Workin On My Fitness

I tracked 5 days of food for Sasha and she came back the next day with a nutrition and fitness plan. I have a list of good foods and a list of suggestions for swaps and healthy cheats. She also included some herbs that can help migraine, so I picked those up and will be giving them a try. One helps calm you when you're anxious, the other works similar to aspirin (anti-inflammatory). 

Now, Thursday and Friday didn't go so hot. I ate too much. Ugh. 

Saturday was the Dehydrator bike ride in Duncan, OK. Jason did the full 80 miles. I, however, hadn't been on my bike in 2 weeks, and not much before that either, so I only did 25. I tried to push my speed a little and managed a 16mph average pace. That's good for me. I felt like I could have gone farther, but not 50 miles, which was my next step up on approved routes. 

But I finished strong and felt good. J finished a little over 4 hours. I tracked all my nutrition that day and noticed that I was eating more than I was putting out. I can see a few easy adjustments I can make that will keep me fueled on my ride, but still give me that calorie deficit needed for weight loss. I also have to remember to not always listen to that little voice named Jason that wants to tell me how to fuel a ride. What works for him won't always work for me. 

Sunday was our rest day, but I still did pretty good and watched what I ate. Today (Monday) I got up and hit the gym. It was rainy, so it was a full gym, but I had plenty of room for a lower body day according to the plan from Sasha. I added one exercise to it and it rounded out to 6 total, so I split them in half. I did the first 3 in a row for 3 sets, then the next 3 for 3 sets. It worked. My legs feel worked, even now after grocery shopping. 

I think I will be going to the gym on strength days, even if it's stuff I can do at home. I find myself more motivated at the gym. I think I push myself harder there. She wants me to do 15-20 minutes of cardio first, and I can set the treadmill at a higher speed and push myself on there, or I did the bike today and tried to keep the MPH setting at 15-16. (Now if only they would let me use the nicer spin bikes.) Tomorrow I'm going to run. I might do the 5k track twice, or I might try a different route and just watch my time. Have to go for an hour. And I'm still walking the dog at least once a day.

I'm trying to really push myself to eat lots of fruit and veggies. I tried to buy fruits that I can eat as snacks during the day. I need to find sugar snap peas, but they didn't have any at the commissary today. I love those things. I like smoothies, but they work like a laxative. Not always feasible. 

I'm only working at the RecPlex now, so I have mornings to work-out. It's helping. I tend to do opening shifts as well, which I like; it means I'm home to have dinner with J and walk the dog in the evening. 

Still no news on where we are headed next. It makes me anxious, but there's not much I can do about it. 


  1. What the heck do you put in your smoothies that make them work like a laxative?

  2. Way to go, you! So proud of you! (And I'm with Amber, what's in your poopoo smoothies?!?)


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