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So, one thing we figured out on our vacation to Colorado is that I would fit better on a women's specific bike. We looked around a little while on vacation but didn't see anything for me. J is also looking for a new bike, but had something more specific in mind. I was just looking to see what was out there. Before we left on our trip, we had seen a nice looking Felt bike at one of our local bike shops. Once we got back from vacation, we headed back to that same shop, hoping to get more info on a bike for J. The bike I had seen before was still there. It wasn't like anything I could find online, even on the Felt website. So I asked about it. Turns out it's a 2011 model that just never sold. Felt doesn't even make the ZW6 anymore. World, meet Honey. Honey, meet the world. I've been on 3 rides on her, and so far, I'm in love. The seat is made to fit a woman's butt, and mine doesn't get as sore on rides. The handle bars are set for a more

Home Sweet Colorado

Ok, almost caught up with all my blogging! Time to talk about our summer vacation. J and I spent a week and a half in Durango, CO and the surrounding area. We went there last summer and loved it, but really decided to go back this year when J signed up for the Death Ride Tour . We headed up to Durango on a Monday, checked in to hotel downtown, and headed out for dinner and a walk. Now, if you know either one of us, you know that we love Colorado. We both have family there and we plan to settle down there, someday. We don't know where yet, but somewhere in Colorado will be our home. So of course heading to the mountains around Durango was exciting for us. Also exciting was finally convincing my husband that our vacations don't have to be planned out to the last detail. Some of the details surrounding the Death Ride we couldn't plan, because we didn't know, but the rest of it I left pretty open, too. J needed to ride and acclimate, and I wanted to relax. We managed

Scaredy Pup

Had to share this little story from today. We live on an Army base. It is not uncommon to hear some Artillery booms from time to time. Nothing super close, nothing real loud, even the airplanes from the nearby airport are louder, but we do hear them. There were some artillery booms this morning while Rembrandt was outside. I don't know what was different about today, but something scared the pup. He desperately pawed at the door to come in, and would only go back outside when I made him come out with me. His tail stayed down between his legs. So I brought him back in, but he could still hear the booms, and was still getting scared. The crazy pup climbed into my lap. Well, first he tried climbing up from under my TV tray, which wasn't about to work, so he finally went around it. He knows he's not allowed on the furniture, but he was all the way up in my lap. All 60 pounds of him. He kept trying to get his whole body curled up in my lap, but he's just too big! I fi

Five Trails In One Weekend

Since J came home in April and started work right away, his family didn’t get a chance to see him. However, while he was gone, we got word from our old Boy Scout Troop in Kansas that a couple of our scouts had achieved the rank of Eagle. We had brought these boys into the world of Boy Scouts, bridged them over from Cubs. J was their first Scout Leader. We took them on their first Boy Scout campout and all froze our asses off. So of course, when asked to be a part of their Eagle Court of Honor, we couldn’t say no. The timing worked well, since J would be home and get to see his family. It was a fast trip, fly out Friday and fly home Sunday. We squeezed in as much as we could. It just so happened that the Five Trails Half Marathon was happening that same weekend. I couldn't say no.  Friday afternoon, we flew in and got our rental car. We stopped in Weston, Missouri on our way to his folks’ and bought some wine at one of our favorite wineries, Pirtle. Getting in to town,

The Goddaughter, Or, My Weekend At Krystal's

Y’all have heard me talk about Misty. She’s my BFF. Like, if we were sexually attracted to each other, we’d be married. Instead, we each fell in love with someone else, but got matching tattoos to make our friendship permanent. Misty currently lives on the east coast. That’s hella far from El Paso. She also has a baby girl that just turned 1, Sophie, my niece and goddaughter. She’s an amazing little girl. Being so hella far apart, I don’t get to see them often. I did fly out and spend a couple weeks with them when Sophie was just 3 months old. Misty has a big family. She’s the youngest of 6 and has multiple stepsiblings.  She has more family than I could ever keep track of. However, her oldest sister, Krystal, is also my friend. Krystal’s 3 daughters call me Aunt. Well, Krystal had gone back to college and graduated just this May. Misty and Sophie were flying out for it. Krystal, by the way, lives in the same state as I currently do. Actually within a day’s dri

Fan + Girl = Me

My name is Charla and I am a fangirl. J and I went to the Phoenix Comicon for the second year in a row. We weren’t really planning on going this year until John Barrowman announced that he would be going (that’s Captain Jack Harkness for those of you not in the know). I was super excited, so J said yes.  We drove to Phoenix, AZ on Friday and checked into our hotel. We actually stayed at one of the main hotels this year since it was just a block from the convention center. The room was nice, on the 17 th floor.  While checking in, we actually saw John Barrowman arrive. OH.MY. GOD. My heart pounded, I think I started bouncing and I snapped a quick pic with my phone. oh heavens Squee!! I realized I really am a fangirl. I got super excited just to see him. No, I did not have the guts to walk up and say hi. He looked a little tired from his trip and I thought of how much I just wanted to get to my room. J said I was having an anxiety attack. But he was standing r