Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm A Bad Blogger

I haven't blogged in 4 weeks. Oops.

I had my follow-up with the new Doc today. Still loving her. The blood work she did was all satisfactory, so we're going to continue with the medicine she gave me last time and hope to see continued improvement. Because, yes, I did see improvement. I'm not napping as much. I'm not feeling constantly overwhelmed by little things. I think my road rage is even improving. A little. Maybe.

However, she didn't like how often I was having head pain. So we've added a new drug, called Elavil. I'll take it at night since it should make me sleepy. Like I might not wake up to roll over at night, but just sleep through.

So we'll follow up again in 3 months, which would be December.

In other boring news, I have been cycling a lot more lately. I really love Honey and have fun riding her.  I actually did my longest ride on Sunday with J. We did a full 100 Kilometers (62 miles). Of course that had a stop halfway at the Bean in Old Mesilla. And an Italian cream soda at the finish.  But next weekend is the Oryx Challenge, and I'm signed up for the 100K. We have a group we've been doing shorter rides with, and we'll do this one together.

The sprint tri is also coming up, and I haven't been in the pool at all. However, I know I'm much stronger on the bike than last year, so I think I'll do OK.

Healthwise, I'm on the mend. I'm getting strong with my cycling and keeping up the running distance, though I really need to start pushing that out. I do have a marathon to prepare for.

In January.


So excited for that. OMG. I love Hawaii. I haven't been to Maui, so it will all be new. And fun. And exciting. And OMG I'M GOING TO HAWAII!

That's all.

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