working on it

so since i last posted, i've had some level of migraine pain every day. migraines make me depressed, and i'm pretty sure depression gives me migraines.

So i've set myself somewhat of a schedule, a routine for working out. Tuesday, thursday and Saturday are crossfit. Wednesdays are training runs, whether i do an easy run, intervals, whatever. Fridays are cardio of whatever variety I can do. Sundays are long runs, which right now is about 3 miles. Mondays are rest, which can include yoga and dog walking.

it felt good to get to workout today, but i had to take it slow and scale back. i'll try to get out and run tomorrow morning.

so that's my goal this week, to workout every day till Monday. and to take my meds every day because i often forget, especially when i'm migrainy or depressed, which is what these meds are supposed to fucking help. it's what misty would call the merry-go-round of knives.

if i can get into a routine and schedule, i think it will help to keep me out of the funk. School starts August 10, and sometime in august the spouses' club on post will have their sign-up. I'm going to join simply to have reasons to get out of the house. they have interest clubs, like book clubs and craft clubs and wine clubs. and monthly luncheons. i made many of my close friends at Bliss through the spouse group and/or the clubs i joined. i'm hoping some of that magic will work here as well.

ok. that's all i got for now. 


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