Running Inspiration

I've been reading some of Run Blogger's recent posts, and older posts, and am inspired!

This guy really started running about 3 years ago and did a marathon after just 1 year of running. So I know I won't reach that, but I'm also starting from a less active lifestyle. But I am definitely inspired to turn this into a running blog. I already blog a lot about my running here. Of course I will do some other updates as well, but I will definitely continue to blog about my running a lot.

So on that note, J and I did a 3 mile with the dog today. Remy is getting much better about running with us. I think I need to try working with him more on my own. I would absolutely love to be able to run with my pup regularly. I like showing him off. He's just so damn cute!

The run today was a little slow because my calf muscles were rather tight. Probably due to my first bike wreck that I had on Friday. I tried to take a sharp turn too fast and just fell over on my side. Huge bruise on my calf now. Was pretty sore for the first 24 hours. Now just a pretty bruise. Bike is just fine.

J and I are doing this little event on post called the 12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon. You run 10 miles on your own, then we get together on Dec. 12 to run a 5k. We have 6 miles done already, and another 5k to run next Sunday. That leaves 1 mile to do outside of the run. Easy.

Ok. That's all that's in my head. Time to get ready to snuggle up in the soft flannel sheets I just put on the bed today.


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