Friday, November 18, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor

156 today. That breaks a 2 week plateau. Just gotta keep it up over next week. I have Thanksgiving with my folks on Sunday, a book club thanksgiving on Monday, and thanksgiving again at our good friends' house on Thursday. Fortunately, most of us are watching our weight and/or healthy eaters.

I can't really say what broke that 2 week plateau. I didn't really eat any differently, and didn't work out as much. I was a little more stressed this last week, though. Maybe stress is good for my weight loss. I'd rather it wasn't so I could just avoid stress. I do not handle stress well. It gives me hibernation urges - I just want to hide away from the whole world.

I did pull out my pilates video on Wednesday. It's harder to do pilates when you have an energetic pup that wants all your attention. But I did it, and could really feel it in my thighs yesterday. I think I will keep that up. I do like pilates. It makes me feel pretty good.

We have a ball tonight. I also pick up my folks from the airport at lunch. Yeah, leaving them alone for their first night in town. But mom and I have been tracking this for a while now. Probably going to go to the grocery store this afternoon to get any food they want/need, so they can cook dinner tonight, or use my car to go to the PX. It's kinda nice to know someone will be home with Remy and Duke tonight. Silly, I know.

I am very excited for this ball, because I will be wearing my great-grandmother's dress. It's a gorgeous black ribbon-lace sheath with a satin ribbon belt. I had to lose weight to fit into it, but it fits perfect now. I will have my folks take pictures of us and put them on Facebook. I'm doing plain black pumps with it, my black clutch that mom bought for me, and a choker that I made yesterday. It's a simple black satin ribbon with a black and white cameo button on the front. I found some silver ribbon clamps to put a clasp on it. It's pretty and not too tight. Might also do some black opera-length gloves that I still have from back in high school.

For now, it's time to pack up and head to my regular Friday date - Stitchers. We're learning applique today, and starting early since I have to leave to pick up the folks. 

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