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My Dog is the Best Ever

At least, I think he is. I saw a friend's facebook post about taking her little chihuahua mix to the nursing home for a visit. He's a therapy dog and they make regular visits. I think Rembrandt would be perfect for this job! Well, with a little training. He does get a little too excited sometimes. I looked up a couple places that certify therapy dogs. If we do this, we will get certified. I rather like Therapy Dogs, Inc.  based out of Cheyenne, WY. I can look around for something more local, too. Like I said, I know Remy needs training before he can pass the tests. But his friendly and submissive personality is suited to working with people. He loves people. I don't think it's unreasonable to give myself a year to train him up. He knows sit and stay, and is getting much better with stay. He's walking better than he used to, pulling less. He is pretty good with leave it and drop it as well. Need to teach him to lay down, though. And no jumping. I also think g


Hubs had to deal with a soldier last night. Took all night. I ended up sleeping alone. Never fun. Then I check my email this morning and find a facebook friend request from my brother's wife. I'm not even on good terms with my brother, let alone his wife. I haven't decided what to do yet. It's just sitting there. My instinct says, "oh hell no!" but then I wonder if it's my brother trying to get in touch with me. Ah, but doesn't he have his own account still? I'll look into it. later. I absolutely refuse to let their drama back into my life, though. J is home and we are going to escape for the day. We both need an escape for the day.

Fort Bliss Championship 10K

This morning was the Commander's Cup 10K. I was one of the few citizens out there running. TONS of soldiers showed up for this. I hope some of them will start coming to the other runs we do.  Ran it in my Merrell's. I was feel really good for the first half, but after the turn around point, my blisters from Wednesday started heating up. They're right on the inside edge of my right foot, just below the ball area. They were really bugging me, so I got a wild hair up my butt and decided to take off my shoes.  Yes. I ran barefoot. Well, in socks. It honestly felt pretty good, until I started getting blisters from that on my toes and ball. I also noticed that my pace slowed down significantly. So I pulled over and put the shoes back on.  I finished strong, but still not as fast as my first 10K. According to my I Just Ran app on facebook, I averaged about a 10:42 mile. Finished in 1:06:23 (unofficial). If it weren't for those stupid blisters, I think I could have done much