Stitch Fix The Second

Originally I was supposed to get this Stitch Fix on Wednesday. Then shipping was moving slow and it said Saturday. Doorbell rang today. Guess what? Stitch Fix!

J didn't seem to understand my excitement, but then again, I was having a girly moment. It came as we were getting ready to go get some lunch, so I waited until we came home to open it. I don't have all the pretty pictures this time, but I do have pics of the items.

Right on top was a green sweater from Oxmo. I grabbed it and said it was so me! J even started joking that I had pulled it out of the closet, not the box. They were spot on with this one.
It's green and see through, perfect for layering.
Wrapped with the sweater was a pair of skinny jeans from Kut From The Kloth. I wasn't sure about them, since I am often hit or miss with jeans, but they fit perfect and were very comfy. They have a good amount of stretch and are soft and comfy. 
I actually wanted some dark skinnies!
 The next bundle had a dress, a sweater, and a jacket. The sweater is from Tea N Rose. It's awesome. I put it on and then discovered the pockets. Pockets! I love me some pockets. It's light weight, so it would work in the summer as my AC sweater as well.
it's also my colors. 
Next was the jacket from 209 West. Black and red, very fun style. I put it on, zipped it up, and went to put my hands in the pockets. What? Pockets? Not this time! It has zippers, placed on the seams, and reinforced on the other side. BUT NO POCKETS. Seriously! Just that alone would piss me off every time I wore it, but it also laid a little funny on my chest. It's going back.
love the idea, not the execution.
Finally the dress. It's a shirt dress from 41Hawthorn. Buttons do not get along with my chest. I liked it on the hanger, I like it in the box, I liked it laid out on my bed. I did not like it on me. It didn't fit in the bust, and lost my shape through the waist. Going back.
it has tab sleeves, which are apparently a popular thing now.
So, keeping the first 3, sending 2 back. And the prices were more along my way of thinking this time. I'm a cheapskate. This gives me some great clothes to get through the winter with. Time for your added bonus - Me in the clothes I'm keeping, with a tank top. (Not the greatest pics, but I don't claim to be a photographer. I leave that to my sister.)

Interested in giving it a try? Yeah? You know you want to. Just use this handy little referral link:


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