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Soy Un Perdedor

Last you heard from me, I was recovering from what I thought was food poisoning. Turns out J got the same thing, to a lesser degree, the beginning of the week. So maybe it really was a stomach bug. Either way, I'm back to normal again.  I did lose weight while I couldn't eat. Of course I did. I also tried to eat a little every day to make sure my body didn't go into starvation mode and start storing fat. I even went into WW and logged points for the days I didn't eat well, or barely at all, and that worked.  I weighed in this morning at 152. I'm still not at the goal I had hoped to reach by next week (Easter), but I'm only 3 pounds away. I'm pleased. I'm wearing a pair of bermuda shorts that fit me better now than they ever did. And it's been a long time since I had a fat day. I can get used to this.  So Easter. Staying with the in-laws, as usual. Nice thing about that is I don't have to eat out constantly and have some healthy breakf

Oh, What A Weekend

So... Where do I start? At the beginning, of course. This past Thursday, I was having a good day. Went to the Officers' Wives luncheon, modeled a red dress that barely fit my chest in it (although everyone said it looked great), and made a trip to JoAnn's for trim for my tribal bra. That's where things started going downhill. I was getting very tired, and forgot my coupons. On my way home, got even more tired, and my stomach started to get upset. At home, I started sewing, got 2 stitches in, and the thread knotted and broke. I gave up. I was exhausted, and my stomach hurt. By the time J got home, he knew I wasn't feeling good because I was watching Buffy. I often watch Buffy when I'm not feeling well. It kept getting worse from there. I spent most of the night in the bathroom. I eventually called Mom for advice, and we almost decided I should go to the ER. Almost. It started slowing down, and then I was able to get a little sleep and keep water down, so I d

Oh, Hey! Almost Forgot...

I ran 6 miles last Saturday, St. Pat's day. Clock read 58:33 when I crossed the finish. That means I averaged a pace of less than a 10 minute mile. In 2 weeks, I'll run the World's Fastest 10K. You start on top of TransMountain, and run down the west side of it. It's 6.2 miles. J always said I should be able to break a 10 minute mile before running it. I'm there. J ran on Saturday, too, and will be running the 10K as well. After this, I think I need to take the summer to get back up to half marathon distance and do some hill training. Then I can do the TransMountain Challenge in the fall. Hard to think I'll be doing it on my own, without J, but that's how it's going to happen. I supposed I could always change my mind and find another fall half marathon to run. We'll see. Plenty of time to figure that out. 

I don't know what to title this post

I've been debating this post for a while now. Still not sure I should be writing it as I write it. I can't say all I want to say, for safety reasons. But J is leaving. This will be our first deployment. I've been expecting this for quite a while now. The hard part is that it all got moved up. Things are happening now, on a shortened schedule. Plans we had started making will never happen. Plans we had already made aren't happening. Our lives have been flipped upside down. Of course, I knew this would happen someday. We signed up for this, right? It still doesn't make it easy. So I'm doing my best to make sure things at home are taken care of. Like getting J's jeep fixed, getting an appointment for our taxes, making sure we have food to eat. And J is running around like a mad man trying to get work done. Then there are small things that I'm not sure how to handle. Like our wine. It should have been bottled and ready to drink soon. It's still

Full Life Update

So much going on right now. We went to Grandpa's funeral, and it was nice, as funeral's go. I'm glad we had that last visit to the area as a visit to Grandpa. It's going to be hard to not have him there. I didn't even log in to WW last week. I'm back up to 155. I have, however, dropped pants sizes from a 14 to about an 8. And gone down 1 bra size. I'm still in a 12/14 top. I'm pretty happy with my body right now. I'm going to keep going to the power pump class at the gym as often as I can. Won't make it this morning. I'm doing belly dance twice a week now, one of those days working on level 2 moves. I do love it. Really need to hurry up and sew my choli top and harem pants. This morning, I'm taking Duke in for some blood work. Just checking his levels, see if the anemia is getting better. I think he's doing fine. He's a little angry because he had to fast for the blood work, but not as angry as last time. Remy is exhaus