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Relay Time Again

I have been participating in Relay For Life for a few years now. Last year I was on the committee for our local event. Of course, I'm doing it again this year. I've found out that some of my friends have just lost family to cancer, or just had family diagnosed. For some of my friends, this is their first time dealing with cancer so close to them. It may seem a little depressing, but I kind of grew up with cancer. Not me personally, but I had lots of great aunts and uncles who had cancer. Big family. The first case that really stands out in my mind is Barbara Losli. She wasn't related to me, but a family friend. She started a children's choir in our church. I joined. I don't know how long I was in that choir, but after a while, I was about 12, and everyone else was like 8 or younger. So she made me her assistant director while she played piano. She was the first person to really believe in my singing ability (other than my folks, of course). She pushed me to d

The Anatomy of a Migraine

I got a migraine today. Still have it, in fact. It's not my typical migraine. It came on rather suddenly compared to the week-long buildup I usually have. I went for a run this morning. Pretty good. Jessica came over and picked out some fabric for a little project I'm making for her (that I plan on blogging as long as I remember to take photos throughout). I went to belly dance. Good times. At belly dance, I noticed my zils were hurting on my thumbs. My hands were swollen. I started drinking more water. I sat down for a bit. Then Amber commented that I looked pale. I tend to lose color in my face with migraines. So I sat for the rest little bit of belly dance and drank more water, oh and took some ibuprofen. She said I looked a little better by the time we left, but I was starting to get the foggy feeling of a migraine, and my brain was not processing correctly. So instead of going to decorate mugs, I went home via Sonic. I needed food. I ate my hamburger, browsed onli

Soy Un Perdedor

And on another note.... I'm down to 151. I've lost 10% of myself since starting Weight Watchers. I really want to lose those last 2 pounds to put me in that "healthy" weight range, even though the rumors say they aren't going to follow BMI charts anymore. Once I get there, I really need to focus more on getting in shape, building up some upper body strength. I'm going to start the Tuesday yoga basics class with a friend. I think that will help both physically and mentally. I might also watch for a pilates class at a convenient time and try to make that something regular. As for now, I'm still mostly just running and dancing. I made it to the pool last week and would like to keep that up once a week. There is a triathlon coming up, like a month from now, but I don't think I'll be ready for it. I'd like more pool time and I haven't been on my bike in a month or more. Bad Charla! The food is getting easier sometimes. Today, I realiz

I Think I'm Paranoid

I've been having a bit of a mental debate with myself, from time to time. It starts up whenever I see the blue star flags, or the term blue star families, or anything of that nature. Don't know about blue stars? This website has a good explanation on the index page. My in-laws have a blue star banner in their window, since J (their son, duh) is serving on active duty. Lately, a lot of people only hang blue stars when a family member is deployed. I thought that's what it meant, until my father-in-law did the research. So technically, I could hang one right now, since my husband is serving. However, I feel that, because of the misunderstanding about the star's meaning, some people might see it as a sign that I am home while my husband is away. Welcome creepers. Here's where I tell myself I'm a bit paranoid. I live on main post. I live in a very safe neighborhood compared to many others in my current city. I have a gun to defend myself. I know how to use

I've Been Quiet Lately

Not blogging much, I know. So here's a bit of a brain dump post. Last Tuesday, I flew to Kansas, just like I have done since I moved to Texas. I didn't visit as many people as I usually do. In fact, other than the in-laws and the nuns (all considered family), I only visited with 1 person, that I haven't seen in years. I basically took my time in KS this year to try and destress. It helped quite a bit. I've been getting very forgetful and scatterbrained lately, and I think the stress of J's upcoming deployment, and not knowing any details (still) was really getting to me. My time in KS was relaxing and I didn't worry so much about everything that we don't know yet. I spent a whole day with an old friend from college that had moved back to that area. It was great. I met her little girl who is just precious, and we just caught up. The great thing is that she grew up an Army brat, so she understands the Army talk and lingo. I don't have to explain thi