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Moving On...

I’m moving!! After five years in El Paso, we are headed to a new duty station. Very soon. Now, El Paso has its good points, but I’m tired of this place. Let’s start with the positives, though. Mexican food – OMG, the food! I will not likely eat Mexican food for a while after we leave here. Not that I eat out often, but even the other ethnic foods around here are pretty awesome. Sunshine – Surprisingly for someone who has light sensitivity, I also love sunshine, mostly for the warmth. I’m cold blooded, and the warm temps here make me very happy. It also makes running and cycling year round a real option. Fortunately, I’m headed to OK just in time for summer. Fort Bliss – This Army post is big and modern. I’ve already been told that Fort Sill is tiny in comparison. I will survive just fine in a small town and small post, but I will still miss some of the luxuries we have here, like multiple pharmacies, 2 gyms with lots of classes, 2 pools, a shopping center with real re