Saturday, November 26, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor

I keep thinking I should check the grammar on this weekly post, since Spanish uses gender, but then I tell myself it's a song quote and I don't have to worry about it. I'm lazy that way.

Anywho, I didn't even track my weight in WW this week. Bad girl, I know. But it's Thanksgiving! I let myself cheat big time on Thanksgiving day. I had seconds. Of all the starches. But OMG were they delicious. Then I had 2 desserts. Yes, I'm a very bad girl.

However, I did make up for some of it today. J and I went on a bike ride. We only rode together for the first couple miles, then J took off. He, of course, went much faster and farther than I. I managed to keep an average 13 mph speed (super slow) and did a total of 34 miles. That's a distance record for me. I did 30 miles a month ago for the Tour De Tolerance, so I pushed myself with this. My thighs and knees were screaming at me when I finished.

So let me share a little trick with you all. Or y'all, since I do live in Texas. J actually read all of Chi Running, by Danny Dreyer, whereas I just read about half. In a section in the last half, Danny talks about recovery. He's done many marathons, and recommends laying down and raising your legs. I'm not talking about putting a pillow under your feet, but laying down and putting your feet up on the seat of a chair (knees bent). It drains the lactic acid, apparently, and a build up of lactic acid is what makes you sore after working out. So if you run, bike, or just walk a lot, try it.

It worked wonders today after the ride. I pushed the passenger seat in the Jeep all the way back, laid the seat-back down, and put my feet on the dash. Right away, the pain went away. I sat for just a few minutes at first, then went into a store at the shopping center we were parked at to use the restroom. By then, J had returned, so I made him put his feet up, too. He just laid on the ground with his feet on the bumper. Again, it felt better right away (he did 50 miles, by the way).

Anywho, I found out that biking for 2 hours and 39 minutes at 12mph or faster earns me a full day's worth of activity points. Wow. I needed those, since I splurged a bit yesterday. And we're doing cheese and crackers for dinner tonight, which is high points value.

My belly off workout wasn't sticking. I need something more flexible, and I was missing my running. So I think I will try something new. Run 3 days a week, and do whatever workout I feel like 2 to 3 days. I got my pilates dvd back out, and enjoyed it. I am thinking of trying to make the pilates class they have at the gym. They have a Thursday class at the gym close to me that I could make 2 or 3 weeks of the month. They also have this Body Sculpt class on Tuesdays. It might be worth a try. We'll see.

I need to bike more, too. Maybe try to bike on weekends. We're doing the Oryx Challenge next weekend, but I'm only doing the 30K (18.5 miles) while J does the 100K (60 miles) with a friend.

There is also a half marathon on post in January. I still need to sign up. But I definitely plan on doing it. I didn't get to do the 2 in this area I had thought of, in November and December. Missed the November one because a visit to Grandpa was more important. And missing the December one because we're just too busy. So January it is. Gives me time to get some long runs in and get myself back up to pace. In fact, I think I'll sign up tonight.

So, anywho, I've had a lot going on and no time to blog. Might try to sit down tomorrow and give an update on the rest of my life.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor

156 today. That breaks a 2 week plateau. Just gotta keep it up over next week. I have Thanksgiving with my folks on Sunday, a book club thanksgiving on Monday, and thanksgiving again at our good friends' house on Thursday. Fortunately, most of us are watching our weight and/or healthy eaters.

I can't really say what broke that 2 week plateau. I didn't really eat any differently, and didn't work out as much. I was a little more stressed this last week, though. Maybe stress is good for my weight loss. I'd rather it wasn't so I could just avoid stress. I do not handle stress well. It gives me hibernation urges - I just want to hide away from the whole world.

I did pull out my pilates video on Wednesday. It's harder to do pilates when you have an energetic pup that wants all your attention. But I did it, and could really feel it in my thighs yesterday. I think I will keep that up. I do like pilates. It makes me feel pretty good.

We have a ball tonight. I also pick up my folks from the airport at lunch. Yeah, leaving them alone for their first night in town. But mom and I have been tracking this for a while now. Probably going to go to the grocery store this afternoon to get any food they want/need, so they can cook dinner tonight, or use my car to go to the PX. It's kinda nice to know someone will be home with Remy and Duke tonight. Silly, I know.

I am very excited for this ball, because I will be wearing my great-grandmother's dress. It's a gorgeous black ribbon-lace sheath with a satin ribbon belt. I had to lose weight to fit into it, but it fits perfect now. I will have my folks take pictures of us and put them on Facebook. I'm doing plain black pumps with it, my black clutch that mom bought for me, and a choker that I made yesterday. It's a simple black satin ribbon with a black and white cameo button on the front. I found some silver ribbon clamps to put a clasp on it. It's pretty and not too tight. Might also do some black opera-length gloves that I still have from back in high school.

For now, it's time to pack up and head to my regular Friday date - Stitchers. We're learning applique today, and starting early since I have to leave to pick up the folks. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Puppy Fever

I stupidly decided to browse around at tonight, and found Jaxx, an Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane mix. This dog is so beautiful. I've loved Irish Wolfhounds since I first say one in a dog show on TV. They are so gorgeous.

I can't rescue this dog. We aren't supposed to have more than 2 animals in our house without a waiver (that apparently isn't easy to get), J doesn't want and won't let me get another dog, and Remy is quite the handful himself. But I want to rescue this little guy.

I actually started looking at the dogs after I emailed the Great Dane Rescue of El Paso about the possibility of volunteering there. I spent a little while volunteering at another shelter (on the far westside of El Paso) before we moved on post. I loved the animals and some of the volunteers, but it was very unorganized, and I couldn't stand the shelter's owner. I felt like they didn't know what to do with me on some days that I went in to volunteer, and the owner had zero people skills. In fact, I would say she was in the negatives on people skills.

That was quite a while ago, and lately I feel a little lacking. I feel like I want to volunteer more. Sure, there are places I could work for free at here on post, but they require working with people. And I'm not that fond of people.

I could also volunteer at the Humane Society. It's close to post and I know someone else that volunteered there before her baby.

But the Humane Society is a big, well known organization. Great Dane Rescue is a small, lesser known organization. I am thinking that they may need more volunteers there, and that my help will have a greater impact.  Plus, I really love big dogs. I wanted a big dog, but compromised with J to a medium dog. Hence, no Jaxx. Although I would totally change the spelling of his name. One X is enough.

I decided to ask GD Rescue about volunteering with them. These next 2 months are a little full already, so I'm thinking of starting in January. I cannot foster any pets, since we live in military quarters, so all the help I do will be at their shelter or events they participate in. And I won't be doing much weekend stuff unless J ends up getting deployed (don't worry, not likely). I also would love to volunteer at a shelter that would let me bring Remy with me some days, to play with the dogs. It would be good for him and for them. Even if it's just a lesson in putting up with rambunctious dogs. Remy is quite rambunctious. And very social.

Of course, I will let you all know if I start volunteering at a shelter. Heck, I might even pick a day of the week to share stories of the dogs I meet. Or cats, if I end up at a shelter with cats. I might avoid them somewhat, due to Duke's FeLV. Just safer that way. There will definitely be no other cats in my life while Duke is still around. Love that kitty.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor

My first real Friday weigh-in - 157. Yep, same as last week. I am reminding myself that I changed my weigh-in day and added circuit training all in one week. The workout is feeling good, so I'm going to give it another week. I should probably take some measurements again as well, since I haven't done that in a month or more. 

Wow. I forgot to finish this post this morning. It's now late afternoon. 

Not much to say today, so I'll just make this a short and sweet one.