I really hate my body sometimes (& general update)

I'm getting a migraine. We got up this morning and went to Baby Bennett's baptism (it was lovely), then came home to change and walk the dog. We decided we would both take a run this afternoon after going to the open house to celebrate the morning's baptism. But on the way home, I got tingly fingers. Haven't had that symptom in a while. It's weird because it will sometimes only be half my hand. Today it was the outer half of my right hand - the ring and pinky fingers.

We got home and I started to feel the migraine. So no run for me today. J will probably go for a short run later. Of course, for him, a short run is twice as far as my long runs.

So, we did go to the free Eve6 concert on post last night. It was chilly out, but not too bad. They hadn't advertised the opening bands, and they were small bands. The first was Powderburn, from Austin, TX. They were very rock and roll and stuck in the 90s. It made me nostalgic for high school. Next was Ivy League, and I don't know just what genre to put them in. They sounded like a weird mix of 311 and Sublime, but without the talent. They sucked.

Finally Eve6 came on stage, and the evening rocked from there. I was so excited. When I get super excited a do the silly little girl clap. J thinks it's hilarious. I had a blast, though. It was great.

Now I'm going to try to relax. I have a full day tomorrow. Info Exchange in the morning and dress shopping all afternoon. We have a ball coming up, and I don't want to wear the same dress I wore to the last 2 balls. I have a friend going with me. It's good to have a second opinion handy. And more fun when you have someone to make fun of ugly dresses with.

Oh, final note. I'm getting a new-to-me sewing machine! I am inheriting my grandmother's old Viking sewing machine and cabinet! I'm very excited. Mom and dad are going to drive down instead of flying to bring it to me. Ok. Time to sit back, relax, and finish my bottle of water.


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