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First Official 10K and The Jumping Mutt

you  ran  a RACE  on Saturday,  2011/01/29  ---  6.2 miles  in  1 : 02 : 08.00  on: road (Pace: 10:01.3/mile) Mainly:  Race  I felt:  good  Weather:  sunny  Air Temp:  34 Surface:  dry  Time of Day:  0800  Where: Soto Gym First 10K  This is copied and pasted from the JustRan app on facebook. I like logging my races in to see what pace I did. So today was my 10K. I felt pretty good this morning, but was sad to leave J at home. Unfortunately, work called this weekend and he didn't get to go with me. The vast majority of people out there were doing the half marathon, so once the 10K broke off, it was pretty empty.  I averaged an almost 10 minute pace, but I know that's just an average. On mile 4, I had to slow myself down a little bit. But I kept that pace until the finish was in site. Crossed the finish line 1 minute slower than I did on my first 8K.  Also paying for it now with a black toe nail and 2 blisters on my right foot. The toe seam on my sock started rubbing.

Running With a Cold

Well, I think it's a cold. I'm telling myself it's a cold. Yes, I'm sick again. It started with a sore throat, dry cough and no voice, which I attributed to all the talking, yelling and cheering I did at the Relay Summit over the weekend. But last night the stuffy nose hit with a vengeance. And my cough isn't so dry anymore. This morning I had planned to do a 6 mile run. I did it! But it took longer than I'd like. 1 hour 15 minutes, which still isn't bad considering how often I had to stop to cough or just blow my nose before snot escaped (nice thought, huh?). That is also what I had hoped to finish my first 8k in. Instead, I finished my first 10K (1 mile longer) in that time. That puts me at 21.5 miles instead of the 20 miles required. Yay me! Now it's 2 days of rest before the final 10K on Saturday morning. I'll still do my pushups, but no running. Walking the dog maybe, but not running. Oh, and I weighed in today, randomly, after my run (w

Cancer Sucks

Misty just lost her older brother. Tex died Monday morning of liver cancer. Last year, she lost her grandpa to a bad heart. The year before, she lost her step-dad to prostate cancer. They say it happens in 3's. I'm hoping it stops at 3 for now. Misty's sister and mom are cancer survivors. One of her Aunts had leukemia, and I know there are more in there that I just don't remember. I wrote a big thing on my Relay page about it. I'm dedicating this year's Relay to Misty. I don't want to type it all again, so just go check it out . But it's been on my mind a lot lately, of course. It scares me that there is so much cancer in her family. Misty is doing so good lately. She has achieved amazing things and overcome huge obstacles in her life, and I've been around to see a lot of her progress. She's engaged to a great guy now and they're getting married this July. They want to start a family together someday. That means I get to be an Aun


Woke up with cramps and Aunt Flo. Yuck. Plus my right foot is sore, on the inside just in front of my missing arch. No clue. But I did finally submit a PCM change. Found the right links on the website. Gotta wait for the confirmation letter before I can schedule an appointment. I found out that my current PCM is actually Stanley Harmon, whom I have never met. Apparently the 2 female docs I have seen are in his "team" or something. I hate that. I want to see one doctor with whom I can discuss my issues without having to start over each time I go in. I want to figure out why my ears won't stop popping. I want to discuss going back on a period-every-3-months cycle. I want to see if there is a reason why I always have sinus issues, always have a somewhat stuffy nose, and am prone to sinus infections. So that's it today. I have a meeting for Relay and I need to go grocery shopping. If I feel better I will take the dog for a walk. Otherwise, I will rest and watch the NC

Good Times

I had a good day yesterday. Got grocery shopping done, went to a meeting, had lunch with friends, made breakfast cookies, did my pushups, and even went for a short run with the pup. It's hard to believe that a "short run" for me is 2 miles. 2 years ago, I could barely run for a whole minute! It felt good yesterday to get out there and run, and pup did pretty good at sticking with me. I also weighed myself this morning. This is my first weigh-in since I restarted sparkpeople. I weighed about 173 when I started, and weighed 171 today. 2 pounds in the first weekish is right on track. So now I'm going to work hard and stick with it. J and I plan on hiking more this year, and I found out that hiking burns tons of calories. He's going to train with me (as my coach) for Bataan. I'm going to push myself to run more, even if I just do my 1.5 to 2 mile run routes. This morning, early, like around 2am when I couldn't get back to sleep, I started composing an

It's January 10th

I know, so what, right? Today is my grandfather's 82nd birthday. He's not been doing so good lately. He and Grandma are all that's left of my grandparents. It's also Zach's 2nd birthday. This is the part that really gets me down. I was so excited to finally have a nephew when he was born. I saw him last Christmas, just before he turned 1. I know have no contact with my brother or any of his kids. Sure as hell not his wife. At the same time, I'm grateful that I have some good friends down here whose babies I do get to see and play with. It helps me deal with being so far away from my nieces and out of touch with Tom's kids. I have to admit, I have not missed the drama at all. Not even the tiniest bit. My life has been quieter and I can get more done because I'm not dealing with the bullshit. It still makes me a little sad, but when I look at my puppy playing outside, and watch the kitty on the windowsill, I know I'll be just fine.

Little Breakthroughs

J and I went to Denny's for brunch. I had the Bacon Avocado Burrito, one of my favorites. The waitress offered me a choice of grits or hashbrowns, so I chose grits. I usually devour that burrito, so tasty! This morning I ate 3/4 of the burrito and half my grits. That's all, and I was full! It's little steps like that one that motivate me to stick with the diet. It's nice to see little signs of improvement, like my body getting used to eating less.

The Crud

I finally gave in yesterday. I went to the doc's. Actually, I went to an urgent care clinic since I couldn't get a doc appointment till the 21st. But I got a 5 days z-pack and sudafed and felt amazingly better this morning. I'm having a little lightheadedness every now and then, but doing great. J and I even took Remy for a little run/walk. I was doing good, but my lungs are still tired and I started getting a headache, so we finished it with walking. Still felt good to get out there. The new gym on post has been hosting a lot of runs and new fitness classes. They did the half-marathon in December, and they're doing a full marathon in the same way this month. I'm going to sign up. You run 20 miles on your own and then do a 10K on the 25th. This will push me to get out and run more. I also have a new friend that is moving on post this month who is willing to run with me. She even wants to go walk McKelligan Canyon, which I need to do for my Bataan training. Oh,

New Year

So after my misplaced post-christmas post, I got sick. Again. It felt like just a cold, and was starting to get better, when all of a sudden it got worse. Yesterday I started coughing and coughed all day. I have lots of sinus drainage down my throat. First thing in the morning is the worst. I wake up with a sore, scratchy throat and usually all stuffed up. So J went all-out with making New Year's Goals. Yes, goals, not resolutions. He wants to do a whole big breakdown of steps and sub-steps. He went a little gung-ho with it all and rather startled me with it. I wasn't ready for that when I added a few things for me to his list. He wants to get very specific, where I like to keep it a little more generalized (and achievable for me). But I will try this with him, I guess. He wants to print them out (once they're all broken down) and hang them up somewhere to remind us. Anywho, of course one of my goals is to lose weight, but I'm wording it differently. I want to eat

Goodbye Christmas

*I posted this entry in the wrong blog on Dec. 28. So here it is in the right blog.* Christmas is over. The in-laws have gone back home. Time to relax. It was a nice weekend. We did get to do some relaxing, but the hubs got a cold which I seem to have now. So I did a lot of the driving over the weekend, until yesterday when J felt better. Now he has 3 half days of work (counting today) until our long weekend for the new year. This one is just for us. No plans yet, though I'm sure J will want to go for some runs and bike rides. Especially since he missed out on them this past weekend. New years is coming up, and I always think of all these resolutions I can make, even though I'm not big on resolutions. So I came up with a simple one that I can keep - I will start my 100 pushups program. That's all, just get it started. I got sick, so I pushed it back, and then the in-laws were here, so I didn't start, so next monday, first monday of the new year, I will get it st