Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

*WARNING* Possible TMI: discussion of cycles and hormones.

I'm experiencing my second migraine since I started taking feverfew. It started yesterday (Tuesday), but I can now look back and see that I had a side effect on monday as well. Monday I got the munchies, which I often do with migraines. I just can't seem to get enough to eat. It wasn't a huge case of munchies, but it was there. Yesterday I had a headache and noticed I was sensitive to sound. Tried Ibuprofen, but it wasn't helping.

I ended up taking the tramadol in the evening and a second one before bed. Had my usual tramadol insomnia, so I was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night. This morning I was still tire, but had things to do and places to go. So I got up. Definitely not 100%. I got a latte before my early morning meeting, and had some sharp pains towards the end. I think that was stress, because as soon as I left, it was better. Kristy and I stopped by my house so I was able to get the painkillers I forgot earlier, then went to breakfast.

I took a tramadol before my afternoon errand, which fortunately wasn't stressful. But when I got home from that, the head wasn't better. I took 2 more tramadol (it had been long enough to take more).

Now, what caused this? I do have some tension in my back and neck right now, especially on the right, as usual. I booked a massage for tomorrow afternoon since I still have my gift certificate from my sis. Hopefully that helps.

I'm also a week and a half from finishing this round of BC (birth control). I have been known to start PMS symptoms this early, so maybe it's hormones? Nothing I can really do about that except wait it out.

Back to the munchies. Yesterday I couldn't seem to get enough to eat, which I've noticed more with my migraines of late. I believe I've talked about this before. My metabolism seems to change on these days, because I can pig out and not put on weight, but only during the migraine. Today I ate a big breakfast that's usually too much for me, which really told me the migraine wasn't done yet. I was munchie this afternoon, too.

Now, however, I'm swinging the other way. Really not hungry. Don't want to eat, but I know I need to have something for dinner. I'll figure something out.

Tomorrow is a pretty easy day. Yoga, tasty vegan lunch, and my massage. I hope that helps me kick this one to the curb.

I gotta admit, if I get one migraine every 2 to 3 months, that's doable. I can handle that much better than a migraine every 2 weeks.

In other news, because I'm excited about it, I ordered a new sewing machine! I decided on a Janome DC2013. It's white and blue. It comes with a bunch of quilting accessories and 50 stitches. I'm anxiously watching the tracking because I can't wait to set it up and see how it sews!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Dog Days Are Over

"The Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine (I recommend you click this, it should open in a new window, and listen to the song while reading this post. Because I listened to it while writing it.)

I took Remy to the vet yesterday. A while back he started having some discharge from his right eye. It was just discharge with no other symptoms. The vet looked at it when we went in for a new heartworm preventative prescription. No worries, but he had put on quite a bit of weight.

So I made sure I was feeding him the amount for the weight I wanted him to be, not for what he currently was. I also kept it on the lightly active side. Of course he got some treats, too. He even started asking for seconds after breakfast and dinner. Silly dog.

This week, I noticed that the discharge was now building up in both eyes. So in we went. They did a little test to make sure he produces enough tears. He aced it. So I have 2 eye gels that get used 3 times a day. One is antibiotic and the other is just artificial tears. We'll go back in a week to follow up, but even after 2 applications yesterday (one from them at the office and one before bed) there was less discharge built up this morning.

HOWEVER, he had put on another 5 pounds. In a month. That's a lot for a dog. So the doc told me to look at how much he eats in a day, all food and treats, and cut it in half. She said I can use vegetables like carrots and green beans instead of his usual treats. In a month, we'll take him in to weigh him and see how he's doing. If he doesn't lose weight, then we'll start doing tests. If he loses weight, We'll work on figuring out how much he needs to maintain a healthy weight.

Today I'm going to take him on a hike. I'm going to pack a lunch for me, and a carrot stick for him. He can have a veggie snack since we're hiking a trail that's supposed to be about 6 miles round trip. Good exercise for both of us.

Oh, you want to know about the link at the top? I was thinking of a title for this post and that song popped in my head. I'm planning and buying some Florence + The Machine songs. I love her voice and I love their sound. So that's just a share of my inspiration.

I guess I could wrap this up by saying that Project: Healthy Weight is now for my dog and me.

He was so little! Only took up 1 cushion worth of space.
My big boy, all sprawled out.

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Hip To Be Square! (Or, I Made A Hat!)

me in my hat

I look all hipster. At least, that's what J said.

My dear friend Amber! gave me some alpaca yarn because she's allergic to it. Turns out I'm not allergic to alpaca, just sheep's wool. I've been crocheting lots of baby hats lately, so I decided I would use this yarn for myself. I wanted a lightweight hat to wear down here in the southwest with our crazy weather. 

Amber! also helped me find the pattern. She's kinda my go-to for fun knit and crochet projects. It's on, but the pattern is on the original maker's blog. It's called the Divine Hat. I followed the pattern rather precisely before I thought to try it on. My yarn is a bit smaller than what the pattern calls for, I think, so I had to add some more rows of the main stitch before putting on the border. I also alternated my 3 brim rows instead of all the same like the pattern says. 

I do have a small head, so I can't really say how following the pattern with a smaller yarn would fit on someone else. I love the fit on me. I love the color. It doesn't make my head itch any more than any other hat makes my head itch. It's just a little lacy without being too girly, which is what I wanted. 

No, I'm too lazy to take a pick of it not on my head. It looks like the pattern. Sorry, but it's a lazy evening. 
Be grateful you got a cute picture. I even had on makeup that night.