Saturday, November 5, 2011

Puppy Fever

I stupidly decided to browse around at tonight, and found Jaxx, an Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane mix. This dog is so beautiful. I've loved Irish Wolfhounds since I first say one in a dog show on TV. They are so gorgeous.

I can't rescue this dog. We aren't supposed to have more than 2 animals in our house without a waiver (that apparently isn't easy to get), J doesn't want and won't let me get another dog, and Remy is quite the handful himself. But I want to rescue this little guy.

I actually started looking at the dogs after I emailed the Great Dane Rescue of El Paso about the possibility of volunteering there. I spent a little while volunteering at another shelter (on the far westside of El Paso) before we moved on post. I loved the animals and some of the volunteers, but it was very unorganized, and I couldn't stand the shelter's owner. I felt like they didn't know what to do with me on some days that I went in to volunteer, and the owner had zero people skills. In fact, I would say she was in the negatives on people skills.

That was quite a while ago, and lately I feel a little lacking. I feel like I want to volunteer more. Sure, there are places I could work for free at here on post, but they require working with people. And I'm not that fond of people.

I could also volunteer at the Humane Society. It's close to post and I know someone else that volunteered there before her baby.

But the Humane Society is a big, well known organization. Great Dane Rescue is a small, lesser known organization. I am thinking that they may need more volunteers there, and that my help will have a greater impact.  Plus, I really love big dogs. I wanted a big dog, but compromised with J to a medium dog. Hence, no Jaxx. Although I would totally change the spelling of his name. One X is enough.

I decided to ask GD Rescue about volunteering with them. These next 2 months are a little full already, so I'm thinking of starting in January. I cannot foster any pets, since we live in military quarters, so all the help I do will be at their shelter or events they participate in. And I won't be doing much weekend stuff unless J ends up getting deployed (don't worry, not likely). I also would love to volunteer at a shelter that would let me bring Remy with me some days, to play with the dogs. It would be good for him and for them. Even if it's just a lesson in putting up with rambunctious dogs. Remy is quite rambunctious. And very social.

Of course, I will let you all know if I start volunteering at a shelter. Heck, I might even pick a day of the week to share stories of the dogs I meet. Or cats, if I end up at a shelter with cats. I might avoid them somewhat, due to Duke's FeLV. Just safer that way. There will definitely be no other cats in my life while Duke is still around. Love that kitty.

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  1. Either the Great Dane rescue or the Humane Society would be lucky to have your help. :)