Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fitness Update, & My Dog Is Spoiled Rotten

I'm on Week 4 of my 18 week marathon plan. This time, like the last time I used a training program, I'm adapting it to fit my schedule. Last week, I woke up on Wednesday after not sleeping all that well and did NOT want to run. So I did yoga instead. I pushed my 4 mile run to Thursday and my second 3 miler to Friday. Over the weekend we went biking up in Cloudcroft, NM (which is a story all on it's own) and I did my 5 mile run.

Yesterday, I took Remy to the dog park. That was about it. I hadn't slept well and was tired all day. But a decent sleep last night made it better and Rem and I had a great run this morning. I'm pushing my next 2 runs back a day each again this week, because tomorrow is a bike ride with the Brigade Commander. It's a fun group to ride with, and biking is great cross training.

I think it's going well. We have a long weekend coming up, and I have a 9 mile run scheduled. I have to make J come with me, or he won't be up to the marathon distance for our race! He's so in love with cycling that he isn't running as much. He does enough running for PT during the week, but I'm going to make him do the long runs with me, or at least at the same time. He's quite a bit faster than me.

The new diet is interesting. I did a little online research and found a group that confirmed one of my suspicions. At Eat More 2 Weigh Less, I learned, or confirmed, that I will gain weight at first. And I have been. My body has to get used to getting all the fuel it needs and learn that it doesn't have to store it all up, but can use it right away. I'm retraining my body's digestive system.

And now for my cute, spoiled dog story of the day. On our run this morning, we hit a bit of the trail early on that was overrun with goat head thorns. They were all over the track and on either side of it. We couldn't go a foot without Remy getting thorns stuck in his paws. My poor pup! I looked around and realized we had to go on a few feet to get past the thorns.

So I picked him up. He weighs somewhere between 55 and 57 pounds. I picked him up in my arms and carried him a few feet past all the thorns. He seemed awful happy. I used to carry him sometimes as a pup and he always loved it. He thinks he's a lap dog that should be carried around in my purse. Of course, he was also happy to start running again, thorn free, when I set him down. 

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