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Confessions: Things That Make Me Anxious

Time for a confession post. I desperately need a massage. I have this huge knot in my shoulder that is killing me, and I need it gone before the half marathon on Saturday.  But for some reason, the idea of calling to schedule a massage makes me very anxious. There is a spa right here on post, nearby, but I still just get so anxious. I can't explain it.  Guess if you want some background, I have never had a massage before. I usually have J give me a shoulder rub and then he pops my back and I feel so much better. Well that's a little impossible right now. I have a heating pad on my shoulder and need to take some more ibuprofen.  But why do I feel this way? Sometimes just talking on the phone with anyone at all makes me anxious, but usually only with people I don't know. I've been meaning to get a massage for a while now, and the anxiety keeps me from calling and scheduling an appointment. I have the money. I've even googled it so I have an idea of what to

Update: Weight Loss and Fitness

I promised an update. So, I did the 50K bike ride (30 miles) for the Tour de Tolerance on Sunday the 28th. It was chilly! I don't know my official time, but my Strava said I finished in 2:05 and some seconds. That's a PR for 30 miles. Tour de Tolerance benefits the El Paso Holocaust Museum . It's a great place and if you're in the area, you should check it out. On Saturday I have the half marathon for the first annual Fort Bliss Marathon. Here on post, so not a far drive or anything. I'm feeling pretty good about it. I signed up for the Las Cruces Half Marathon on December 2. Some girls I know are also running it so maybe we can carpool up there. It's not very far, and after I get my car fixed I could drive a nice automatic vehicle up there if I need to. I am hoping to start the Insane Amp'd pills on Thursday. They were supposed to be here yesterday, and the tracking number says they were delivered, but I don't have the package. I called USPS

My Body: Thighs (and knees)

Let's start with the knees. I think I like putting a joint in with another body part. My knees are bony. They have this knot that sticks out and makes kneeling painful. Thanks, Mom! When I do pilates and yoga, I have to have extra cushion under my knees. I used to think they were weak knees, but now I don't know what made me think that. It was probably just an excuse to not run. Ha! Lot of good that did me. Otherwise, my knees are just knees. Although the left one has a purple scar that looks like a bruise and I think some nerve damage. When I had my fight with the sidewalk back in January I banged it really hard. It had this big numb spot for months after. It is still a little numb in a certain spot, but it gets more and more feeling back as time goes on. I have lots of little scars all over my legs. I have varicose veins. But I also usually have bruises, so I just don't think much about any of that. Moving on to the thighs. Oh my thighs. I don't like them much.

My Body: Calves (moo)

I'm late! I should have done this Monday! Oh well. Honestly, I've always liked my calves. They start at my tiny little ankles. I do have tiny ankles. As in skinny. And I have a beautiful tattoo on one of those ankles. I love dressy shoes that strap around the ankle because it shows off how tiny they are. My calves have never been big, and always had a little definition. I didn't pay much attention to them as a kid. What kid looks at their calves? But I remember my sister once pointing out a muscle definition line down the outside of my calf and saying she was jealous of that. Now that I'm running and biking, that muscle definition is more clear. It does make shaving a little more fun. I have to go over that area a second time, usually. But I love them. I like knee length skirts and capri pants that show off my calves. I have one formal dress that's tea length that I love. I wear it with strappy heels. I think my legs look awesome in it. Really, I love my calv

A Successful Day

My head is feeling quite a bit better this evening. It still hurt when I woke up, so I took tramadol and tylenol. Went grocery shopping, then talked to J. I was able to get the house pretty clean, even with breaks for my head. This afternoon I took a second dose of tramadol + tylenol and rested a bit. Then I decided to bake cookies. I had picked up a bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips this morning. I used their recipe on the back. I don't know that it's any different than the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, but they turned out a little flat. Still tasty, though. That's my Dr. Who shirt under the Dr. Who apron A friend who is moving soon came over and had a cookie and beer, then I started on my wontons. I used my mom's recipe for a pork and shrimp filling. It made 35 wontons. I guess I fill them full because the recipe said I would get about 48. baked, not fried The wonton wrappers came with a recipe for crab rangoon filling. I didn't have crab, but I ha


I cancelled my Weight Watchers account today. I'm still stuck at my plateau. It doesn't help that I'm on day 3 of a migraine. So about the weight loss. I'm still going to keep tracking with my fitness pal. But I'm looking into try a supplement. I hate supplements. I don't really believe in them. But I'm at a point where I don't know what else to try. I know 2 people using the one I'm looking at - my sister and her old high school friend. Dot was at a similar place to me, not a lot to lose, but stuck at a plateau. Her doctor agreed that she should try it and is monitoring her use of it. And it's working. She broke her plateau. Her friend is like me and doesn't believe in weight loss supplements, but again, hit a plateau. She did tons of research before choosing this supplement. It's called Signature SKINNY Insane AMP'D. You take 2 pills in the morning before breakfast. That's easy enough. The lady Dot orders from is in our h

My Body: Feet First

I honestly don't remember what inspired this. But I was in bed the other night, thinking about how I should do this blog. And it turned into a series of blogs. It started with my feet, I know that much. I was thinking I should write about my feet, which are not a favorite body part of mine. I was composing an Ode to my feet in bed. I moved on and thought I should cover all the main body parts (I'll skip the innards) from the feet to my head. So here we go! Feet. Feet were meant to be ugly. My feet are complicated. I have a deformed toe on each foot (really, I do). I have tiny little toe nails that are impossible to paint. I have an odd space between the big toe and the next toe, and then the rest are all crammed together. I have a narrow heel, slightly high instep, and wide toe box. I have no arch. Zero. Nada. Zilch. That makes me pronate (feet roll in) quite a bit. Why doesn't my browser recognize pronate as a word?  Shoes are a whole other story. I remember as a kid

The Big D

It's official. The Big D. Deployment, that is. And by official, I mean he's gone already. Yes, J is in "an undisclosed location in southwest Asia." Yes. That's all I'm supposed to say. He's at an airforce base, so it's pretty posh compared to the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. He has a pool, a gym, places to eat out, his own room with a shared bathroom. So my mom came down to spend some time with me. She said by the time she leaves I will be sick of her and ready to be on my own. Can you tell we're related? She brought me a cooler of beef and lamb from back home. Oh yes, good times. She also brought her sewing machine. We're going to sew together. So far things have been OK. Yesterday, mom and I spent the whole afternoon with my pseudo-nephew, B. His mommy, my good friend, was having baby number 2. She was born yesterday evening. I've yet to meet her, but I'm excited! Unfortunately, I also got a migraine yesterday. Still he