It's a quiet day in my house today. The TV is on, the cat is curled up on a newspaper article (sent from my MIL), and the dog is napping on the floor. I am sitting with my foot propped up on my giant stuffed white reindeer (Whitey) with an ice pack.

What? Why am I doing this? What did I do?

I did something stupid.

This morning the pup and I went for a run. It was a good run. We stopped at the dog park as always. I sometimes tip the cement water bowls up on their edge and clean out all the debris that builds up in them.  I did that this morning, but instead of gently lowering it down, I let it fall. And it fell.


The corner of the square cement bowl hit the big toe of my right foot. My first thought was that I had broken it. I went ahead and filled the water bowl so Remy could get a drink, then we went home. I limped the whole way. It was pretty damn painful.

I put ice on it right away and called mom, like a good kid.

I was able to shower and get dressed, get some breakfast, but I can't walk for long without being in quite a bit of pain. So my shopping that I had planned for today? Canceled. Lunch plans were canceled anyway. Just resting up so I can handle going to the west side for my harvest box later.

I considered going to the ER, but decided to tape it myself and wait. It's taped. A big part of me wants to go to the ER anyway. I have always wanted an X-ray of my weird feet and I finally have an excuse. But then again, they may not decide to X-ray, and I would waste my day at the ER just to have them do what I've already done - tape it and ice it. Also, I realize that an X-ray wouldn't really be necessary and I don't want to be that person who raises healthcare costs by getting unneeded care. Damn morals.

The worst part of all this is that I'm 6.5 weeks out from the marathon. Six and a half weeks! That is what makes me feel like a complete idiot. I may have broken my toe so close to the marathon. I plan to rest it as much as possible today and tomorrow. Any of my nurse friends are welcome to give advice as well.

If J is reading this, I'll be home for lunch today! *insert cheesy grin here*


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