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Running Inspiration

I've been reading some of Run Blogger's recent posts, and older posts, and am inspired! This guy really started running about 3 years ago and did a marathon after just 1 year of running. So I know I won't reach that, but I'm also starting from a less active lifestyle. But I am definitely inspired to turn this into a running blog. I already blog a lot about my running here. Of course I will do some other updates as well, but I will definitely continue to blog about my running a lot. So on that note, J and I did a 3 mile with the dog today. Remy is getting much better about running with us. I think I need to try working with him more on my own. I would absolutely love to be able to run with my pup regularly. I like showing him off. He's just so damn cute! The run today was a little slow because my calf muscles were rather tight. Probably due to my first bike wreck that I had on Friday. I tried to take a sharp turn too fast and just fell over on my side. Huge br


I am one of the biggest Scrooges I know. Seriously, I probably wouldn't put out any christmas decorations if J weren't here. When he does get his chance to deploy, I probably won't put any out. I don't really know when I started to dislike christmas. It was a slow process, with years of singing the same songs over, and over, and over, in church and school and various choirs. Years of cramming 20 or so people into our little living room for christmas dinner. The ugly sweaters, the bad gifts, the poorly written christmas letters. The one part I don't really mind is buying gifts for my family. It's usually a fun process to pick out a gift for them and do a little exchange. So, considering I don't like christmas, or snow, or cold, what do I like about winter? Chanukah. Yes, in the wintertime, I become a big ol' jew. Chanukah never had all the fuss and hubbub, no annoying songs played over and over. We would always do an open house for Chanukah, so


I already had one. My folks came down and we did an early thanksgiving with them on Sunday. They headed home today. It's nice when they visit because they're pretty laid back. They don't have to go see and do a lot of things, they just want to see us. They did spoil my pets rotten. Remy spent most of the afternoon staring out the back gate, like he was waiting for their car to come back. He hasn't gone upstairs looking for them yet. Maybe tonight though. Tomorrow we're going to have another thanksgiving with our friends. We'll each bring a dish or two, and Remy will get to play with his BFF all afternoon. We're also doing a 5k run tomorrow morning. I hope I can do as well as last week's run! I do have a lot of running to do soon. J and I signed up for a 12 days of Christmas half marathon. You can run the first 10 miles on your own time, and log it on a little worksheet. Then on December 12, we all get together and run a 5k to finish up our 13.1 mil

Turkey Trot

This morning was an annual Army 10k to earn points for the Commander's Cup. Don't ask me for more info because I don't know. But along with the 10k was a 5k that was open to DOD civilians and dependents. So I ran the 5k. It was COLD! About 37 degrees at both the start and finish. I was at the back of the pack. Seriously, there were only 2 people behind me. I ran the whole way, no walking. I warmed up enough to take my gloves off. And as I finished, I was in shock. 32:50!! I finished in 32 minutes and 50 seconds!! That is my FASTEST. 5K. EVER. I mean seriously, it's about 2 minutes faster than my fastest time last year! And it's a whole 5 minutes faster than my last 5k. So needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good today. J finished his 10k at a good time, and we came home to a nice hot shower. I ran a few errands and did some ironing. This afternoon I'm getting my hairs did with the girls, and makeup done. Then it's off to the ball! I have a gorgeous

running update

It's been a little while, I know! So, I did my first official 8k run (5 miles). J ran the whole thing with me. My goal was to finish in 1:15 (that's hours:minutes), since I was doing about a 15 minute mile in my training runs. I finished with an official time of 1:01:06. Much better than I expected! I was proud of me, J was proud of me. It was great. I definitely earned my new tattoo! J and I went for a run with the pup this morning. Remy's getting better about it, he didn't drag behind as much today. I still need to map out the route and see how long it was, but it was nice. I'm also hoping to start doing McKelligan Canyon soon. It's a hilly drive, so I will probably walk it, but I need hill training to walk the Bataan in March.


You know what they say about needing a vacation from your vacation? Yeah. Not that we didn't have a great time, but we're tired. We got into DC on Wednesday and only had time to find dinner. Thursday we got up and went for a run. We ran past the Capitol, and through part of the National Mall. It was around 5 miles all together. Yay! Then we got ready and headed back to the Mall. We hit the Smithsonian Air and Space museum first. It was much better than I was expecting. Space ships, airplanes, and a whole exhibit on the planets with photos taken from satellites. It's amazing how beautiful the planets actually are. We ate lunch at this fancy seafood place, The Occidental Grill . It was amazing. I had the jumbo sea scallops. Then we walked over to the Smithsonian American Art Museum where they had a Norman Rockwell exhibit from the personal collections of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. I don't remember the name of the place we ate dinner at that night, but we g