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I Got My Stitch Fixed

I signed up to try Stitch Fix . It's a fashion website. It reminds me of True&Co but with clothes instead of bras. You fill out a style profile, and then a stylist picks out 5 items for you. You get to try them on at home and keep only what you want. I got my box today. It was just the cure for my almost-panic-attack after touching a worm thing that I had thought was an apple stem. It still gives me shivers. Moving on. I opened el pretty box. (be patient with my spanglish) I marveled at the pretty insides and unwrapped the tissue paper. I was so excited I forgot to snap another pic until I had untied the belt that was holding the bundle together. I took out the pieces and decided the only way to get pics was to put them on hangars. I got 5 tops in my first fix, but I'd kinda asked for that. I'm not big on accessories and I have lots of jeans. The tops: black and blue striped cardigan dark red henley style top gray blouse with a lit

Fitness Update, & My Dog Is Spoiled Rotten

I'm on Week 4 of my 18 week marathon plan. This time, like the last time I used a training program, I'm adapting it to fit my schedule. Last week, I woke up on Wednesday after not sleeping all that well and did NOT want to run. So I did yoga instead. I pushed my 4 mile run to Thursday and my second 3 miler to Friday. Over the weekend we went biking up in Cloudcroft, NM (which is a story all on it's own) and I did my 5 mile run. Yesterday, I took Remy to the dog park. That was about it. I hadn't slept well and was tired all day. But a decent sleep last night made it better and Rem and I had a great run this morning. I'm pushing my next 2 runs back a day each again this week, because tomorrow is a bike ride with the Brigade Commander. It's a fun group to ride with, and biking is great cross training. I think it's going well. We have a long weekend coming up, and I have a 9 mile run scheduled. I have to make J come with me, or he won't be up to the mar

Iron Soldier Sprint Triathlon 2013 (or, Take 2)

J and I did the Iron Soldier Sprint Tri again this year. You might remember that last year was our first ever tri . We missed out on the spring tri (and tons of ever things) because we made a trip to KS to visit J's family. No regrets, and hey, we ran a half marathon that weekend. So, Saturday, September 28, we got up early to make smoothies and load up. We had packed most everything the night before, so there wasn't much to get done in the morning. Which is good because I'm still not much of a morning person. We parked and headed to set up in the transition area. The tri was at the new aquatic center this year, so a different area for us. And it was cold. Like, I should have put on warm-up pants cold. We went back to the Jeep to eat our smoothies while the sun came up and started to warm things up. There were many more people doing the tri this year, so I was number 216. The pool didn't seem as bunched up as last year either, maybe some people learned their l