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Self Anger

I stepped on the scale yesterday morning. I had lost a pound or two and felt good. But then I didn't stick to my plan yesterday, and this morning I'm right back where I was last week. I'm not happy with myself. This morning, I thought about changing my weigh-in day. Then I realized that the weight needs to stay off, not just be less one day. Now, I'm still thinking about changing the weigh-in day just to change my schedule a bit, give myself a shake-up to see if it would help me get back on track. I was not good with my eating this week. Guess I will try harder next week. I tracked every bite, but I bit too much. Tonight is Relay for Life. I'm not very excited, like I feel I should be. But that's another story. I won't bother you with it here. I just feel like I've lost my motivation. Maybe it's just today, maybe it's something more. Either way, I need to either find that motivation again, or find a new motivation.

An Introspective Post

I haven't posted lately, been on vacations and trips and will cover those later. But right now I feel the need to blog about this, so I'm blogging. I've been rather introspective lately, thinking about my life and what I want from it. I also started reading The Tao of Pooh for the second time, and I feel like it has more meaning this time around. I often get the feeling that I'm not really being me, not following my own nature. J and I had a talk about it as well. One of the kickers right now is belly dancing. I love it, don't get me wrong. But I never wanted it to be the center of my life. I love it as a hobby. I'd love to do it once a week or so. Lately I'm scheduling my life around belly dancing, and it's making me not like it. That means it's time for me to back off the belly dancing. We're looking to take a break for the summer anyway, so I can reevaluate everything then. I also have backed off of my responsibilities for OCSA (office