Sunday, October 10, 2010


I don't know the official time yet, but that is what I read on the clock when I crossed the finish line on my 5k this morning. That's 10 minutes faster than my last 5k, and 2 minutes slower than my fastest time last year. But the best part is that I had fun and ran well, without shin splints or sprained ankles.

J finished the half marathon over Trans Mountain in 2:04:something. I didn't get the seconds. But that is right on track with what he wants for the marathon in 3 weeks. He said he was able to run the whole way, no walking, even going up the mountain at the start, and he had some energy left over when he finished.

So we started talking about the next race we're doing together - the Grape Race. It's an 8k and 1 mile walk. I can walk 3 miles, then run 3 miles, so I'm going to push myself and try the 8k.

I kept thinking I should do something to "earn" my next tattoo, but want to get it before I turn 30 in December. This is it. If I can finish an 8k, I will earn my Orion tat.

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