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Soy Un Perdedor

Been a while, I know. But I'm back from vacation just in time to start a new WW week. I only gained 2 pounds in the 2 weeks I was on vacation. Which I think isn't bad at all. I ate out the whole time, shared appetizers with J every night, and even had some snacks and dessert. I pigged out, and only gained 2 pounds. Not too shabby. So now it's back to work. Back to tracking and making the healthy choices. I will push myself on a long run this weekend and next, since the weekend after that is the half marathon. I keep playing with the idea of trying some strength classes at the gym, but in reality, I know I won't stick with it. They just aren't at good times for me. The best classes are during the day when I'm usually busy with other things. So I really need to stick with the pilates DVD. I am starting one new class however. The housing office here has started offering free belly dance classes once a week. I haven't done any belly dancing since leaving Kan

Christmas Vacation

I had a blessedly quite Christmas this year. J and I took a week away from everything to relax and have fun with no drama, no stress, no worries. Thanks to Mom and Dad for booking us a one bedroom condo at their time-share location in Red River, NM . We left Remy in the capable hands of Barkerhaus Kennels , and left Duke at home with a good friend coming to check on him. We drove up into the mountains of New Mexico. It was rainy on the drive up. What we didn't know until we got there is that the roads all around us were closing for snow. Lots of snow and ice closing the highways and interstates all around. But as we headed East on highway 38, we saw first a mining operation, then a few houses and  lodges. We rounded the corner onto the main street of a little mountain town all lit with white christmas lights. It was worth the rainy drive for that. We checked in and bundled up to walk the 1 block to the main street and find some dinner. We barely drove the whole week. There wa


Yes, we call him that sometimes. Took him in for a 6 month follow-up. His teeth are getting bad again. There are a couple that don't look good. So he's getting a cleaning when we get back from christmas vacation, and might get some more teeth pulled. Poor kitty. Otherwise, he's doing OK. He lost half a pound, which isn't bad over 6 months. He weighs 12.1 pounds right now, which is a good weight for him. He still eats all his food, which is a great sign, and still insists on drinks from the tub. I'm pretty sure he drinks from his bowl, but not when I'm paying attention. So I'll keep letting him drink from the tub. It's cheaper than more vet bills! I'm going to have to deal with the fact that my kitty won't be one of those really old, live forever cats. The chronic gum disease seems to be getting bad sooner (if that makes sense). I've had Duke for 6 1/2 years now. He's my fat cat. He snuggles. He tries to groom my hair. He plays with wa

Confessions from an Introvert

There's an organization I volunteer with. I feel some obligation to volunteer with this group because it makes my husband look good, too. But lately, there is SO. MUCH. DRAMA. We have someone who refuses to lead the group but acts like she leads the group, she pushes teamwork, but then finds fault in everything certain people do. We have another lady who is just crazy. I mean crazy. She seems to be creating paperwork where there doesn't need to be paperwork, and then complains about how much work she has. Two people are now quitting this group. I happen to like these people and get along with them. Rather well actually. So that leaves me, the two mentioned above, and two brand new people who apparently didn't realize what they were getting into. I'm afraid the newbies will be leaving too when they find out we lost two members. We have become exactly the kind of group we were supposed to avoid. My obligation to this group will be changing (i.e. no more) soon (1 t

Soy Un Perdedor

155 today. That's only 2 pounds lost this month, but hey, that's not bad for having 3 thanksgiving meals! Today was the roll out of the new WW site. They changed the looks of things, and the points, just a little. Whatever they did, it put me down from 29 to 26 daily points. But hey, maybe it will keep me losing more regularly. Maybe. It's cold here today. Well, cold for here. High today is 52. Although when I checked last night, today's high was in the upper 40s. I've noticed that lately with the weather forecasts here. You can't rely on accurate temps until the day of, and then only sometimes. I have not been working out. Busy, and cold, and tired and stressed. Excuses, all, I know. But it is what it is. I really need to get running if I'm going to do this half marathon in January. I already signed up. I just need to get moving again. Looks like this will be a short one today. Just not much to say. Eh.