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Just Some Updates

So I have another migraine. I've felt it trying to come on since Tuesday. At least it picked a day when I have no obligations. I'm thinking I should probably talk to the doctor again. That is, if I can get an appointment. I'm just not sure the Verapamil is working like we want it to. I've been having more migraine symptoms lately, just not always with a migraine. I also need to have them check my cholesterol. Apparently high cholesterol runs in my family. Yay. And mom said I should make sure they start checking my thyroid since we have a history of thyroid problems, too. Yay again. I went to my friend and fellow migraine sufferer's house this morning. We just sat and chatted while our dogs wore each other out. Her baby boy was napping for most of it. Her husband is getting home from his deployment today and of course she woke up with a migraine today. We both have arthritis as well, just in different joints. I'm starting to realize just how close J's

Soy Un Perdedor

Been a while since you saw that title, eh? Stepped on the scale this morning and was back down to 152. Not entirely sure how I did it, but then again I'm not entirely sure how I put the weight back on to begin with. I'll just go with it. Keep doing what I'm doing and hope it works. I did manage to get some activity in, at least a walk, every day this week. Plus the previous week I could some extra activity by hitting the pool with J a few times. Today, however, I am tired. Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster ride for no real reason at all, and I think it wore me out. Emotions make me tired. I honestly don't have anything else to talk about. Did I tell you about the dog park? The post put one right by the pool. It's right on our walking and running route, so as long as Rem's not a total stinker when we go out, he gets to stop at the park. He loves it. He's usually the only dog there, but he just HAS to go in every time and sniff around. OH, a

New Kicks

Decided to try the New Balance WT00s and see if the fabric holds up better. They are comfy and a great color. I tried on their road shoe also (this is the trail shoe) but the store guy said the road shoe sole gets torn up easily and he wouldn't recommend it for running on dirt, which I do. First run will probably be tomorrow morning. I'll post again if I have any issues. As you can see, Rem seems to approve.

Cleaning Update

I got tons of advice from all kinds of people, and it's helping. I posted that cleaning schedule on my fridge in a plastic sheet protector. I mark off the chores each day as I do them. I just started week 2. Week 1 went well. I did end up with a bit of a migraine on Friday and didn't get the master bath done, but I knocked it out this morning. I think it might work. For my "once a months" I'm going to do that thing on the week it's next to. So this week I pull out the movable furniture (couches, chairs, any shelves that are easy to move) and suck up all the dog hair that collects there. Some of the furniture, mostly shelves, is hard to move and will get done during big cleaning sprees. I would love to start doing a spring cleaning in preparation for Passover. I haven't even been able to celebrate Passover the past few years, but I'll be home for it next year and have some girlfriends who would be interested in coming. Anywho, the cleaning is

An Ode to Duke

I was going to enter a cat story contest Purina is hosting, but they only give me 600 characters (that includes spaces) to tell the story. I can't make it happen. I have too much to say. So I'm posting here instead. Safety Cat First, I should mention Lenore, our first cat. We call her the Spawn of Satan. She was evil in cat form. She attacked us out of nowhere, and even after J threw her against a wall once (literally), she came running back to attack again. She was EVIL. We had her for 2 years before I couldn't take anymore. J would have stopped after 1 year. There's more, but I'll leave it for now. We turned her over to the local Humane Society on my birthday, 2004. J proposed to me the same day and felt so guilty. It all worked out in the end. We got married on July 23, 2005. J left for Basic Training on August 19, 2005. I brought home Duke on August 24, 2005. Duke obviously loved people. He was also already neutered and declawed when they found him

Cleaning (Sigh)

I made myself a monthly schedule. I went with a whole month so I can add some monthly items in, like pulling out the couches and vacuuming under and behind those. I plan to laminate it, probably with contact paper, and hang it on my pantry door. I'll use a dry erase marker to mark off the items as I complete them each day. This lets me mark off my monthly items when they are done as well. But I keep thinking I'm forgetting some things, so I'm posting it here. Click me to see full size! Let me explain a couple things: You'll notice I put the cat box on there. My cat isn't picky, but I really should clean his box more than once a week, if just to keep his room from getting so stinky. I have vacuuming instead of sweeping, because I use a stick-vac on my hard floors. It takes care of dog hair much better than a broom. I have my side notes in red on Sunday, those are just notes. I will wipe down the bathtub weekly, but I like to give it a good scrub every so oft

In Need of Advice

Most of my local girlfriends follow me here, so I can ask for advice. I'm a messy person. I always have been. J knew this when we started dating. He knew it when we moved in, when we got engaged, when we got married. He still isn't used to it, and eventually we argue a little about the state of the house. I've never been very organized. I'm a stacker. I like to make stacks and piles, and then leave them there. Fortunately, I'm not a afraid of germs or dirt. Or maybe that's unfortunately, since it would probably help me keep a cleaner house. I see my friends' houses and don't know how they do it. Especially the ones with kids. How do you keep your counter so clean? How do you keep things put away? Another part of the problem is that I don't like cleaning. I mean, sometimes I actually say, "Oh, let's do some dishes. That sounds like the thing to do now." Sometimes. Other times I look at my dirty dishes and want to just throw them