Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Been A While...

I know, I haven't written much lately, but I kinda feel like writing right now. So here is a general update.

J and I are getting into a schedule. He's working, but not pulling late nights *knock on wood.* He gets to do his own PT and loves that. He gets up early to run, bike, or swim a few days a week, and we hit the gym twice a week. He'll work out over lunch sometimes, and of course on weekends.

I'm trying to run, of course, and hitting the pool once a week or so. Like I said, I'm hitting the gym twice a week with J now. And that means the weight room. He's showing me how to use the Hammer Strength machines, which are like a machine/free weight combo. We do a few things with dumbbells and yesterday did incline sit ups. I feel good when we go, even if I'm sore the next day. When it's nice enough and not too late, we ride our bikes to the gym, which works as a warm up. I even tried a spin class. It was exhausting, but I could feel that certain muscles in my legs were lacking, and I think it could help me. I'll try to do that once a week at least.

We're looking into different protein sources for a quick post-workout protein boost. So many options out there. Whey protein, casein protein, soy, pea, egg... It's a lot to absorb. (See what I did there?) I personally want one that isn't very high in calories or carbs since I'm still working on losing the last 10 pounds to reach my goal weight.

As for the running, I got a new pair of shoes! J and I ordered the Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail shoes. They don't make my color anymore, like the other pair. Also like the other pair, I totally love them. I plan to start wearing the trail shoes more for our little dirt track, and save the Neos for road work. Totally in love with Vivos. They are doing some casual shoes now, too. Still expensive, of course. Especially for a cheapskate like me.

OH YEAH! I did the World's Fastest 10K again this year! I ran it last year while recovering from a stomach bug, so I actually ended up finishing with an average flat 10K time for me. This year was much better. I wasn't sick, and the run felt amazing. I finished at 51:58. Check out the stats as recorded on my Strava app.

Not much time left till the Five Trails in LV. And May is shaping up to be a busy month. Good thing we get some vacation in June! Well, kinda. J has the Death Ride Tour. But he loves that crazy shit. He's crazy. I'm only somewhat crazy.

So... yeah. My update is mostly about working out. But I think you've come to expect that of me. So there you go. Yeah. 

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