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Iron Soldier Sprint Triathlon 2012

Today was the big day, and I did better than I expected. J and I got up early and made smoothies for an easy breakfast (frozen fruit, greek yogurt, a little bit of Naked juice, and some chia seeds). We gathered up our stuff and walked over to the pool. We were some of the first ones there and had our choice of spots on the bike rack. We picked one and set up our gear in between the bikes. It was actually chilly this morning, so we spent a while around the pool staying warm. As it got closer to start time we wandered outside, and realized why it's good to come early. There was no line for us to get our numbers written on us and pick up our chips, but there was quite the line now. And the racks were filling up. So the race is starting. We lined up by swim time (they ask for it on the registration), with late registrants and those who didn't put a time toward the back. I was 113. J was 160. I kept going back and forth between nervous and excited. Grrr! They keep 3 pe

Yom Kippur

It's the Day of Atonement for Jews today. I've mentioned before that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are 2 Jewish holidays that J and I decided to observe, in our own way, a few years ago. Yom Kippur is observed by praying, not working, and fasting (those are the basics). Well, y'all know I'm a bad Jew, but we do fast on this day. I also try to think about what I need to work on to make myself a better person. This is kinda of a written meditation. The fast has been an easy one for me this year. A few sips of water to ease the allergies (very stuffy nose). I must say that looking at Pinterest is a bad idea on this day. I learned my lesson. J and I even made a trip to the commissary to buy some foods for our dinner after sundown (Jewish days is sundown to sundown). We're having a spread of cheeses, dips, crackers, chips and some sliced lunch meats. Yes, not kosher. Like I said, I'm a bad Jew. As for bettering myself, the past couple days made it very obvious

Workin' On My Fitness

So, while flying home from Maryland, I decided I should check out My Fitness Pal . My sister uses it, and I keep hearing other people (or reading, on weight loss sites) say they like it. It's a free tracker for food and exercise.  It's the straight up calories again, but I have to admit their iphone app is pretty cool. You can scan bar codes and it pulls up the nutrition info for that food. It even has the stuffed chicken breasts that we bought at Sprouts already in there, and the focaccia bread they bake there. That made my life easy. So as I'm making myself dinner, I can scan bar codes and easily update my food log.  The fitness tracker is a little more specific than WW, which I like, and it adds my calories burned into the day's calories. Although it still doesn't have hill running, but my Strava app calculates that and I can just enter that number.  I'm just kinda tracking right now and not trying real hard. J leaves in early October, and my mom

The Adventures of Rembrandt: Neighbors

So Jason sent me a text. I seems our new neighbors decided to get a puppy. Which of course means Rembrandt had to go make friends with said pup. So we're back where we started. And I cannot handle Remy constantly jumping over there while J is gone. So I'm back to the fence. I can get 6 ft tall wooden fence posts at Lowes, and 2 ft. x 8 ft. wooden lattice. All in all, I think I can do it for $50 to $60 bucks. The hardest part will be getting the fence posts in the ground. Hmm, Maybe I should go with the 8 ft posts so I have enough to stick in the ground. *sigh* Yeah. Oh, Kristy, if you read this, Could I maybe borrow a shovel? Maybe I should just buy a shovel. Probably not a bad thing to own. Yeah. Just. Yeah. 

Quilting: Moda Bake Shop

I've been following the Moda Bake Shop blog for a while now. I love moda fabrics, and they're having a  contest!  So for extra points, I'm blogging about one of their patterns. The Puzzle Box Quilt is one of the early ones that I bookmarked. I like the solid color patterns that the Bake Shop has, and I want to do more with solid color fabric. Which is why I fell in love with this pattern. One of the color examples My quilter friends like patterns and bright colors. I like neutral tones, nothing too bright, and subtle pattern, or just one big pattern. I want to play around more with solid colors and how they work together. Maybe it's my artist husband's influence. Of course, I gotta finish the quilts I have started first. I have lots of sewing time coming up, so I hope I can get a lot done. 


It's a good time for a blog. Baby is asleep, Misty is on a conference call, and Ted the cat is snuggled up to my legs. I noticed something on my way here. The last 2 times I've traveled, I got migraines. When I went to Denver, I was getting over one, and got another one. Then I got one while flying here. I'm a little curious to see if I get one on my way home. I've also noticed that my pain level is higher than it used to be, and the migraines come on faster with less warning. Oh the joys of getting older. And I still get the menstrual migraines as well. At least I have a good painkiller that can do double duty on migraines and cramps. Otherwise, things are going well here. Misty got to work from home 3 days this week, so we got to spend more time together. Always a plus. She'll have to go back in tomorrow, so it will be me and the baby. Who is being good, by the way. Even though she has spit up on me twice today. I packed lots of clothes so I would have spa

Soy Un Perdedor, Or Not

So, I have been between 151 and 155 pounds pretty much this whole year. It's getting really annoying. I've changed up my fitness routine, I've tracked my food better and tracked worse. I can't seem to break this plateau. I've been feeling, lately, like the $18 per month that goes to Weight Watchers is a waste. It worked well to get me into to the lower 150s, but it isn't taking me any farther. I've thought about just stopping it. I'm also thinking of playing with the numbers I use in it. My daily points and weekly points are just a default. I can change them myself, which doesn't make much sense to me. I want guidance to tell me how much I need or don't need to help me lose weight. I suppose I could try lowering the daily points a bit and make myself eat more fruits and veggies (most are 0 points) to keep myself full. I could try lowering my weekly points, which means I have to stick closer to the daily points and/or earn more activity points

Oh My Baby

She picked out that shirt herself. It says My Auntie is Awesome. Meet Sophie Rayne Moore. My goddaughter.  I'm currently in the beautiful state of Maryland visiting Misty and Tony. I get to watch the lovely Sophie while they are at work.  She is precious. Let me start by telling you that I was more excited about Misty just being pregnant than I would ever be about my own pregnancy. I wish I could have been closer for her pregnancy, and been here for the birth, but that wasn't going to happen. So I'm here now, playing daycare for a while. Misty is taking a few days off to spend time with us, of course, but I get alone time with the baby.  Alone time with a baby is slightly scary for someone who is not a mom. I mean, a couple hours is one thing, but all day? Yeah.  So far, we are doing OK. She's figuring out that I have to take time to warm up her milk, and I'm learning that she will calm down if I put her in her swing or bouncy chair.  I e