Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stupid Obstacles…

J and I were having a discussion while running a couple errands this afternoon. I’m on day 2 of a migraine that gave me signs it might be coming for a week.

Yesterday I had a queasy stomach that only felt better when I was eating. It felt worse when I moved around, so I mostly sat on the couch watching old episodes of Supernatural on Netflix.

Today felt better when I woke up, but I could still feel some pressure. I took pup for a walk and went to the farmers’ markets. This afternoon, I started getting pain. J drove for our errands, because I’m having brain fog, too.

So, our discussion—

My migraines are a huge detriment to my fitness. I can’t workout. Sometimes even just walking can trigger a pain spike. And if my heart rate goes up, I swear I can hear my pulse echoing in my head, and feel the whole thing throbbing. Not fun. So I basically can’t workout when I have one. And then I have migraine hangover for at least a day. I can workout, but not too hard. Let’s not even talk about the food issues for now.

J was saying that he doesn’t know how I can overcome this. I said the truth: I can’t. I cannot stop having migraines. There is no magical cure. And with multiple triggers, including weather changes, I can’t just eliminate or limit exposure to my trigger. Sometimes, like with this one, I can’t really pinpoint a single trigger for the migraine. I’m not very stressed, there’s no storm moving in. I just have a migraine.

The reason J worries is that a break in a regular fitness routine or training regimen is a big setback. Whether from injury, sickness, or laziness, once you stop working out, it’s harder to get back to where you were before. You lose fitness faster than you gain fitness. That’s why being fit requires a lifestyle change and not just a “for now” change.

Now, to touch on those food issues. I think I’ve mentioned my usual bottomless pit that replaces my stomach when I have a migraine. I just can’t seem to eat enough. I’m always hungry, and I crave things that aren’t good for me: junk food, especially cake and cookies, chocolate, fast food, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes… yeah. All those.  Other times, I am not hungry and don’t want to eat at all. The thought of food will make me queasy. More rare are days like yesterday, where I’m not so much hungry, but my stomach is upset and only feels better with food, so I nibble all day.

These are all issues that may change with time, since my migraines change as I age. I highly doubt they will ever go away on their own. Instead, I will do all I can to avoid migraines, prevent migraines, and get over them as quickly as I can. This one is welcome to leave any second now.

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