and beers, then headed home.

Sunday, after the brunch and bike shop, was Remy's first time in a real pool. He swam wonderfully, but was rather afraid of being in deep water. I think some of it was just all the excitement and all the new dogs around. But we did get him in there and had him swimming. I want to get him to a swim beach now, where it's calmer and he has a gradual entry.

Ok, ok, I'm done rambling now. Time to go grocery shopping.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

where to start...

Let's begin with last night. J came home and said, "Let's go for a run!" I said, "Sure!" My run didn't go so well. Just walking over to the track my calves were very stiff. Running just made them cramp. I stretched, walked, and even stopped to massage them, but no luck. I think it was from doing all my shopping in flip flops yesterday.

Next is this morning. I put my running gear back on and headed to the track with Remy. Legs felt good, but when I started running, they started tightening up. Then my left foot started hurting. The bottom outer edge of my foot was killing me! I really just wanted to take my shoes off, but walking in socks is dangerous around here. Lots of thorny things. We only did the upper part of the track and walked home.

When I got home I fed the dog, put him out back (his usual routine), and changed shoes. I have these cute and well-worn fashion sneakers that I've worn for, oh, at least 3 or 4 years now. No support, just looks. I put them on and headed out the front door. Did a small run just around my little neighborhood and felt so much better than I did in my fancy, expensive running shoes! I was able to focus on my technique so much more and felt good running!

On another note, on my way out the front door, I noticed a package. Must have been delivered yesterday afternoon because Kristy came over yesterday morning and said she didn't see it there. It's a bra from Fantasie and a Tshirt from the Freya Holy Fit campaign. Time for a flashback....

About a month or so ago I got a comment on my bra blog from a lady who works in marketing. Her company does the US marketing for Eveden, the parent label for Fantasie and Freya as well as Fauve and Elomi. Now if you know me, you know that Fantasie and Freya are my absolutely favorite brands for bras. So Lauren and I emailed back and forth a little bit, and she offered to send me a Fantasie sleep set. Unfortunately, they were out of my size. So she found me a Tshirt from Freya's Holy Fit campaign (which I blogged about at the bra blog) and one of their sample bras in my size! Holy crap! this bra would cost about $60 retail.

I'm like a little kid. I had to wear them both today. I couldn't resist!

Whew! So, now for the rest of my life. I'm getting ready to host a baby shower on Saturday for Kristy. My friend Jessica finally got to take her baby boy home from the hospital. Yay! And I've managed to be around all this pregnantness without catching it. *knock on wood*

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

wow, a week

It's been a week since I posted. Guess I just didn't have much to talk about. We had a good 4-day weekend. Didn't really do a whole lot, but definitely relaxed. We took Remy on a day trip to Ruidoso and he did very well. I was quite proud of him.

It looks like I might have some family drama coming up, as well. I'm trying to mentally prepare for it by reminding myself that there is very little I can do from down here.

This week I'm prepping to host a baby shower. I have a menu plan and a shopping list started. Only thing that worries me is seating. I'm shopping around for a set of 4 folding chairs. If I get that and borrow chairs from 2 friends, then I will have enough seating for everyone. Crazy. Yeah. So, I guess that's it for now.

Monday, August 30, 2010

warning: potty mouth

I feel like shit this afternoon. Yes, no editing today. I felt fine this morning, and the cramps have been much better lately, but now I'm not so hot. Started with grocery shopping. The Commissary just doesn't seem to have much in stock lately. So I went to Walmart and got all but one item on my list. Naked Juices. Apparently, only Albertsons carries them now. ugh.

Then I got home and started cramping. Put on hot patch. Put together my new little stick vac thingy and used it for my floors. Worked great, easier than sweeping. Then cloroxed the floor in the living room.

Somewhere in there, my right temple started to hurt. Every time I bent down for anything, my temple hurt. I managed to still clean the floors and completely clean Duke's room and box. No energy after that.

I went to drop of Heather's garage door opener that I had from watching her dog over the weekend, then got Oktoberfest tickets, and went to the PX. They didn't have my book. Walmart (earlier) didn't have ANY books. Apparently Walmart has no room for anything even slightly intellectual anymore. So I bought a new dish drainer that we've needed for a while now, and a tea latte, and came home. I think I'm going to be lazy the rest of the day. Might even lay on the couch and take a little nap. erg. I hate being a girl.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The good kind. I took Remy on the dirt track on post today. We started running and my shins started hurting right away. Then I remembered one of the basics of Chi Running (I only read the basics) - needle in cotton. In other words, hip swivel! I moved my hips more, and suddenly I could run! Yay! Remy and I ran most of that track this morning, and my legs feel great! I did have to stop a few times because my head was pounding and I don't want to push myself into a migraine, but I am quite proud of myself this morning.

I've been trying to get back into running, but get horrible shin splints unless I'm running barefoot on Stout track. I finally found my key to better running form. I'm going to keep this up and hopefully get my (at least) once a week run in. For starters, I'm going to do the 5k in the German American Oktoberfest Night Run on Sep. 11. Yes, it's the same day as the baby shower I'm hosting for Kristy, but since the shower is in the early afternoon, I should be fine for the run that starts at 6.

So I'm in a good mood now. I better get my butt in the shower so I can spend all the day at the OCSA sign up.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

doctor update

Went to see the doctor today. She thinks it could just be my birth control. I was supposed to switch to a new pill in the next pack anyway. Unfortunately, she's of the belief that women are made to have a period every month and wants me to go back to that. But she also wants me to track everything (cramps, spotting, etc) in a calendar for the next 3 months and then come back in. So I will do that. If I still have these horrendous cramps, then I will try to push for a physical exam.

So. We will see. in 3 months.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

growing pains (warning: girly issues)

Well, not really "growing" pains, but pain that is causing worry that is growing. I don't usually blog about this stuff but I feel the need today.

Background - my sister has endometriosis. I was a teenager when she was diagnosed. When I turned 18, my mom and doctor agreed that it would benefit me to go on birth control, since it usually helps control endo. My mom doesn't have endo buy has had cysts in her reproductive organs.

So now, 11 years later, I'm on the birth control that only gives 3 periods per year, thanks to menstrual migraines. I love it. No babies and fewer periods.

I've always had bad cramps. Only heat and rest take care of them most times. Thank god I have a high pain tolerance. But this cycle has been different. I have been cramping every day since Thursday, and I am still on my last week of pills. I have never started cramping this early. Plus there is breakthrough bleeding.

I will admit, it scares me. I don't want to have endo. Or cysts. I don't want to have any kind of problems. I watched my sister recover from her first surgery and I don't want to go through that.

I called the Tel-A-Nurse number, and the nurse I talked to was great. She asked thorough questions and sounded interested and caring. She recommended that I try to get an appointment right away and go through a doctor. If I need to, they can get me a referral to urgent care clinics and ERs, but going through a doctor is cheaper and puts it in my records better. So I called to get an appointment. The guy I talked to said he couldn't get me anything today, but suggested I call tomorrow morning when the appt. line opens and I should be able to get a same-day appointment. I set my alarm on my phone for 6:40am, 5 minutes before the appointment line opens.

I have a tendency to imagine the worst possible scenarios, so my mind is going crazy right now. I think I'm going to have to sit and read to distract myself from driving myself crazy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i hate my head

I have been on the verge of a migraine for about a week and a half now. Sunday I thought I was getting one and it would finally be over, but lo and behold, I've had auras and minimal pain yesterday and today.

I talked to mom about the idea of skipping a day or two of my preventive meds to see if I could just get this migraine to go it's course and get done and over with. She of course said I should talk to a doc, first. I might try the tel-a-nurse number we have here.

I don't get migraines that kick my ass and make me stay home in bed. I get migraines that I can usually work through, but that last for days on end. I can get the pre-symptoms of a migraine for weeks on end without ever getting the actual full-on migraine. That's why I went to the doctor. That's why I'm on Verapamil.

I think some of my issue is that J has been very stressed with work lately, and his stress tends to stress me out. And the stress doesn't look like it's going anywhere but up.

So I'm sitting here, watching my BBCA news, with a heating pad on my neck to try and relieve some of the tension there.

On a completely different note, I'm thinking of volunteering with the Humane Society. I was volunteering with Animal Rescue League, where I adopted Remy from, but since moving on post it seems like too much of a drive to be worth my time. It's waaaay over on the west side, actually in Canutillo, TX. But the Humane Society is right off of post, and from what I've seen, they're volunteer program is much more organized. I thought I might check it out. I just missed the August orientation session, so I'll have to wait for September, if they have one then.

Monday, August 16, 2010

no more ants!!

The bug buy sprayed my back yard for ants friday afternoon. Saturday morning, they were everywhere, just like he said. I didn't get up early enough to really check yesterday, but today my back yard was ant-less! They usually start swarming the patio in the early morning, about the time I get back from walking Remy. But this morning I patrolled the yard and couldn't find any. Woohoo!! Finally! I feel bad that Remy was getting eaten by the ants, but we finally got it under control (knock on wood).

I've also been figuring a way to put dishes in my dishwasher so they get clean. I kept getting this food film left on some of the dishes. The last load was good though. Much better.

I was unfortunately kinda migrainy last week. Sunday was the worst of it. This morning I felt better, but it's starting to creep back in.

I'm also excited about some mail I should be getting soon. I ordered a tank top and some bras from a new website. It was an amazing deal and I can't wait to get them! I will do a review of the site on my bra blog when I get them.

I'm feeling a little rambley today. My sis told me this morning what my nieces want for Christmas. The 6 year old wants a Woody doll and the 3 year old wants a Buzz doll. I think Uncle Jason will be more than happy to get those for them this year!

ok. I'll shut up now and go make myself some lunch. and maybe some tea.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Proposed Islamic Community Center in NYC

I just read this article from cbs news. I know this has been all over the news.

I have to say, I agree with Obama on this one. From what I have read and heard, there is no legal reason to block the building of this center.

The quotes from the article above would have you believe they are building a mosque right on top of ground zero. Not so. And it's more than a mosque, it's a community center with schools and such.

It's on private property, it does not violate any building codes, city codes or any of that craziness. And since we do not ban the building of any other religion's temples in this country, we cannot ban this one.

Yes, it may not be the most appropriate place to build an Islamic community center, but we can't stop them just because we don't like it.

Another article, showing that even some Jews are supporting the center.

I guess you could add me to that. I have been to a mosque. While I didn't learn much from that trip, it was something I would do again. Of course, I like learning about all religions, about the differences and similarities. I claim no religion as my own, but my heritage is Jewish, my blood is Jewish, and I relate closely to the Jewish faith.

I feel that people are forgetting the concept of tolerance, not to mention forgiveness and acceptance.

Another thought that all this brought up is, how many muslims died in the 9/11 attacks? I'm not the first one to ask this. He does determine that, yes, there were muslims killed in the attacks. We can't say it was just us and not them.

I know many people won't agree with me, but can you give me a legal reason, not personal, to ban the building of this center?

Friday, August 13, 2010

finally friday

I made it to the pool twice this week. I did not make it out for a run on my own, but I did run with puppy a little yesterday.

I'm been slightly headachey this week. On the verge of a migraine, I think. I've been able to hold it off so far. Jaws are sore, too. I have undiagnosed tmj by the way.

Today I'm sitting at home because the pets guys are supposed to be here sometime between noon and 5pm. Yeah. That is all afternoon. I've been playing online, but I really need to do my exercise for my latest 4-day win and work on my first-ever quilt that's almost done. I'm tired, and not sure why. Maybe just afternoon lull.

Puppy is passed out. He's so adorable! He played with Athena yesterday, and got to see Millie and Grissom today. He thinks he's as big as all the other dogs. He is learning what it means when dogs growl or snap at him.

Cat is off sleeping somewhere. Usual cat stuff.

Ok. Time to get to work. Hopefully the bug guys show up soon. I am tired of having fire ants in control of my back yard. I want my grass back!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

crappy days are here again

OK, not really days, but day. Just not the happiest of days today. Doesn't help that my head hurts a little. But I got things done. I got a birthday gift and a baby gift mailed off. I found out that my computer really does not want to communicate at all with my printer, no matter how many times I reinstall the program. And I finished my book club book. Now I have to buy the second book.

I'm just tired today. Emotionally tired. I hate emotion. Honestly, I'm not a big emotions kinda girl. I'm more likely to repress emotion. I'm a lover of logic. If I were a Star Trek character, I would most definitely be a Vulcan. Plus pointy ears are sexy.

So now I'm sitting at home with two napping critters wondering if I want to cook chicken for dinner or just pick something up. I'm thinking about giving the dog a bath, but that requires energy that I just don't seem to have right now. Eh, he's just going to get all muddy and dirty with Athena on Thursday. It can wait.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

oh, the weekends

I love weekends. I get to spend lots of time with my boys (J, Duke, and Remy). Yesterday we were extremely lazy. We stayed in our PJs half the day, then sat around playing online and reading. Finally left the house to go out to dinner.

Today, we got up and took Remy for his walk. Well, J ran ahead and Remy and I walked. When we got caught back up to J, he went with us. I ran some of it. I'm trying. Then it was brunch time! yay!

And after a nice brunch of huevos rancheros, we went shooting. Not a lot, just 10 rounds each with J's rifle, but it was fun.

Now we're home doing laundry and back in our PJs. I love weekends.

Friday, August 6, 2010

workin' on my fitness

Some of you may not realize that I used to be a skinny thing. Back in high school I weighed all of 120 pounds. College and life afterward changed that.

Back in winter of '08 to '09, while J was away at OCS, I started dieting. It wasn't any kind of fad diet, I just counted calories, fat, carbs, and protein. I also was a member at Jazzercise, which I still miss a little. I lost 20 pounds while he was away. I was down from 180 to 160. Then we moved, and I somehow wasn't able to keep it up. It was easy when I was just feeding myself, but when I started cooking for both of us again, it all went to shight. It didn't help that the Jazzercise clubs down here are ridonkulous about their schedules, so I didn't keep that up.

I did start running last year, but kept hurting my ankle. I have a love/hate relationship with running now.

Now that we are living on post, I have put 15 pounds back on. Not good. And I have no willpower when it comes to food. But I'm trying to change all that.

I walk my dog for at least half an hour every morning. I have been going to the pool a block away sporadically, and I'm going to try to make it more regular. My goal right now is 2 days a week but I will push for 3. I've also told myself that I will start running by myself, without the dog, at least once a week.

Ok, so fitness is in there. Now food. I'm reading a book called The Four Day Win: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace by Martha Beck. It's all about changing the way you think, with the way you eat changing as more of a side effect. I'm enjoying it so far, but it does take work. She has little 4 Day Wins throughout the book that you do. Little exercises. So sometimes I have to just put the book down for 4 days while I do an exercise. And it's changing more than my food thinking; I'm getting tips on how to lead a happier, less stressful life in general. Learned a great technique to calm myself when I get anxious, and I do get anxious more than most people realize.

So, this is what I am currently working on in my life. At least, this is the big thing. I want to lose weight in a healthy way. I don't care to be down to 120 pounds again, but 140 would be amazing. At this point, I just want to get back down to 160! But I'm taking the slower route. I'm going to work on myself as a whole and try to be happy with my life as it is, and as I am, at this moment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

ta da!

Finally! A blog just about me and my mundane insanity of daily life. A place for me to share some boring BS of my everyday existence.

Yep, that's all this is. A regular, everyday blog where the only theme is me.

I'm sure the only people that might read this already know the basics about me. But feel free to ask questions as we go. Ask me anything. I'm not shy.