because I can

I've decided to reboot this blog as a therapeutic space for myself. Not sharing on social media or anything, just sharing randomly on teh inter webs.

because, depression. mild anxiety, but mostly depression. and maybe someone else will stumble onto this and not feel quite so alone.

I'm still not super comfortable talking about my depression on social media. I'm going to talk about it here. I'm going to let it all out and maybe even find some answers.

background: diagnosed with dysthymia after reaching my lowest point. currently on bupropion and sertraline. I belong to a Crossfit box and try to attend 3 days a week. OH yeah, i also have chronic migraines. my pain levels stay low but i get all the symptoms under the sun for days on end. strength training has become my go-to exercise because even on migraine days I do manage some light weights.

I used to run, and i loved running. in my low depression I didn't run and it's much harder for me now. I got into weights with my husband and found it still felt good but was easier on my head. turns out i'm right, lifting is good for my mood. I still have a hard time motivating myself to get out of bed and actually get to the box. But this box has a family feel and that helps.

i'm super introverted. i can fake it when i have to, but i generally hate people. my husband is currently deployed and every time he leaves, i'm reminded how much he helps me recharge my batteries. it takes twice as long, if not more, to recharge by myself. my pets help, one dog one cat, but not as much as my husband.

i'm working on a master's degree in library science part time, all online. it's a great program and i really do like it. it stresses me out sometimes, but I love libraries, and i love information, and i am enjoying this program.

i need to get off my ass and start volunteering at the library on post, but you know, people and energy. yeah.

I think this is enough for my first post in 2 years. Time to revamp the blog look. 


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