Stitch Fix - The Fifth (Falling For Red)

I needed autumn clothes. Sweaters, pants, long sleeves. I even subtly asked for a scarf. I blatantly asked for a henley I saw in another Stitch Fix.

I am once again, very much, not disappointed.

Sorry for the crappy pics.

Infinity scarf, black sweater, print pants. Scarf is heaven. Sweater is heaven. Pants are meh. The scarf is all acrylic, sweater is a cotton acrylic blend. Both awesome. Pants are printed, and while I like the print, the fit was off. Felt a little big, but not big enough to size down. And short. See how short they are? doesn't work with any of my shoes. The pants will go back. 

to see the sweater neckline

Same pants, red henley, cardigan. The stylist actually went to my fashion board on pinterest (which I started specifically for Stitch Fix), saw a few grey print cardigans, and sent me this one. It is so comfy. The red henley is soft and long, lower neck without showing any cleavage. It's not the same one I asked for, which she couldn't find, but it's similar. I love it. 

looks better with jeans

detail close-up
This box was awesome. Great pieces for winter and fall. And they go with the red sweater and burgundy and grey pants I bought on my own recently. OMG! I'm building a wardrobe! I can pretty much wear all of this at work, as well. 

Next time, I will wait for J to have time to take fashion shots for y'all. 

Side note!! We tried to find something similar for J. There are a few companies that do men's clothing, but they do not ship to APO addresses. BOO! But women who are interested can click my referral link:

fashion selfie - new red sweater, new scarf. 


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