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warning: potty mouth

I feel like shit this afternoon. Yes, no editing today. I felt fine this morning, and the cramps have been much better lately, but now I'm not so hot. Started with grocery shopping. The Commissary just doesn't seem to have much in stock lately. So I went to Walmart and got all but one item on my list. Naked Juices. Apparently, only Albertsons carries them now. ugh. Then I got home and started cramping. Put on hot patch. Put together my new little stick vac thingy and used it for my floors. Worked great, easier than sweeping. Then cloroxed the floor in the living room. Somewhere in there, my right temple started to hurt. Every time I bent down for anything, my temple hurt. I managed to still clean the floors and completely clean Duke's room and box. No energy after that. I went to drop of Heather's garage door opener that I had from watching her dog over the weekend, then got Oktoberfest tickets, and went to the PX. They didn't have my book. Walmart (earlier) d


The good kind. I took Remy on the dirt track on post today. We started running and my shins started hurting right away. Then I remembered one of the basics of Chi Running (I only read the basics) - needle in cotton. In other words, hip swivel! I moved my hips more, and suddenly I could run! Yay! Remy and I ran most of that track this morning, and my legs feel great! I did have to stop a few times because my head was pounding and I don't want to push myself into a migraine, but I am quite proud of myself this morning. I've been trying to get back into running, but get horrible shin splints unless I'm running barefoot on Stout track. I finally found my key to better running form. I'm going to keep this up and hopefully get my (at least) once a week run in. For starters, I'm going to do the 5k in the German American Oktoberfest Night Run on Sep. 11. Yes, it's the same day as the baby shower I'm hosting for Kristy, but since the shower is in the early afterno

doctor update

Went to see the doctor today. She thinks it could just be my birth control. I was supposed to switch to a new pill in the next pack anyway. Unfortunately, she's of the belief that women are made to have a period every month and wants me to go back to that. But she also wants me to track everything (cramps, spotting, etc) in a calendar for the next 3 months and then come back in. So I will do that. If I still have these horrendous cramps, then I will try to push for a physical exam. So. We will see. in 3 months.

growing pains (warning: girly issues)

Well, not really "growing" pains, but pain that is causing worry that is growing. I don't usually blog about this stuff but I feel the need today. Background - my sister has endometriosis . I was a teenager when she was diagnosed. When I turned 18, my mom and doctor agreed that it would benefit me to go on birth control, since it usually helps control endo. My mom doesn't have endo buy has had cysts in her reproductive organs. So now, 11 years later, I'm on the birth control that only gives 3 periods per year, thanks to menstrual migraines. I love it. No babies and fewer periods. I've always had bad cramps. Only heat and rest take care of them most times. Thank god I have a high pain tolerance. But this cycle has been different. I have been cramping every day since Thursday, and I am still on my last week of pills. I have never started cramping this early. Plus there is breakthrough bleeding. I will admit, it scares me. I don't want to have endo. O

i hate my head

I have been on the verge of a migraine for about a week and a half now. Sunday I thought I was getting one and it would finally be over, but lo and behold, I've had auras and minimal pain yesterday and today. I talked to mom about the idea of skipping a day or two of my preventive meds to see if I could just get this migraine to go it's course and get done and over with. She of course said I should talk to a doc, first. I might try the tel-a-nurse number we have here. I don't get migraines that kick my ass and make me stay home in bed. I get migraines that I can usually work through, but that last for days on end. I can get the pre-symptoms of a migraine for weeks on end without ever getting the actual full-on migraine. That's why I went to the doctor. That's why I'm on Verapamil. I think some of my issue is that J has been very stressed with work lately, and his stress tends to stress me out. And the stress doesn't look like it's going anywhere bu

no more ants!!

The bug buy sprayed my back yard for ants friday afternoon. Saturday morning, they were everywhere, just like he said. I didn't get up early enough to really check yesterday, but today my back yard was ant-less! They usually start swarming the patio in the early morning, about the time I get back from walking Remy. But this morning I patrolled the yard and couldn't find any. Woohoo!! Finally! I feel bad that Remy was getting eaten by the ants, but we finally got it under control (knock on wood). I've also been figuring a way to put dishes in my dishwasher so they get clean. I kept getting this food film left on some of the dishes. The last load was good though. Much better. I was unfortunately kinda migrainy last week. Sunday was the worst of it. This morning I felt better, but it's starting to creep back in. I'm also excited about some mail I should be getting soon. I ordered a tank top and some bras from a new website. It was an amazing deal and I can't

The Proposed Islamic Community Center in NYC

I just read this article from cbs news. I know this has been all over the news. I have to say, I agree with Obama on this one. From what I have read and heard, there is no legal reason to block the building of this center. The quotes from the article above would have you believe they are building a mosque right on top of ground zero. Not so. And it's more than a mosque, it's a community center with schools and such. It's on private property, it does not violate any building codes, city codes or any of that craziness. And since we do not ban the building of any other religion's temples in this country, we cannot ban this one. Yes, it may not be the most appropriate place to build an Islamic community center, but we can't stop them just because we don't like it. Another article, showing that even some Jews are supporting the center . I guess you could add me to that. I have been to a mosque. While I didn't learn much from that trip, it was somethi

finally friday

I made it to the pool twice this week. I did not make it out for a run on my own, but I did run with puppy a little yesterday. I'm been slightly headachey this week. On the verge of a migraine, I think. I've been able to hold it off so far. Jaws are sore, too. I have undiagnosed tmj by the way. Today I'm sitting at home because the pets guys are supposed to be here sometime between noon and 5pm. Yeah. That is all afternoon. I've been playing online, but I really need to do my exercise for my latest 4-day win and work on my first-ever quilt that's almost done. I'm tired, and not sure why. Maybe just afternoon lull. Puppy is passed out. He's so adorable! He played with Athena yesterday, and got to see Millie and Grissom today. He thinks he's as big as all the other dogs. He is learning what it means when dogs growl or snap at him. Cat is off sleeping somewhere. Usual cat stuff. Ok. Time to get to work. Hopefully the bug guys show up soon. I am ti

crappy days are here again

OK, not really days, but day. Just not the happiest of days today. Doesn't help that my head hurts a little. But I got things done. I got a birthday gift and a baby gift mailed off. I found out that my computer really does not want to communicate at all with my printer, no matter how many times I reinstall the program. And I finished my book club book. Now I have to buy the second book. I'm just tired today. Emotionally tired. I hate emotion. Honestly, I'm not a big emotions kinda girl. I'm more likely to repress emotion. I'm a lover of logic. If I were a Star Trek character, I would most definitely be a Vulcan. Plus pointy ears are sexy. So now I'm sitting at home with two napping critters wondering if I want to cook chicken for dinner or just pick something up. I'm thinking about giving the dog a bath, but that requires energy that I just don't seem to have right now. Eh, he's just going to get all muddy and dirty with Athena on Thursday. It ca

oh, the weekends

I love weekends. I get to spend lots of time with my boys (J, Duke, and Remy). Yesterday we were extremely lazy. We stayed in our PJs half the day, then sat around playing online and reading. Finally left the house to go out to dinner. Today, we got up and took Remy for his walk. Well, J ran ahead and Remy and I walked. When we got caught back up to J, he went with us. I ran some of it. I'm trying. Then it was brunch time! yay! And after a nice brunch of huevos rancheros, we went shooting. Not a lot, just 10 rounds each with J's rifle, but it was fun. Now we're home doing laundry and back in our PJs. I love weekends.

workin' on my fitness

Some of you may not realize that I used to be a skinny thing. Back in high school I weighed all of 120 pounds. College and life afterward changed that. Back in winter of '08 to '09, while J was away at OCS, I started dieting. It wasn't any kind of fad diet, I just counted calories, fat, carbs, and protein. I also was a member at Jazzercise, which I still miss a little. I lost 20 pounds while he was away. I was down from 180 to 160. Then we moved, and I somehow wasn't able to keep it up. It was easy when I was just feeding myself, but when I started cooking for both of us again, it all went to shight. It didn't help that the Jazzercise clubs down here are ridonkulous about their schedules, so I didn't keep that up. I did start running last year, but kept hurting my ankle. I have a love/hate relationship with running now. Now that we are living on post, I have put 15 pounds back on. Not good. And I have no willpower when it comes to food. But I'm trying

ta da!

Finally! A blog just about me and my mundane insanity of daily life. A place for me to share some boring BS of my everyday existence. Yep, that's all this is. A regular, everyday blog where the only theme is me. I'm sure the only people that might read this already know the basics about me. But feel free to ask questions as we go. Ask me anything. I'm not shy.