Stitch Fix The Fourth - (Or, Independence Edition)

While I have other blog posts to write for you, this one is easy –

Stich Fix the 4th!

Just in time for the 4th of July! How about that?

This is my first Fix since moving to Italy. I am working (all the times) and haven’t had time to spend the money I’m making, so I ordered a Stitch Fix. I need new, nice summer clothes.

It took a little longer to get to me, being shipped overseas and all, but they ship to APO and FPO addresses, so I thought it was worth it. (I was right!) I have a few more summer pieces to add to the wardrobe, which I needed.

Like last time, the stylist got my style down to a T. Seriously; I love everything she sent me. I want the whole box. The only reason I’m not keeping the whole box is that a couple items didn’t quite fit right.

(Please excuse my crazy hair, the hubs didn’t warn me that parts were sticking out and I am late on a haircut)

First - The pants.

So versatile!

Olive green, a color I’ve been fond of off and on over the years. These pants are just what I need for the summer and work. They are Kut From Kloth brand (I have a pair of their jeans from a past Fix). A size 10 seems to fit everywhere but the waist. There’s just a little too much room. I went through my usual through process: Will they shrink in the wash? Can I take in the waist?

I’ve reached a point where I’m telling myself that we have enough money, and I’m old enough, that I don’t need to spend money on clothes that don’t quite fit. I may as well try to make them at that point. I love these crops, seriously, but they are too big in the waist, and I see that as a good thing! I’ve been working out and trying to watch my portions, and this, to me, is proof that it’s working.

But they are awesome pants.

Second – The gray tank

It subtly shows off my tats!

Oh. Em. Gee. Gray tank with black lace? Hello! Where have you been my whole life?

Seriously, I’m in love. It’s comfortable, it fits, it’s gray! This shirt screams my name. For reals, yo.

Third – Striped Top

How awesome is this?

I’d asked for tops with sleeves that I can wear to work in the summer. The V neck is low enough for date night, but I have a couple under-layers that would work perfect with this. Enough to cover the cleavage and still look nice. The cap sleeves feel almost like no sleeve at all. The mitering is perfect (I sew, I notice these things).  It did funny things to the camera when we took the pictures. This top is awesome.

Fourth – Black Lace

From far away it looks fine...
...but up close you can see the strain

Even in the back, you can see the tight band where it is straining over my chest

I want this shirt. I want it so much it hurts. BUT – a big but – it doesn’t quite fit. It’s a little too tight across the bust, as evidenced by the extra fabric at the bottom of the lace.  It strains a little too much, and I told myself I wouldn’t settle for things that don’t fit, so back it goes. But dear mother of goats, I wanted this shirt to fit.

Fifth and Final – The Maxi

A maxi dress!! We all know Charla loves a maxi dress. I was wearing a maxi dress before trying these on. This dress is the shiz. So comfy, no cleavage worries, not show-through at all, my colors (navy blue!), and did I mention maxi dress? How could you go wrong? It’s awesome and I just might be wearing it tomorrow. Unless I wear the gray tank.

Want to try a Stitch Fix? Let me leave this handy referral link for you, right here:

And a few pics just for fun:

Because sometimes I'm still a little girl in a dress
Rem wanted in on this

He told me to give him attitude

*Photo credit to the great hubs. You can read his blog over at Pensive Perspiration


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