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Big News!!

No, I'm not pregnant. I am, however, EMPLOYED! I applied for a part time sales position at JoAnn's Fabrics, and was hired! Yay! After 5 years of not working, I'm sticking with a part time, small position. I'm lucky that the JoAnn's here is moving to a new, bigger store, and hiring employees to help with the move and work the new store. I get to work part time at a store that I like, helping people with things I like to do. A large part of their customer base is quilters, so it helps that I quilt and can answer at least some questions. I don't know how much I'll be working with customers. I could be helping to set up the store and work more "behind the scenes" unless things are busy. I am perfectly OK with that. But I'm not really anxious about working with people, either. It's easier for me to be outgoing when dealing with things I really like, and I really like crafting. Basically, a job in a craft store, shoe store, or bra store wo


I'm a dork. I'm playing a little bit of catch-up here to get ready for a big news post. Before we left El Paso, I participated in the Bataan Memorial Death March, for the second time. I tackled the training much like my marathon training. I loaded up my small camel bak backpack and started walking. The first time I did the Bataan, I took forever and had horrid blisters. This time, I was wearing the same pair of shoes (broken in now) and had much better results. I came in at just under 8 hours, chip time (8.5 hours gun time). I only had a couple blisters, and the worst happened just in the last mile. I felt it, but could feel such fatigue in my legs that I didn't dare stop to bandage it. I am quite proud of myself this year. I felt much stronger and faster. I even ran a bit! Once you pass halfway, you start some downhill. It was easier on my legs to do a slow run on the downhill portions. Running and walking work the muscles differently, so running a bit made it easie