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Soy Un Perdedor

I keep thinking I should check the grammar on this weekly post, since Spanish uses gender, but then I tell myself it's a song quote and I don't have to worry about it. I'm lazy that way. Anywho, I didn't even track my weight in WW this week. Bad girl, I know. But it's Thanksgiving! I let myself cheat big time on Thanksgiving day. I had seconds. Of all the starches. But OMG were they delicious. Then I had 2 desserts. Yes, I'm a very bad girl. However, I did make up for some of it today. J and I went on a bike ride. We only rode together for the first couple miles, then J took off. He, of course, went much faster and farther than I. I managed to keep an average 13 mph speed (super slow) and did a total of 34 miles. That's a distance record for me. I did 30 miles a month ago for the Tour De Tolerance, so I pushed myself with this. My thighs and knees were screaming at me when I finished. So let me share a little trick with you all. Or y'all, since I d

Soy Un Perdedor

156 today. That breaks a 2 week plateau. Just gotta keep it up over next week. I have Thanksgiving with my folks on Sunday, a book club thanksgiving on Monday, and thanksgiving again at our good friends' house on Thursday. Fortunately, most of us are watching our weight and/or healthy eaters. I can't really say what broke that 2 week plateau. I didn't really eat any differently, and didn't work out as much. I was a little more stressed this last week, though. Maybe stress is good for my weight loss. I'd rather it wasn't so I could just avoid stress. I do not handle stress well. It gives me hibernation urges - I just want to hide away from the whole world. I did pull out my pilates video on Wednesday. It's harder to do pilates when you have an energetic pup that wants all your attention. But I did it, and could really feel it in my thighs yesterday. I think I will keep that up. I do like pilates. It makes me feel pretty good. We have a ball tonight. I a

Puppy Fever

I stupidly decided to browse around at  tonight, and found Jaxx , an Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane mix. This dog is so beautiful. I've loved Irish Wolfhounds since I first say one in a dog show on TV. They are so gorgeous. I can't rescue this dog. We aren't supposed to have more than 2 animals in our house without a waiver (that apparently isn't easy to get), J doesn't want and won't let me get another dog, and Remy is quite the handful himself. But I want to rescue this little guy. I actually started looking at the dogs after I emailed the Great Dane Rescue of El Paso  about the possibility of volunteering there. I spent a little while volunteering at another shelter (on the far westside of El Paso) before we moved on post. I loved the animals and some of the volunteers, but it was very unorganized, and I couldn't stand the shelter's owner. I felt like they didn't know what to do with me on some days that I went in to volunteer,

Soy Un Perdedor

My first real Friday weigh-in - 157. Yep, same as last week. I am reminding myself that I changed my weigh-in day and added circuit training all in one week. The workout is feeling good, so I'm going to give it another week. I should probably take some measurements again as well, since I haven't done that in a month or more.  Wow. I forgot to finish this post this morning. It's now late afternoon.  Not much to say today, so I'll just make this a short and sweet one.