Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oh, Hello, New Year! Didn't See You There.

The last few months of 2013 flew by. Holy crap. Next thing I new, it was Christmas, then the in-laws visited, and then it was New Year's. Now it's 2014.

I did some resolutioning for the Jewish new year, and actually somewhat accomplished one. My brother and I are talking again. It's good to have him back. We keep in touch online quite well, and talk on the phone from time to time.

However, I did make the mistake of taking my husband on the Tour of Homes here. It's where some senior Officers and NCOs decorate their homes and allow us to tour them. And we pay for it. Yeah. But we went, and we had fun, and J was inspired. Apparently, it's time for us to step it up a notch.

So we are starting the process of cleaning out our house. We'll go through our home, a section at a time, and sort through everything we have. Clean out things we no longer need or want, reorganize what we keep. We want to minimize what is left out. That means making sure things have a place in which they can be put away. We tackled the top of the desk today. If you know me, you know that place is a mess. I'm a stacker, and that was my stacking mecca.

We will be buying some things to help us organize as we go. Today we were out shopping and got one of those k-cup drawers for the Keurig. It saves us some counter space, and I really need some of that.

Amber is doing a yard sale next month and I will be piling up things to sell there. Anything that doesn't sell gets donated or consigned. We're trying to be hard on ourselves in our sorting. We both tend to hang on to things, and we need to keep it under control with the Army life. Especially with 2, maybe 3 moves this year.

So a goal for this year? Get organized. Get uncluttered. Get some sense of style in our house.

I would say running a marathon is one of my resolutions, but that is already a given. The Hawaii vacation is planned and happening. In a week. ONE. WEEK.

Ok, 8 days, but who's counting?

I have to get at least 1 more long run in. And pack. I think I should make a checklist for packing. Definitely need a list. We have bike rentals set up, so yes, we will be bicycling in HI. We have a dinner cruise, a luau, and lots of beach time planned. Oh, and a tattoo. The tat I've been wanting for at least 5 years now. I finally found an artist with the style I want, and she's on the island. Hells yes.

Since the marathon isn't a goal for this year, let's move on. I want to get more sewing done. I figure we're only in OK for 6 months, so it's not even worth looking for a job. My plans are to spend as much time as possible either sewing or outside. Hell, might even set up a machine in the back yard and sew outside! We'll see. I have my bedspread quilt top done. Just need to sandwich and quilt it. That will happen before we leave Texas.

We now own a guest bed, like a real, actual bed guest bed, so I want to do a quilt for it as well. I'm thinking a simple, 2 color chevron quilt. I want to start using more solid colors in my quilting. I love solid color quilting. I'm going to start with the quilt block exchange we're doing in the sewing/craft group. Yes, yes. solid colors in my blocks.

And that's it, really. I think that's enough with the transitional life I will have this year. Now, just keep your fingers crossed for an over-seas assignment for us!