Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Hip To Be Square! (Or, I Made A Hat!)

me in my hat

I look all hipster. At least, that's what J said.

My dear friend Amber! gave me some alpaca yarn because she's allergic to it. Turns out I'm not allergic to alpaca, just sheep's wool. I've been crocheting lots of baby hats lately, so I decided I would use this yarn for myself. I wanted a lightweight hat to wear down here in the southwest with our crazy weather. 

Amber! also helped me find the pattern. She's kinda my go-to for fun knit and crochet projects. It's on, but the pattern is on the original maker's blog. It's called the Divine Hat. I followed the pattern rather precisely before I thought to try it on. My yarn is a bit smaller than what the pattern calls for, I think, so I had to add some more rows of the main stitch before putting on the border. I also alternated my 3 brim rows instead of all the same like the pattern says. 

I do have a small head, so I can't really say how following the pattern with a smaller yarn would fit on someone else. I love the fit on me. I love the color. It doesn't make my head itch any more than any other hat makes my head itch. It's just a little lacy without being too girly, which is what I wanted. 

No, I'm too lazy to take a pick of it not on my head. It looks like the pattern. Sorry, but it's a lazy evening. 
Be grateful you got a cute picture. I even had on makeup that night. 

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