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Viva La Vivo

Better late than never. I am more in love with my Vivobarefoot Neo shoes. Need a reminder? They are holding up well. That gray edge around the blue is stitched down, and I think that's helping hold it together better than previous shoes. I've done both short and long runs in them and I'm still in love. They are very comfy.  So! Long runs were good in these shoes. I did my last half marathon in them. I had a couple blisters on the tips of my toes, but not as many as I've had previously. My feet were tired, but not overly sore. I did get my black toenail back after the half marathon. Since then, I've tried one of those special lacing styles that's supposed to help pull the shoe up so it won't rub on the nail. Don't know if it's really doing any good yet. I did notice that I lace these suckers really tight. You almost can't see the tongue when I lace them up for a run.  I've done a couple short runs without socks now as well. I

The Red Car

Here's a story for you today. I find it cute. J said I'm a dork, but we already knew that. So, when Remy was just a puppy, I started walking him regularly. At first he could only make it around the block. It didn't take too long for him to be able to, and want to, go farther. I found a route for us that went around our neighborhood. We walk south down the street to the last street in the neighborhood. We take that street as it curves around back north, then we cut over and sort of zig zag back to the house. I mapped it out once and it's about 1.5 miles. When that wasn't enough, we stretched the route out farther, but always kept that first stretch. Our morning walks were usually around the time that people were coming on post to go to work. Our first turn is right at a gate. I started noticing a red car that would drive past us. It's an older car, maybe from the 70s, but in good condition and obviously well taken care of. An older man drove it. He came in a

The Plague

It's everywhere. A lot of people around me are getting sick now. Flu and flu-like things are taking them out of view and shutting them in their homes. I myself spent a couple days stuck at home with no appetite and an upset stomach. I wasn't nearly as bad as some others, but I was bad enough to reschedule my teeth cleaning that was supposed to be yesterday. For me it started Saturday. At first I thought maybe I had eaten something that didn't agree with me. Come Sunday morning, when I made myself breakfast and couldn't eat it, I knew it was more than that. Duke, however, decided to try a bite of my breakfast while I was away from the plate for a few minutes. I had cheese on my eggs. He likes cheese. Yesterday I felt a lot better and had an appetite. But I over did it a little. I ran some errands, just 3 stops, and it left me exhausted. I slept for an hour on the couch. Then I went to book club. I was feeling good. It was a special book club meeting this month. We

Oh Noes! A Gun Post!

With all this debate about guns, I'm getting ready to take a handgun class. There's this group, don't know the name of it, that offers a women only handgun class. They keep the class small, about 12 women. They are offering this class to military wives for free right now. We just have to pay our range fee and bring our own ammo. So I'm going with a few of my friends. I'm bringing my gun, and J's gun for a friend. She has her own handgun, but with all the debate over guns now,  people are buying up ammo and we couldn't find enough ammo in the right caliber for her gun. Another of my friends is bringing her husband's gun. She has never handled guns before, and didn't want to handle them before she met her husband. Now, since there is a gun in her house, she wants to know how to handle it properly and safely. Have to say, I'm proud of her. See, I grew up with guns. My dad had a dealer's license and would sell guns on the side while work

I'm A Lynx! Rawr!

Ok not really. But I have 2 tops from Lynx Sportswear that I would like to review for you. First is the Sports bra. I ordered blue. Amber is very proud of me for not getting black. not black! Now the pics online showed black trim, and I got white, but I can live with it. They are measurement based, much like Enell . You get a number and a letter. The letters stand for their 3 size ranges, Sprint, Dart, and Zoom. My measurements had me in a 3, and kinda between Dart and Zoom. They actually contacted me (via email) on Christmas day after I placed my order and offered to send both a dart and a zoom for me to try on, with a pre-paid envelope to return the one that didn't fit. The Zoom went on well, but had some extra fabric in a few spots. It doesn't help that I have such a short torso! The Dart is a snug fit, but I prefer snug. over the shoulder boulder holder view At first I was worried that the band wasn't tight enough. Again, I prefer a snug fit. But I decid

I'm A Slacking Slacker

One post a week? Yeah, that seems to be what I'm doing so far this year. We need to work on that. I had planned a few posts, but didn't get around to writing them. I have a full, long-distance run report in the new vivos (shoes) and a full report of both new sports bras. While I'm at it, I got a new cold weather running top I should do a small review on. But the time seems to just get away from me. The past week felt pretty busy. I think it was more little things all the time than any big things. But I have a bunch of tomato soup to eat. I love this tomato soup. Kristy, if you want more, I put half of mine in the freezer. I have plenty. Maybe I should do a post about the soup. It became a favorite right away, and I've had some "fun" times making it. Yeah... I might have to schedule in blogging time. Like, pick a couple mornings each week as blogging time, and write about whatever I haven't written about yet. Blah. I also have a ton of cleaning to

Hey, It's 2013

Or "The Library" if you're triskaidekaphobic.  Dr. Who references apply, because the Bloggess is a Whovian. I realized it's been a week since I blogged. Thought I should catch you up on some things. First, I didn't get my harvest box. Turns out they changed the cut-off time to Saturday, but I didn't read the whole email stating that (and apparently some others joined me in this), and nothing on the website told me that anything was different. I'm lucky enough to know one of the people in charge at my pick-up location, and she gave me some extras from the temple's box. I have my potatoes, a couple pairs, and a head of garlic. I also had a persimmon, which I ate, and it was tasty. The company deleted the faulty order to make sure I wasn't charged for it. So I got my order in yesterday and WILL get a whole box this week. In the meantime, I have all I need for my vegetarian shepherd's pie, so I'm going to try to make that tonight. Fun no