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Boot Camp!

On May 10, I participated in the 1-43 ADA Spouse Boot Camp. No, it’s not as tough as it sounds. After all, we did it in half a day. See, Cavalry spouses get to do a simplified version of a Spur Ride . They spend a day doing obstacles and teamwork drills and earn their “pink spurs.” (This horrifies, me, BTW. I really don’t like pink.) Anywho, there isn’t anything like that for Air Defense spouses. So someone, somewhere, came up with a simple little Spouse Boot Camp. Of course, with my husband being the new Rear Detachment Commander, there was no way I could NOT do this, but I really would have done it either way. Let me brag a moment and mention that most of the spouses were from our FRG, including my co-leader and BFF Kristy. It was held at the Air Assault Course, which just so happens to be a block or two from my house. I walked over. We got started about 9 am. First was the Repel Tower, which I had done a couple years ago with our previous unit. This time, the repel master

Healthy Thoughts

I've been meaning to sit and blog for a few days now, but every time I do, I get distracted and don't write. Let's see how far I get. Of course y'all know I'm on a long trek to get healthy. I'm still 10 pounds from my goal weight, but still happy with what I see in the mirror. The past couple weeks have been a little busy and we haven't made it to the gym as much. Remember the supplement I was taking? Don't think I'm gonna keep taking it. Apparently, some people who sell it say you can build a tolerance to it, and you either need to go off it for a month or two, or put another supplement on top of that. Ugh. Too complicated, and why don't all the people who sell it know this? So I'm backing off of it for a while. I have a bottle and a half that I can try again later if I'm still stuck. I'm going to focus on eating healthy and not overeating. Of course I'll still indulge from time to time, it keeps me sane. Gotta try to ge