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I Hate My Head

I think I'm getting another migraine. I've had a very stiff neck all week, then this morning I get a pain on the left temple. Nothing major, but it lasted for a little while, not an ice pick like I usually get. Then a sensitivity to sound and light hit me like a freight train. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it was pretty sudden. Funny how this waits until J leaves for work to come on. I took some aspirin. I'm drinking some green tea. I have things to do today. Time for some thoughts on the past month. I believe I mentioned that we are noticing our budget working this month. Which is great since J got promoted, and we should see his pay raise this month. We'll stick with our current budget and put the money in savings. But this means we can afford J's new computer sooner rather than later. In fact, we're probably buying it today. And we are starting the switch to Mac. We made the decision a while ago, which was part of my decision to go with the iphone. J d

Oh Captain, My Captain

J got promoted! Yay! His folks flew out for it, and yes, Rembrandt was there as well. He's going to be just as popular with this unit as he is with our old unit. The promotion was nice and simple, relaxed, and we bought the first round of drinks (and dinner for us) at the German Club afterwards. Just one round, so that no one gets drunk on our tab. It actually saved us a little money. Speaking of money, now that we've been following our budget for 2 months, we're noticing some savings. So we're going to stick with it, just as it is (tweeks when necessary), through the deployment. Even with J's pay raise. The extra money from the pay raise will be filtered into some investment plans, and we'll up our payments on J's jeep. We need to work on building our savings back up to what it used to be. J's deployment is really starting to sink in now. Thinking of things that I will be doing alone instead of with him, like Christmas. But I'm looking forward

Time For More Updates

Project: Family The reunion was a success! It was good to see some cousins that I haven't seen in a while, and great to see my sis and her family. I came home with more than I left with: anniversary gift from the folks, early birthday gift and books from my sis, and a wool coat and rocking chair from my great aunt. The rocking chair was bought for auntie's mother long before I was in this world, but none of her kids wanted it. It's gorgeous! I also got my god mother's wool coat. It's very 80s, but I'm removing the shoulder pads. Amazing what a difference that makes. Now, the in-laws are coming to town this weekend, just for the weekend. J's getting promoted on Friday and they wanted to be here for it. We'll only have Friday and Saturday with them before they head back on Sunday. Project: Healthy Charla Blood work was done. My cholesterol is on the higher side of normal, but still normal. Thyroid is all the normal range. The only thing not in th

Review: eSalon Home Hair Dye

I saw an add for this website, eSalon , that makes hair dye specifically for you, sends it to you, and you dye your own hair. Sounds great, right? I went to the website, filled out the form, and snapped a pic with my webcam to submit. Easy peasy.  The next day, I had an email asking me to call them on their toll free number. I called, talked to a girl about my hair and my hair dying habits, and she said it cleared up some things and everything was good to go. A day or two later another email said my order had shipped. It got here quickly, USPS.  This is what I got... Made for me? the box the necessities the tool kit, cost extra So far, so good! I didn't have time to dye my hair right away, so it sat for a week. I dyed it on a Thursday night, and wondered a little at the color of the dye while applying. I've been dying my hair for half my life (quite literally) so I have some idea of what different colors look like when applying.  Here'

Bad Days

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? Today is one of those days. Nothing major, but I've had so many little things go wrong today. Ugh. Now I'm at home and not leaving. I'm wearing my Dr. Who shirt, watching Dr. Who on netflix, and drinking Kava tea to help me relax. I'm washing a load of clothes to get all packed up for the weekend. So, I went to the Doctor the other day. He had the lab draw blood to test my cholesterol and thyroid. He gave me a prescription for tramadol, and told me that I can take aspirin or tylenol with it, which I hadn't known before. He gave me a new prescription for Maxalt, which is a triptan. I've had trouble with triptans before, but maxalt is a different one, so we'll see how it goes. Oh, and I'm still taking the verapamil. So tomorrow I head up to Denver. I get to see my folks, my sister and her family, and my cousins that live there. We're taking my nieces to the zoo. And having a family

Projects Update

Project: Clean House I've been through 1 month on my cleaning schedule. I did not complete the whole schedule, thanks to some migraines. However, I think I did pretty good. I also learned to adapt. Some weeks I only spot mop, some weeks I vacuum twice just because I have a dog that sheds a lot. All in all, I think it's going well. On a side note, I tried a pinterest bathtub cleaner. It's 12 ounces of vinegar (heated in the microwave for 2 minutes) and 10ish ounces of dawn dish soap (I just bought a 9 ounce bottle and used it all). I mixed it in a re-purposed cleaner spray bottle and covered my shower and bath with the blue mixture. It sat for a few hours before J needed to shower his field grime off. I tried the dry rag, like the original instructions said, but found it easier to use a damp cloth to suds up the cleaner and then spray it all with the shower head. For those of my friends that live in military housing at Bliss, you know the texture on the bottom of the ba

Oy Vey

Oy Vey   I had that migraine at the end of last week, right? Thursday and Friday. Felt better Saturday. I noticed on Tuesday that I was having minor pain off and on. It went away on it's own, but since I have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday, I decided to make a note of it. I also noted more minor pain yesterday, and ended up taking some ibuprofen at bedtime. Today I had more pain, still minor, but more present so I took some ibuprofen this afternoon. I then had a visual aura, and soon after couldn't control my body temp. I sometimes flash between hot and cold before and during migraines. So I broke out the heating pad for my neck and shoulders, and drank a coke for the caffeine.  I chatted with my mother on the phone, and made myself some dinner - creamy tomato basil soup (great recipe) and a couple crumpets (which the commissary is now out of, dangit!). I didn't feel hungry until I got up to get some dinner, then I was starving. It was delicious, but

Controversy (pronounced the British way)

I've been having a mental debate about this post. Not sure if I should write it or not. Strangely enough (or not really strangely at all when you really think about it), I was inspired by a post written by a friend of mine who has pretty much the exact opposite view in this issue. She's a conservative Christian, I'm a weird heathen. So, Chick-fil-A. Honestly, I don't get it. I have friends who love this place and always want to eat there. It must be a southern thing. To me, it's just chicken. Good chicken, better than some other fast food chicken, but just chicken. I would pick Carl Jr.'s chicken tenders over Chick-fil-A. And I honestly don't care how the owner or CEO or whoever feels about homosexuality. How he/she feels doesn't change the flavor of the chicken, and won't change how I feel. No, I don't agree with the organizations they've donated to, and I don't necessarily agree with company money being donated to such controversia